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New Britney Pictures!

New pictures of Britney's visit with her babies. See them all here!

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Brit's Boots Were Made for Doc'ing

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Britney Spears (who — hallelujah! — got some new boots) is caught on her way into a medical office with her dad and conservator, Jamie.

Spears spent the early part of the day with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden.

Source: Page Six

Brit Heads to the Doctors With Dad

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Around 2:30pm on Monday, a black Cadillac Escalade carrying Britney Spears and her father Jamie Spears entered the parking garage of a medical office off of Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. And as the pop star exited the car, she took one look at the phalanx of oncoming photographers and exclaimed, "Oh my God... My dad's gonna get mad."

However, when one member of the paparazzi asked Brit if she's happy to have her family around, she replied, "yes."

The pop star was met in the garage by a female member of the center's staff who handed Britney a diet coke as they entered the facility together.

During their visit to the docs, Brit and Jamie were spotted sharing a father-daughter moment — and a smoke — on one of the center's balconies.

Earlier in the day, Brit was once again able to spend a brief visit with her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James, who were at her home from 9am until noon.

Whatever happened at the doctor's perhaps Brit didn't like what she heard — after leaving the medical center, the pop star cancelled her scheduled kiddie dance class at Millennium Dance Studios.

Source: OK Magazine

You Know Things Are Getting Better When…

Britney cares enough to get her nails did!!!

Miz Spears was seen with beautiful manicured hands on Monday.

The recovering pop star spent the morning with her boo boos, Tater Tot and Small Fry.

And in the afternoon, Brit Brit was accompanied by her poppa and savior, Jamie, to a medical facility.

It's SO nice to see that now Spears is not nervously biting her nails anymore.

It's EVEN NICER to see that Britney is keeping up with her medical treatment.

You go, girl!

Update: For those of you that are asking…

That "thing" on her wrist is a tattoo of some lips Brit Brit got around the time she first went crazy last year (head shaving episode).

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Britney Chaos, Take 7,241

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Remember that time Britney got out of her car and went into that medical center and there were all those cameras around and everyone was yelling things and Britney said something strange and made weird faces?

This time her dad was there.

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Gained A Pound...Or Twenty...?

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Britney and Heidi Sing Duet, World Nears End

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If Britney Spears is singing with Heidi Montag, poor Brit Brit is worse off than anyone realized. And this is a woman who's been hospitalized for her issues -- twice.
KIIS-FM's "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" debuted the song "Dramatic," which features a breathy, nasally Britney switching off verses with her cheap imitator Heidi. Grab a barf bag listen.

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Britney Spears & Heidi Montag’s “Dramatic” Duet

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Britney Spears and Heidi Montag recorded a duet together called “Dramatic”.

Ryan Seacrest played the exclusive song on his radio morning show on 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles!

Listen to the streaming version Britney and Heidi’s of “Dramatic” at


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Britney and Heidi's "Dramatic" Duet

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Heidi Montag said she would be back with a vengeance after her video for "Higher" bombed, and she sure wasn't kidding. The reality villainness has teamed up with none other than Britney Spears on a new track.

"Dramatic, an uptempo club number featuring Brit's signature breathy vocals," premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show 102.7 KIIS FM Monday morning.

Details on the collaboration are scant at the moment, but will this finally be Heidi's ticket to music glory? Check it for yourself here.

Source: OK Magazine

The Truth Behind Their "Duet"

You may have heard about Heidi Montag's duet with Britney Spears.

Well, all is not always as it seems, especially when the "reality" stars of The Hills are involved!

Yes, both stars appear on a new track, but Britney did not authorize the song's release and she had no idea about it until Montag leaked it, sources tell us.

"Heidi and Spencer got their hands on an old demo recording of Britney's that never made it onto any of her albums," an insider reveals exclusively to "They've been working with a lot of producers on Heidi's new album and one of them gave them the track. They decided to turn it into a duet instead of having Heidi re-record the song with just her vocals because they knew they'd get more press this way."

So gross.

So so gross!

Listen to it here!

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Mediabase Chart Update!

'Break The Ice' is currently at #45 on Mediabase with 683 spins and 9.169 million listeners!

Click here to vote for it on your local radio station!

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Brit's Back Behind the Wheel

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It feels as like it's been years since Britney Spears was a constant fixture on the roads of Los Angeles, tooling around aimlessly for hours between Malibu, Beverly Hills and every luxury hotel, Starbucks and fast-food joint in-between. But it looks like the salad days are over for the L.A. traffic police, as the singer appears to gradually be getting her driving privileges back.

On Saturday night, Brit was back behind the steering wheel for her first solo drive in weeks. Hoever it should be noted that the pop superstar wasn't completely alone, as a security detail maintained a close eye on her in a separate vehicle the entire time. This came two days after her father Jamie Spears had allowed Britney to drive the car while he sat (possibly with clenched fists) in the passenger seat.

Until this past weekend, Brit had not driven a car since Feb. 6, the day she was released from UCLA Medical Center and immediately hooked up with boyfriend Adnan Ghalib to lead a phalanx of paparrazzi around Los Angeles before dead-ending at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where her father called an end to the freewheeling festivities.

This drive also reunited Britney with the Mercedes-Benz she abandoned with a flat tire in the middle of a busy Los Angeles street in early January.

Source: OK Magazine

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