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Dallas Austin: Jive pushed Britney to do VMAs

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Speaking to MTV News music producer Dallas Austin, who partied with Britney and P. Diddy the night before the 2007 VMA's, revealed how Britney told him she was not ready to perform.

"The night before the VMAs she came in and told me and Diddy "You know what, I am not ready to do the show" and her management were basically saying "No you have to, you can't back out now". But Diddy and I told her "No, no, no if you aren't ready to do it, then don't do it." Both of us said they'll forgive you later if you deliver something great, but if you ain't ready to do it, then don't"

The music producer, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna also revealed that he is a fan of Britney's latest album 'Blackout'.

"To tell you the truth this is one of my favourite albums. I'm not a Britney Spears superfan but this album is ridiculous to me. I play it over and over again. It just shows you how big of a star she is. She hasn't done one promotional thing for this album period and her record sales and gone up and people love it."

Source: Untouchable Britney

Rosie: Q & A


Britney Screwed Every Which Way

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Talk about screwed up -- Britney Spears is having to pay her new lawyer big bucks for challeging another lawyer's bill.Our sources tell us, Stacy Phillips, Brit's lawyer du jour, took K-Fed's deposition this past Monday. Phillips grilled Federleze like a cheeseburger, asking him about ... his lawyer's bill!

That's right, Mark Vincent Kaplan is asking for a cool half mil for repping K-Daddy these past five months and he wants Brit to pay. We're told Phillips will challenge that bill in court on Monday.

We're also told Phillips deposed MVK (last Tuesday), along with his former publicist, Michael Sands (last Wednesday) about precisely the same issue -- the reasonableness of Kaplan's fee.

We haven't been able to find out how much Britney will have to pay Phillips, but are you getting the irony?

Here's what's really ironic. When disso-queen Laura Wasser left the case, Britney had 50/50 custody. Since then, she lost custody, lost visitation and basically has squat -- and it could cost her more than a million bucks in legal fees.

Source: TMZ

Brit to Lawyers: Dang, Stop Dinging Me With Fees

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TMZ has learned Britney Spears' conservators are ballistic over the legal bills she is being asked to pay in her custody fight -- bills totaling more than a million bucks for a five-month period.

Sources tell us the conservators have filed documents with the court and will appear on Monday, challenging lawyers' fees in the case. K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has asked for around $500,000 for the five-month period from October 2007 through February 2008 and has filed papers demanding that Brit pay his bill. The court has ordered Brit to pay K-Fed's reasonable attorney's fees.

We're told Brit's last law firm, Trope and Trope, has billed her more than $600,000.

Sources say the conservators feel they're being fleeced and the bills are inflated. In particular, they're upset that multiple lawyers on Brit's side have attended various court hearings -- they say unnecessarily. The conservators will argue this is a simple custody case and bills of that magnitude are simply outrageous.

Source: TMZ

Mediabase Chart Update!

'Break The Ice' is currently at #43 on Mediabase with 763 spins and 9.049 million listeners!

Click here to vote for it on your local radio station!

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New Britney Pictures!

“I no longer study Kaballah. My baby is my religion,” says an inspired Britney back in 2006 after the birth of Sean Preston. Well looks like the times have changed, and Britney is looking into Kabbalah as a means of escape and cleansing. Britney is seen here clutching a Kabbalah book yesterday while shopping on Robertson Blvd. Do what you gotta do Brit, just get healthy and happy.

See them all here!

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Slower Updates

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Katherine and Britney Primp Together

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Californians from Pasadena to Beverly Hills felt the burn today as Katherine Heigl, on the east side doing some home shopping, struggled to reach Britney Spears, all the way on Robertson Boulevard, with a "No, you did not!" stare.

The girls about town were unknowing twins, in matching sweatshirts from Primp. Chin up, Katherine! Keep covered, wash your hair, make sure all your clothes are opaque, and you should avoid this kind of mishap again.

Source: Page Six

Britney Forwarding Mail to the Feds

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Britney Spears' next single might end up being a cover of "Return to Sender."

A source close to the songstress tells E! News that Spears has been the recipient of a number of disturbing letters and packages, including at least one letter mentioning "how to bomb" and others containing threatening language and "weird gibberish."

The situation has become so off-putting that Spears' camp is planning to hand the unwelcome mail over to local law enforcement and the FBI, the source said.

Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Officer Ana Aguirre told E! News that no specific investigation has been launched in connection with Spears' postal drama, as yet, but that authorities "have been looking at allegations that have cropped up in the past couple of months."

An FBI spokesperson says the bureau doesn't comment on ongoing investigations.

According to the Spears insider, the offending communiqu├ęs have been sent to multiple locations associated with the "Gimme More" singer. And in addition to the previously mentioned creep-outs were a letter than mentioned Israel and the Middle East (obviously sent by someone confusing Britney Spears, Pop Star, with Britney Spears, Diplomat).

"A lot of it was disturbing stalker kind of stuff," the source said. "But to be safe her security team is turning it all over to the police and FBI."

Source: E! Online

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