Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Britney Is Shooting The Radar Video At...

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Britney Spears headed up the road this morning from L.A. to the Bacara Resort & Spa just north of Santa Barbara where she’s shooting the video for her next single, the fabulously titled Radar.

It’s a two day shoot that involves almost 100 people including dancers, the camera crew and security.

Brit even brought her kids Preston and Jayden with her.

Last week we showed you the just released art from the “Radar” single.

‘Cause we got you on our radar.

Source: Radar Online

Britney: I'm Not Sad Anymore

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Britney Spears has said that she hopes to prove her critics wrong with the success of her ongoing Circus tour.

The singer told Hello! that her children are always her number one priority and everything else in her life falls in place around them.

Spears said: "A lot of people thought maybe I wouldn't make it. People thought I was finished, didn't they? I guess for a while last year it looked that way.

"Nothing I can do about the past, I guess. But I'm hoping to prove them wrong now. And I have really put everything I have into this new show."

She added: "I'm happy. Truly, I feel like the girl who has it all. I have my family, my boys, my friends, my fans... this show.

"But more importantly, I'm not sad anymore. I was just so sad for so long, but not anymore. And you know what? That feels really, really good."

Source: Digital Spy

EXCLUSIVE: NEW "Kill The Lights" Still

WOW! Get a load of this finalized animated still from the Fan Fiction"Kill The Lights" digital video. I can't wait to see the finished vid... it's gonna be ultra hot, and it'll be right here for your viewing pleasure on Oh, and just to clear up any confusion... "Kill The Lights" is NOT a new single. That would be "Radar." Speaking of... calm yourselves, B fans. I hear a Britney "Radar" video IS in the works, but that's all the info I have at this time, k? If it's not here, here, here, here or here then it hasn't been confirmed!


UPDATE: Well whadayaknow? Britney is shooting the "Radar" vid as we speak!


Confirmed: Radar Being Shot Today

Source: Twitter

Britney: Madonna Advised Me To Take My Kids On Tour

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BRITNEY SPEARS has been taking parenting tips from MADONNA.

The pop princess has revealed that Madge encouraged her to take her kids on tour.

Brit told Hello magazine: “It’s all about history. What we as mothers are doing is creating history with our kids that we can look back on.

“When they’re adults I want my kids to say ‘Mom worked so hard, but she was always there for us.”

Brit listened to the Queen of Pop and hired ex-hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE as a nanny for their sons SEAN PRESTON and JAYDEN JAMES.

And he didn’t come cheap.

The singer is paying K-Fed $5,000-a-week for his services.

Nice work if you can get it for being a father to your own kids...

Source: The Sun

'Mo, The Gays Will Run Your Way'

Check out Britney's hilarious nominee video for Logo's NewNowNext Awards in which she talks about her new, and fake, fragrance just for the gays.

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