Friday, June 3, 2011

Britney Spears -- Not Competent to Take Oath

Britney Spears' lawyers are trying to block her deposition in a perfume lawsuit, because they say she's not legally competent to give sworn testimony.

Brand Sense Partners is suing Brit for $10 million, claiming she had a deal with the company but pulled a double-cross by trying to cut them out of a lucrative project with Elizabeth Arden.

Brand Sense wants to take Britney's deposition, but Brit's lawyers have so far refused, on grounds Brit is under a conservatorship and can't be forced to testify without the approval of the conservatorship's attorneys.

No word on whether the attorneys for the conservatorship will sign off on the depo, but Brand is tired of waiting and is now asking the judge in the perfume case to order Britney to sit for the deposition.

Source: TMZ

Femme Fatale Tour Stage Layout

For whatever it's worth, my 7 year old nephew just said to me that the stage looks like a c*ck. Take from that what you will...

Britney Spears Hits The Gym, Trains For Her Tour

Britney Spears has been pretty MIA for the past few weeks but only because she has been working night and day on rehearsals for her upcoming Femme Fatale World Tour. Earlier today we got our first look at the stage layout for the tour and right now we get to see new photos of Britney out and about as she made her exit from the gym this week.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen photos of Britney just out in the world doing stuff … but because she’s been working hard behind the scenes rehearsing for her tour, I’m OK without the daily Brit sightings. I know for a fact that her tour is going to be AMAZING! It will be all anyone can talk about … and I can’t wait to see it!! Keep up the hard work, Britters ;D

Source: Pink Is The New Blog

Can't wait for the tour to start so that there will be actual news to report...

Femme Fatale Tour European Dates

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Oh and Britney, would it kill you to add some shows in The Netherlands? Pretty please?

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