Thursday, September 23, 2010

Britney Glee Songs Preview

Britney Spears: Marmalade Cafe Cutie

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Venturing out for the day's agenda, Britney Spears headed over to The Commons in Calabasas for lunch on Wednesday (September 22).

The "Gimme More" singer looked in high spirits as she and her crew made their way to Marmalade Cafe for a bite to eat.

Ready to be featured on next week's episode of "Glee," actress Heather Morris explained, "Through a special substance, I go under and have a couple of dream sequences — not only myself, but with Santana [Naya Rivera]. A lot of it has to do with Will [Matthew Morrison] not allowing us to perform Britney Spears songs, because he doesn't agree with what kind of entertainer she is, so it's our fight to do Britney. But it's not just us doing Britney in show choir; there are other sequences — it's our homage to her."

She continued, "It wasn't really nerve-racking, because I've met her before and I wasn't really overwhelmed by who she is. But the idea of what she has given us for the show and, for me, getting to dance with her and play with her on set, I was just staring at her at one point and thinking, 'This is just so frickin' awesome.'"

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