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Britney: "More Focused Than Ever"

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Could Britney Spears be turning things around? For more than a year, the pop star's career comeback has been completely overshadowed by her personal problems — divorce, custody battles, public breakdowns, rehab and hospital visits — but those who have watched the singer rehearse for her latest video tell OK! that she's working harder than ever.

"She's incredibly focused now," explains Robert Baker, owner of Millennium Dance Studios, where Brit has been refining her dance moves for the upcoming video shoot for her song "Hot as Ice." Baker has been in the studio with the 26-year-old mother of two during her rehearsals and says that the woman he's seen kicking up her heels is a "whole new Britney."

The dance routine for "Hot as Ice" will be one of Britney's famous chair numbers — the kind she made famous in her video for her hit "Stronger." And it's rumored that the now-infamous "nip-slip" caught on camera during her rehearsal Sunday night might actually play a part in the "Hot as Ice" video — though it's unclear how much skin Brit intends on showing.

Of course, Sunday night's dance rehearsal wasn't Britney's only sexy stopover of the evening. Before heading to rehearsal the singer and pal Sam Lutfi had stopped by the Hustler Store on L.A.'s Sunset Strip, where unlike past visits when Brit picked up revealing clothes, she left with only a necklace — and a sandwich.

Following the rehearsal, Brit and Sam joined her cousin Alli Sims and a friend for a late-night showing of 27 Dresses. Eyewitnesses who spotted Britney leaving the theater tell OK! that the singer was teary-eyed as she left the theater.

Source: OK Magazine

Breaking News: Sam and Adnan's Battle Over Britney!

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UPDATE: An eyewitness tells OK! that Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears got into a huge fight tonight outside the gates of The Summit around 5 p.m PT. Their argument was so bad that Britney jumped out of the Escalade she and Lutfi were in and walked off down Muholland Drive alone.

TMZ is reporting that Brit then called boy toy Adnan Ghalib and, crying, begged him to come pick her up. Adnan told the pop star to go home and he'd meet her there.

A source confirms to OK! that Adnan arrived at Britney's home at The Summit just before 7 p.m. PT in a silver Mercedes. He tried to punch in the security code to the gate, but it didn't work. He then reportedly called the house but Britney didn't answer. Now OK! has learned that it was Sam who changed the gate code, and disconnected the numbers to Britney's six cell phones and her house phone.

Frustrated, Adnan then asked the security guard let him in, but the guard told him he was under strict instructions from Sam not to let Adnan past the gate.

According to sources at the scene, Adnan became irate and angrily approached the guard. He later told a paparazzi photographer that Sam was sending him threatening text messages, calling him a "manic trigger" and telling him, "If you continue to have any contact with her, you'll kill her. "

At 9:00 p.m., Britney reportedly jumped in her Mercedes and went speeding down Coldwater Canyon Drive with 15 to 20 paparazzi in tow. She abandoned her car in the San Fernando Valley sometime around 10 p.m. and jumped into Adnan's car.

Adnan's photo agency, Final Pixx just released the following statement:

"Adnan did not try to break into Britney’s house.Anyone who claims that to be the case has been severely misinformed.

Source: OK Magazine

Britney Spears Allowed Phone Contact With Kids

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Britney Spears is allowed to speak with her children on the telephone but still may not see them, according to court documents released Monday.

"(Spears) is to have telephonic contact with the minor children," Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled at last week's hearing. "All prior orders remain in full force and effect."

The pop singer, 26, has been forbidden to see her sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, for more than three weeks, following her Jan. 3 custody standoff, which ended with her brief hospitalization.

Despite two attempts by her lawyers to regain her visitation rights, Spears cannot see her kids indefinitely, the judge has ruled.

Earlier Monday, Barbara Walters reported that Spears is seeking help for mental issues, according to confidante Sam Lutfi.

Source: People

Britney Spears In Tears, Parents Arrive At House

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The world of Britney Spears got even crazier Monday evening as the singer was reduced to tears on the side of road after an argument with her “manager” Sam Lutfi. Monday night’s events began shortly after 6pm when Britney stormed out of Sam’s car just outside the gates to her Summit Circle home. She then sat on the side of the road sobbing in front of hoards of photographers.

Sources tells Us the fight was fueled by Sam’s insistence she speak to her mother, Lynne, who arrived in Los Angeles early Monday, Sam wanting her to see a psychologist, as well as Sam’s refusal to let Britney see her paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan Ghalid.

Britney then got into the car of another photographer named Filipe, and drove inside the gates of her home. It was then that her pap boyfriend, Adnan, tried unsuccessfully to gain entry into her gated community.

At 9:07pm Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, arrived at the Summit home. After sitting outside the gates for a few minutes, he finally went inside. Britney’s mother, Lynne, arrived soon after.

At around 9.30 p.m. Britney left her home. Story developing.

Source: US Weekly

Some Good News: Michael Jackson & Britney Could Assit At 50th Annual Grammy Awards

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As more and more artists are announced to highlight the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, more are also spilled on the ‘rumored list’. Michael Jackson’s name erupted as the latest artist who will pop up his face at the event, either only attending or better still, performing.Reporter Diane Dimond who wrote a book on Jackson’s molestation case, reportedly received a memo that leaked on the way. The content of the memo is not specified but it is known that Sony BMG is “pulling out all the stops to help its one time mega-star re-enter the pop music scene.”In the memo, it is also mentioned that 2008 will be made the year for ‘Thriller’, a new release from Jackson which marks the 25th anniversary of the legendary album. It will be released two days after the Grammys gala is held on February 10, leading to speculations that his appearance at the event is timely.“I’m 90 percent sure that Michael Jackson will make an appearance at the Grammys,” Dimond told Los Angeles Times reporter Tom O’Neill. “I’ve heard that he’s going to be there, but I’m not sure if he’s going to perform or just make an appearance.”The 50th Annual Grammy Awards will be held at Staples Center, Los Angeles and broadcast by CBS television on 8:00 to 11:30 P.M. ET. Other rumored performers at the event are Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Amy Winehouse.

Source: Bad Media Karma

Brit To Kids -- Pick Up The Phone, Y'all

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Britney Spears can reach out and touch her kids -- by phone.

TMZ has obtained a minute order from the hearing last week. Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled "Petitioner is to have telephonic contact with the minor children in accordance with the parties' oral stipulation this date."

Spears was denied physical contact with the kids after her various meltdowns.

Source: TMZ

She's Out Again - She's in Adnan's Car!!!

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Brit's back out and driving around. Her parents are still at her house. Britney was crying on the curb outside her house for 20 minutes before she left ...

UPDATE - She met up with Adnan on the street, hopped out of the car she was in, and Bonnie and Clyde are off!

Adnan's speeding down the freeway at 100 mph -- He's putting Britney (and himself) in danger!

Source: X17

"You'll Kill Her"


She's Out Again- She's in Adnan's Car!!

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Brit's back out and driving around. Her parents are still at her house. Britney was crying on the curb outside her house for 20 minutes before she left ...

UPDATE - She met up with Adnan on the street, hopped out of the car she was in, and
Bonnie and Clyde are off!
Source: X17

Britney and Sam's Fight Night!

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TMZ was there as Britney and constant companion Sam Lutfi got into what we're told was a huge, "really ugly" blowout.
Britney and Sam drove up to the gate of her house when she suddenly jumped out of the car crying -- why we're not sure. Britney's paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib tells TMZ he got a frantic call from a hysterical Brit at that moment, pleading with him "Baby, can you come pick me up??" Adnan told us he told her to go into her house and he would be right over. When he arrived, however, he was told in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to enter the gate -- the guards were under strict orders from Sam not to let him in. He's tried calling each of her six cell phones and the house phone, but she's not answering.
The LAPD were called to the scene for what they tell us was a person trying to get access to the ground without permission. We've learned, however, that they were called to contain the paparazzi crush that was trying to shoot the fight, not for one specific person.Story developing ...
Source: TMZ

She's Out Again

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Brit's back out and driving around. Her parents are still at her house.

Britney was crying on the curb outside her house for 20 minutes before she left ...

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The scene inside Britney's home right now is not pretty. Apparently Britney is very emotional and cannot stop crying. Both of her parents -- mom Lynne and father Jamie -- are with her now.

more updates coming ...

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She's headed toward Beverly Hills now -- she's with the paparazzo Filipe -- he's driving.

We'll keep you updated.

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So here's how it started ... Britney and Sam were inside the gates of Brit's community and Britney got out the car crying, just after 7 pm. Sam got out to try to console her and got angry with photographers who were taking pix and told them to get away.

Not long after, the pap who partied at Britney's house a week ago, Filipe, picked up Brit and drove her to her house; he left the neighborhood immediately after dropping her off.
By this time, the cops were arriving and Adnan showed up too but was denied entrance to Britney's neighborhood.

Office George Lopez of the LAPD tells X17online that they received a call by the
security team at Britney's neighborhood because some paparazzi entered the gates of the community. Officers responded to the call and issued citations to the owners of the cars illegally parked on the street in front of the community.

Check out this video from the scene ...

Source: X17


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The reports we're getting from our photographers on the scene right now at Britney's Beverly Hills home are that her paparazzi "boyfriend" Adnan Ghalib was attempting to enter Brit's private, gated neighborhood and he was denied when the guard called her home!!!

At 5:43 pm, Britney went to the gate of her community, crying with her dog in her arms. Adnan came to the gate, tried to go in, and was denied.

Police were called; they are now at the scene; there's a police copter in the sky. They're looking for Adnan in his silver Mercedes SL.

The cops are
checking the ID of all cars that pass her neighborhood.
Stay tuned for more details ...

Source: X17

'Piece Of Me' #5 On TRL!

'Piece Of Me' is currently at #5 on TRL!

Keep voting here!

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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

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...then how many words are these pix of Britney Spears pining away for her sons worth?

Seriously - Britney's front-page encounter with her son may have gone down in a flash, but it's hard to deny the poignancy of the scene.

After all, it's been nearly three weeks now, and the only contact Britney's had with her kids has come courtesy of private family photos published by OK! Magazine - pictures that Brit claims to have taken herself (video below) - how sad is that?

Can't the law have a little compassion instead of making things so black-and-white? After all, Britney's been seeking treatment - and it's obvious from these pics that she misses her kids powerfully...

See more pics here!

Source: X17

Spears Takes Strides Toward Treatment

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Britney Spears appears to be on the receiving end of both personal and professional help.

The "Gimme More" star's manager-pal Sam Lutfi has confirmed that the troubled singer has begun treatment with a psychiatrist and is back in contact with her estranged mother, Lynne.

Lutfi chose The View den mother Barbara Walters as his vessel for the news.

"I can't vouch for this," Walters qualified Lutfi's information by saying. "He said that Britney is suffering from what he describes as mental issues, which are treatable. He said that she has been to a psychiatrist and that she, I assume, is starting some kind of treatment.

"She's been having mood swings, she's been having trouble sleeping, and also she is in touch with her mother—because we had heard she wasn't—and her mother has been very supportive of whatever Britney is going to do."

Sources tell E! Online that Lynne was "instrumental" in persuading the 26-year-old to seek treatment. Both Spears women are once again on speaking terms and Lynn has agreed to "help her through it."

Lynne Spears arrived solo in Los Angeles Sunday night and was photographed talking on a cell phone.

Britney had not spoken to either her mother or father Jamie Spears since her Jan. 3 meltdown. A source close to the situation says that Britney had chafed at her parents' insistence to begin treatment.

"She still isn't convinced she has a mental problem," the source said. "But she knows this is what she has to do to get her kids again."

Now, however, the Blackout artist is amenable to begin taking medication, should the psychiatrist recommend it. Spears spent about an hour at a Santa Monica psychiatrist's office on Friday.

The source adds that Brtiney hasn't been happy for quite some time "and she wants that to change, too."

Spears has not seen sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 3, since earlier this month, when she refused to return the children to Kevin Federline. A court commissioner subsequently stripped her of all visitation rights.

Walters, meanwhile, said on The View Monday that she believed the beleaguered pop star has "moved away" from her relationship with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. The two have been off-on in recent weeks, and over the weekend, Spears, Lutfi, former assistant Alli Sims and new hanger-on Chad Hardcastle—but not Ghalib—were spotted late Sunday taking in a showing of 27 Dresses in Los Angeles. (Then again, maybe the shutterbug doesn't like chick flicks.)

Sims herself recently spoke out about her feelings toward Ghalib after he shared private voicemails left for him by Spears during long interviews with Entertainment Tonight and The Insider last week.

"He's been around, what, three weeks?" she told People. "I don't really see the point of that...I only know him from him following us around for eight months. I don't personally know him. But I don't like that vibe."

Source: E! Online

Sam Says Brit Is Mental

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Sam Lutfi somehow got hold of Barbara Walters this weekend -- and fiwwed her in on Britney's mental problems -- saying they are "treatable." Praise Jebus!

Brit's ersatz manager, via Babwa on today's episode of "The View," says Spears has visited a psychiatrist and is in touch with her mother -- who arrived in Los Angeles last night.

See the video here!

Source: TMZ

With 46.81% Of The Sales Counted 'Blackout' Sells...

With 46.81% of the sales counted 'Blackout' sells 3,749 this week, so far, in the US alone comming in at #50!

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27 Dresses, Zero Words From Britney

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After shaking it at the Millennium Dance Complex last night, Britney decided to treat herself to a flick - so she collected Sam, Alli, and Chad (that's almost a double date!) and headed over to Century City to catch a showing of Katherine Heigl's new flick 27 Dresses.

It looks like the movie had a pretty profound effect on Britney, too - the pop princess hid her face from view as soon as she saw us afterwards!

Of course, that might have something to do with the paps invoking the name of Adnan Ghalib - after all, with reports of Adnan shopping around private clips of Britney for a reported two million dollars, we can understand if he's not Brit's favorite topic of conversation!

Must have been quite a movie!

Is Britney done with Adnan?

Or is there more to come?

See more pics here!

Source: X17

Alli Sims: Britney Spears 'Will Be Fine'

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As Britney Spears's confidants are being deposed in her child custody case, Alli Sims says Spears is maintaining a positive outlook.

"She does seem happy," Sims told PEOPLE at Saturday's Hugo Boss/Glamour Studio Glam suite, of Spears, 26. "I'm sure obviously she's going through some things, and a lot, right now. That definitely gets to you.

"I'm not saying that everything is fine," Sims, 26, says. "Obviously, she's worried about stuff, like we all are. She's hanging in there. I'm not worried. She'll get back. She'll be fine."

Sims, who has been away from L.A. traveling, is moving into a new apartment in the Brentwood section of the city. She and Spears talk regularly, Sims says.

"I talked to her today, she's doing good," Sims explains. "I love her to death. She's a sweetheart. ... We have never had a fight. It's so funny, because you're off visiting friends and you're not here, by her side, they're like you're fighting. That's not true at all."

Adds Sims, "I'll probably see her this week."

Last week, Spears' paparazzo-turned-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib gave interviews to Entertainment Tonight and The Insider about his personal relationship with Spears. Sims, who has said she does not like Ghalib, has not seen the interview, she says, but that friends told her about it.

"He's been around, what, three weeks?" Sims tells PEOPLE. "I heard about it just from friends who watched it. I don't really see the point of that. ... I only know him from him following us around for eight months. I don't personally know him. But I don't like that vibe."

Source: People

Sam Lutfi: Britney Spears Suffers From "Mental Issues," Is Seeking Treatment

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In a phone call to Barbara Walters, Britney Spears' pal Sam Lutfi revealed that the pop singer "is starting some kind of treatment" for "mental issues," the talk show host announced on The View Monday.

"There is a man named Sam Lutfi, who is the manager and very good friend of Britney," Walters told the audience. "He has been staying with her constantly.

"He got in touch with us... I can't vouch for this... He seemed to be very knowledgeable and he certainly was very nice.

"He said Britney was suffering from what he describes as mental issues which are treatable.

"He said that she has been to a psychiatrist and ... I assume she is starting some kind of treatment.

"She has been having mood swings. She has been having some kind of trouble sleeping."

Walters said that Lutfi also claims Spears — who hasn't seen her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in three weeks since she lost visitation rights — "is in touch w/ her mother — because we had heard that she wasn't — and her mother [Lynne, who arrived in L.A. late Sunday] has been very supportive of whatever it is that Britney is trying to do.

"I said, 'Can I discuss this on the air?' And he said, 'Yes.'"

Tell Us: Do you believe Sam?

Source: US Weekly

Shar Jackson: Britney Spears' Kids “Don’t Know Where She Is”

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Sean Preston and Jayden James haven’t seen their mom Britney Spears since a judge stripped her of visitation rights three weeks ago.

And, apparently, they haven’t picked up on the fact that their mama is M.I.A.

“They’re babies, you know, they don’t really know,” Shar Jackson told at The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio Grand Opening Celebration in Las Vegas Jan. 26.

“Of course, all kids say, ‘mama,’ but they don’t really know [where she is],” adds the reality star, 31.

Jackson — who has two kids, daughter Kori, 5, and son Kaleb, 3, with Kevin Federline — says she helps her ex and the nanny with the kids.

“They have a lot of positive people around them, so they’re good,” says Jackson. “The kids all spend a lot of time together, but I’m not trying to take anybody’s place.”

Jackson — who was pregnant with Kaleb when Federline left her for Spears — says “it was a choice” to remain on good terms with her ex.

“It could have gone really bad, and we could have become enemies,” she tells Us. “A lot of people choose to do that, but I don’t have time for that. Life is way too short, and we’re not promised tomorrow, so I don’t want to go out and have bad feelings with anybody.”

Source: US Weekly

Weird because............If my memory serves me, I remember her saying in 2004 that she hated K-Fed!

Britney Spears Reads OK! Too!

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While out and about over the weekend, troubled pop star Britney Spears and her BFF Sam Lutfi popped into a Ventura Blvd. gas station, and aside from picking up their usual booty of sports drinks, snacks and cigarettes, Brit-Brit also perused a copy of the latest issue of OK!, which features her 2-year-old son Sean Preston on the cover and an in-depth exploration of her bizarre behavior inside.

"You can’t watch Britney act the way she does and not be afraid that her kids have inherited her ‘crazy gene,'" a friend of the singer explains in the current issue. The article also details the recent phenomenon of Brit appearing to switch from one personality to the next.

Source: OK Magazine

Lynne Spears -- Mama's Here, Y'all

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Lynne Spears to the rescue? What's going on? Brit's mom was spotted on her arrival at LAX on Sunday night, looking determined and fierce -- or is she looking for a cab?

She's been estranged from Britney since last summer -- could she be back to save her wayward child?

See the video here!

Source: TMZ

Rolling Stone To Appear Next Week!

Both Blender magazine and Rolling Stone had Britney covers planned, but Blender was the first to hit newsstands.

We hear the Rolling Stone Brit issue won’t hit newsstands for at least another week.

Source: Break The Ice

Britney Spears: The Road To Ruin

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1. The Paps

Christmas lights dangle from tree branches in front of the Raffles L’Ermitage, the Beverly Hills hotel where Britney Spears slept last night—and where the paparazzi who keep watch over her now sit waiting. Although she owns a mansion in L.A., she often crashes in hotels because, the press speculate, her cupboards at home are bare: She likes to order room service. Spears is the only celebrity in the world under photographers’ 24-hour watch, a surveillance mode usually reserved for prisoners and suicides. Some of the core group of 15 or so lensmen who call themselves “her paps” pass the stakeout hours online, chatting with women via wireless laptop connections. Some smoke pot. Felix, the team captain for X17, the paparazzi agency with the closest ties to Britney, occasionally looks down at his phone to find a text message from Sam Lutfi, Spears’s confidant and de facto manager since last summer. Felix reads aloud: “She is inside.”

“Britney is money,” says another X17 photographer, standing next to the BMW that pictures of Britney have bought him. Someone tells the story of the day they followed her halfway to Las Vegas. She got takeout from Taco Bell at a rest stop in the desert. Then she turned the car around and drove home. “Britney is crazy,” says another, bemused.

We have been waiting since about 10 A.M., and the thrill, at 8:39 P.M., as two hotel security guards appear at the entrance to the garage, is libidinal: When Britney’s 612-horsepower Mercedes SL65 AMG shoots out of the driveway, rips west on Burton Way and up Foothill Road, it’s sweet release.

Britney drives like a rabbit being chased across a field. Trailed by 15 cars, she signals right, then turns left. Glides into a left-turn lane, makes a right. On Wilshire Boulevard, slows from 50 miles per hour down to 15, then bangs an illegal U-turn into brake-­screeching traffic. The driver in the lead mutters, “Bitch.”

Then he’s cut off by a Mercedes SL500 steered by Adnan Ghalib, a daredevil-fearless paparazzo who usually rides at the front of the pack.

If Britney has been in hiding all day and her paps have gotten no pictures, they hope for a red light at the top of Coldwater Canyon, the last intersection before her house. Tonight they’re lucky. Britney stops; Ghalib pulls his Benz into the oncoming traffic lane, slams into park and the gang crowds around her car for just less than a minute.

Thus surrounded, Britney, wearing the same outfit she wore last night, doesn’t look at the photographers but focuses on a point in the air a few inches in front of her nose, slowly pivoting her head on the axis of her neck, clicks and flashes dicing her movement like a strobe. She seems to be basking, and she seems to be trapped. Even her vehicle looks resigned: A smashed headlight has been out for weeks, and she’s still driving on a spare tire from a flat she had in October. (Her paps changed it for her.)

When the light turns, the paps scramble back to their cars, Britney turns right, guns it and they let her go. The white car shrinks into the darkness, wriggling up Mulholland toward the gated community where she lives.

The Britney chase feels like a video game where, every moment, you’re sure you’re going to die; yet against all odds, despite all carelessness, nothing kills you. Even the photographers who do this every day admit that they’re scared by it. One X17 videographer warns, “Someone is going to get hurt, man.”

Without prompting, he mimes holding up a camera with one hand and dialing his phone with the other—explaining that the video of an accidental death cannot legally be sold, unless the cameraman can prove he was calling 911 at the same time. Clearly, he’s given this endgame some thought. There’s no way not to ask: Would a video of Britney’s death be the ultimate prize?

“That would be horrible,” he says. “No, no. Nobody wants that.”

2. The pop Star

Aside from Starbucks Frappuccinos, Britney’s primary nourishment nowadays is the attention of paparazzi, who slake the public’s unquenchable thirst for details of her travails. Britney has been a figure of fascination since her solo debut in 1999, back when she was everything a girl was, and wasn’t, supposed to be. The 17-year-old small-town Southern Christian Mouseketeer virgin-­sexpot became a superstar—Lolita, Cinderella and Elvis Presley all in one—by tarting up a schoolgirl’s uniform and shimmying down the halls of a high school in the video for “ … Baby One More Time,” her first single. Britney’s image was a pop masterpiece, fashioned in her songs’ and videos’ provocative blend of innocence and experience. She grew into a Grammy-winning artist who, alone among female singers, debuted four consecutive albums (which, together, sold 75 million copies) at No. 1. Today, however, she’s become the undiluted essence of celebrity, and almost no one—not even Britney—seems much interested in her music. To promote her 2007 album Blackout, Britney did exactly one telephone interview, which lasted seven minutes. Disasters, not music, have become her product.

Steve Lunt, the A&R executive who steered her for most of her career, is baffled by the implosion. “It’s very upsetting to see what’s going on in her life,” he says. “She was always driven and focused. The most quietly, deceptively ambitious person you could meet. But when you lose your focus, it’s very hard to refocus.” Haltingly, Lunt adds, “You don’t know where this thing is going to go.”

For now, it’s off the rails. In the past 18 months, her transgressions, proven and alleged, have escalated beyond almost any in pop history. Next to Britney Spears, Courtney Love is Miss Manners. Since leaving her husband Kevin Federline in late 2006, she has flashed her vagina, shaved her head, physically attacked paparazzi and gone to rehab (twice). She has been charged with hit-and-run, effectively declared an unfit mother by the state of California and been fired by her lawyers (again, twice). She turned in the most disastrous performance of her career at MTV’s Video Music Awards show, got dumped by her management firm and has cleaned her hands of almost everyone who played any significant role in her first 25 years of life. She passes many days on what Ben Evansted, the paparazzo who took the most famous images of her genitals, calls “long drives to nowhere,” punctuated by stops at gas stations, tanning salons, drug stores, pet stores and fast-food restaurants. In December, OK! magazine reportedly paid $1 million for an interview with Britney’s mother, Lynne, and her sister, Jamie Lynn, in which the 16-year-old announced she was pregnant. When paps asked Britney what she thought of the news, she inadvertently revealed the degree of her estrangement from her family; with a scowl and a giggle, she said, “My sister’s not pregnant!”

If there was any remaining boundary between her public and private lives, it vanished just before Christmas, when she spent the night in a hotel with Adnan Ghalib, the alpha pap who works for a small agency called Finalpixx. Britney’s self-created Stockholm syndrome, it seemed, was consummated. Then, when it looked like things could not possibly get worse, police were called to Britney’s home when she refused to relinquish her two children after their scheduled visit on January 3. After a three-hour standoff, she was strapped to a gurney and taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The next day, she lost all visitation and custody rights to her kids.

Lindsay is a lightweight, Paris is a shoe-in for Junior League, compared to Britney. Her mess has become tragedy. Where did things go wrong? Many outsiders blame her problems on drug abuse, a theory given some weight when the judge in her custody ­battle wrote of her “habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol.”

But in scores of interviews with her former friends and associates, a more complex account of her agonies takes shape. A business associate who helped her prepare for September’s VMAs ­performance says, “There’s obviously some substance-abuse issues going on … But even if, hypothetically, she was out the night before the VMAs doing blow and then took a Xanax to come down and then got drunk right before the show—even if she did that—even that wouldn’t explain the performance. She wouldn’t have done that if there weren’t some self-sabotage going on.” (Spears did not respond to interview requests from Blender.)

Britney once had an A-list team of publicists, managers, lawyers and handlers that rivaled any superstar’s. Now she’s essentially reduced that staff to one person: Sam Lutfi, a 33-year-old Hollywood gadabout with a questionable past, a couple of low-budget film credits as a producer and no apparent qualifications for his current position. A prominent former Spears adviser says that Lutfi “has the potential to cause enormous problems, to sink her deeper in the hole and exploit her in a lasting way.”

Like all child stars, Britney Spears has been exploited, with varying degrees of calculation, since her career began—so much so that it may be the kind of relationship in which she now feels most at home. “She got chewed up by this new celebrity culture and spat out, so it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for her,” says VH1 Executive Vice President Michael Hirschorn. “She really was turned into a lab rat.” While her troubles include substance abuse, pressure from public scrutiny and a failure to understand that actions have consequences, many who’ve been close to her over the years agree that her most basic problem is something else. “This goes deeper,” says Melinda Bell, a former member of her management team. “It has to do with something about love.”

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Source: Blender

Seeking "Treatment"

Barbara Walters announced on The View Monday morning that Sam Lufti contacted her and said that Britney is now in treatment with a shrink and that whatever she has is treatable.

He said she has been having lots of mood swings (duh) and was having major probs sleeping.

Why is Osama working as Britney's publicist????

He needs to STOP talking to the media. He should hire a professional and shut his pie hole!!!!

Source: Perez Hilton

Blender Magazine Cover


Lost her fans? Yeah, that's probably why her latest album, 'Blackout', has sold over 1,7 million copies so far!

Lynne Arriving At LAX

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Adnan Selling Out Britney For $2 Million- But Is Anyone Buying?

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Brit's former paparazzo boy-toy has failed at one get rich quick scheme, when he tried to sell exclusive set-up candid photos of the pair for $5 million, but only got $57,000. Now, he's shopping "video diaries" of Brit with an asking price of $2 million!

News of the World (who apparently "laughed their heads off" when they heard the outrageous price tag) confirmed to X17 that Adnan is indeed shopping a 6 part video, which one source who's seen the tapes claims are "sinister". "Adnan is just determined to wring as much out of Britney as possible before their relationship burns out," says the source. "But these videos are a step too far. They're sinister and disturbing and show Britney at her very lowest."

Here's NOTW's brief description of the alleged videos:

CLIP No1 shows Britney sitting on her bed wearing a nightie. She talks about herself in the third person and rambles about her childhood. She's heard saying: "When Britney was a child, she had to work really hard. When she was 13 years old, she won all the beauty pageants."

CLIP No2 shows Brit wrapped in a white bath towel, again perched on the edge of the bed. Talking to thin air, she mumbles: "Britney has an angel looking out for her, don't you, angel?"

CLIP No3 sees a Britney talking to Adnan, who's holding the camera, and calling him by his pet name Bubba. She smiles: "I'm really happy. Bubba's here for me now. It's all good."

CLIP No6, filmed last week, shows Britney crying hysterically after a night out. Mascara stains her cheeks as she wails: "Britney wants to live. I'm not crazy. I miss the kids and I did love Kevin."

Clips 4 and 5 are apparently being withheld.

Just how far will Adnan go to profit off his brief relationship with the pop star?

So far, the tapes haven't been sold - but if Adnan lowers his asking price, I'm sure they'll surface soon enough!

Source: X17

Brit's A Hustler, Y'all!

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The weather has been absolutely miserable here in Los Angeles - so what's a girl to do to entertain herself on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

Go to the Hustler store!

Britney made a visit to Larry Flynt's palace of porn yesterday, where she browsed some books, danced in the aisles, ate a big sandwich and giggled at some of the reading material on display!

Wonder what was making our girl Brit smile? Click through to see!

See the pics and video here!

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Britney Gets Face Time With Sean Preston

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Britney Spears may be used to seeing her own face on the cover of magazines - but it looks like the sight of her kids can still stop her in her tracks!

We ran into the pop princess out with Sam, gassing up her car after a quick stop at Starbucks. The pair stepped inside to shop for snacks - when all of a sudden, Britney's eye was caught by Sean Preston adorning the cover of OK! Magazine!

Brit instinctively grabbed a copy of the mag, but didn't get a chance to start thumbing through it before Sam convinced her to put it down and hurry back to the car.

Of course, that was hardly the end of Britney and Sam's adventures at the gas station - they kept doubling back to pick up more snacks! (And hey, why not? Sam told us he owns the joint - surely he's not sweating a spare Fanta or two!)

Poor Britney - she must be so lonely now with the state having stripped her of visitation. Let's hope her visit to a shrink is the first step on the road to getting her kids back!

See video here!

Source: X17

Britney Looks At OK! Magazine Cover With Sean Preston On Cover!

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Sunday Night January 27th: Brit and Sam have a taste for Starbucks frappuccinos and of course a quick gas station stop. While in the gas station Britney can’t help but pick up the OK! Magazine with Sean Preston on the cover, Sam quickly puts the magazine back. Brit runs back in for Cheetos and skips the cash register. Don’t worry Sam owns the joint!

Watch the video here.

Source: X17 Video

Secrets From Britney's Lover: ET's Adnan Exclusive

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ET's exclusive interview with ADNAN GHALIB continues! On tonight's ET: New voice mail bombshells, and how Britney really found out about JAMIE LYNN's pregnancy!

Click on the pic to see the video!

Source: ET Online

Britney Rehearsing At Millenium Dance Studio!


Britney Spears Happy & Dancing In Hustler Store

Yes, THAT Hustler store! Britney appears happy and bubbly as she dances in place while waiting inside the Hustler Store on Sunset Blvd. Assistant/Manager Sam Lutfi accompanies her, as does one of her little dogs, and we can only wonder what brings Brit Brit to Hustler on a very windy, rainy Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles!


New Britney Pictures!

New pictures of Britnay at Hustler Porn shop. See them all here!

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