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Britney Spears And Madonna 'Tease' Fans In 'Me Against The Music' Video

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It was the changing of the guard — or at least the meeting of two of the most influential pop divas of all time — when Britney Spears and Madonna hooked up for Brit's single "Me Against the Music," from 2003's In the Zone. The superstars tantalize the audience (and each other) throughout the flirty video.

"Madonna is an icon of an earlier generation, and then Britney of the newer generation. She was at her peak at that point," director Paul Hunter told MTV News about the video. "So it was a challenge to kind of bring both of the worlds together. I wanted it to be a bit of a cat-and-mouse sort of game and a little bit of a foreplay between Britney and Madonna and just sort of tease the audience."

A few years back, Britney revealed that the collaboration came together thanks to the 2003 VMAs — you know, the show where Britney and Madonna locked lips. "I was in the middle of rehearsals for the VMAs and I played her the song, and she was like, 'That's your first single, right?' " Britney recalled. "I was like, 'Yeah, hopefully.' She was like, 'I really like it.' I was like, 'Really?' I was like, 'Well, you wanna do it with me?' She said, 'Yeah.' "

Hunter said the video was all about setting Spears and Madonna apart. "I try to play opposites, when you have Britney in dark and Madonna in white," he said. "And then we see them kind of dance around the bed ... and you think they're gonna get on top of each other and do something crazy."

But Spears said nothing crazy was supposed to happen; it was all about teasing people. "I never actually see Madonna or touch her; I just feel her presence there," she said. "[The song is] basically about just going to a club and letting yourself go and battling with whoever is around you and battling against the music as well. This is my first time doing a collaboration, and it's with Miss Madonna herself."

Source: MTV

Britney, Jason & The Boys: One Big Happy Family!

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Britney Spears and her manager/boyfriend Jason Trawick, may have been frolicking aboard a yacht called Oscar on Nov. 15 — but it might as well have been named The Love Boat.

The pair, along with Brit’s two sons, Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3, looked every bit the committed couple while sailing in Sydney Harbour, and friends tell OK! their affection for one another is as unsinkable as the 108-foot vessel on which they cruised.

“Jason adores her and just wants to be with her,” a pal of the pair, who went public with their romance in June, tells OK!. “He’s proactive with the boys and works hard to show Britney how committed he is to her and to her family.”

Indeed, Jason, 37, does seem to go the extra mile for Brit, 27. Sources tell OK! he spent every night with the singer at her L.A. home after their trip to Mexico in October. And then, of course, he flew halfway around the world to support Britney on her Australian Circus tour.

“Britney trusts him implicitly with the kids and feels more secure going to work when he’s with them,” says the friend.” What’s more, Sean and Jayden appreciate his presence, too. “He’s a total hero to them,” another Brit insider reveals to OK!.

“He’s a natural. Britney loves to see the boys with Jason. It just seems so right.” Echoes the first pal,”The kids adore him and call him ‘Jase.’ He is amazing, engaged, caring, fun — even [ex husband] Kevin [Federline] likes him.”

Source: OK Magazine

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