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Britney Spears at LA Live Tree Lighting

Britney To Appear On Project Runway

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Britney Spears doesn’t always make the best fashion choices, but she’s the it girl right now, which means everyone wants a piece of her. Including Heidi Klum. Britney is allegedly going to appear on the next season of Project Runway.

MSNBC’s The Scoop reports, “Heidi’s smart: she knows that Britney can do wonders for a show’s ratings, there’s been a lot of drama at ‘Runway’ — it would be huge for her to get Britney.”

Heidi made a cameo of her own this week at Britney’s birthday bash at NYC’s Tenjune. Perhaps the ladies were discussing a little business then? This would probably be a great ratings booster for Project Runway. Britney’s cameo on the UK’s X Factor last week drew in over 12 million viewers!

Source: Hollyscoop

John Mayer Worries About Britney

John Mayer says he feels sorry for Britney Spears and the way she is hounded by the paparazzi.

The singer songwriter says he picks up his guitar when he's feeling stressed, and hopes that Britney can do the same.

John said: "I really feel for someone like Britney Spears. I just hope that there is a enough of a connection to the music because that is what keeps you going.

"I know for me if I had a c**p day and I came home and I didn't have any music to go to, I would be lost. I can always go home and plug in a guitar and go 'that's why I am getting followed around.'"

Source: This Is Croydon Today

Britney At LA Live Event Tonight

Check out a sexy yet sophisticated Britney at tonight's LA Live event at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

She looks awesome! Loving that sparkle in her eye!

Source: Breathe Heavy

"Circus" Music Video - World Premiere

'Circus' For Troops Project

Aww, Britney superfan Sloan (aka Soldier4Brit) came up with the BEST idea! Why don't we all buy an extra copy of Circus for the troops overseas? Surely there are many soldiers in Iraq who are total Britney fans on the sly... and no one should ever be Circus-deprived! Sloan has offered to take on this project out of the goodness of his heart, so if you're interested in brightening a soldier's holiday with the gift of Circus, send an email to for details. Also feel free to include other necessities that a soldier might need; click here for suggestions. Oh, and def send me photos of your Circus care package — you just might see 'em here on! This idea also comes just in time for our Circus Challenge, too... so be sure to grab your Circus CD(s) by Sunday, Dec. 7, at midnight to ensure that our Brit gets the Gold Record that she deserves! xx♥


Jingle Belle: Britney Chosen by LA Live

It may be the worst kept secret in La-La Land: the identity of the "surprise celebrity superstar" tabbed for tree-lighting honors at the coming out celebration of the much anticipated "LA Live" entertainment complex across from Staples Center.

Three years into construction, the $2.5 billion dollar project is still far from complete. Its cineplex won't be ready before next year. And its still rising 54 story JW Marriott/Ritz-Carlton Hotel/Condo Tower won't plump any pillows till 2010. But enough of the music-themed complex is now open that developer AEG scheduled a holiday kick-off event for 7pm tonight in LA Live's Nokia Plaza.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will attend, So will USC football coach Pete Carroll and Grammy winner Natalie Cole, along with the "surprise celebrity superstar," according to LA Live's announcement. But though LA Live staffers will not officially identify the SCS in advance, they are making no effort to quash the flood of leaks intended to pique media interest. All of those leaks pointing to the pop siren who just celebrated her 27th birthday, the release of her new album "Circus," and the announcement of her new stadium concert tour starting next March.

When NBC Los Angeles ran her name past LA Live Managing Director Lisa Herzlich, she smiled broadly and chuckled, "I can't say that."

But you can say it:: Britney Spears.

It's not hard to reconstruct the strategizing that led to LA Live's choice. In order to get maximum exposure for the kickoff, it wants a photographer and media magnet. Unlike say, a mayor or football coach, video of Britney lighting the tree will make it on all of the TV shows that cover show biz.. Not to mention the worldwide distribution of all those still photos of Britney with LA Live visible in the background.

And how better to promote Britney's 2009 Circus tour, which--conveniently enough--will be produced by AEG Live. Yes, the same AEG that is the developer of LA Live.

Picking Britney guarantees a two-fer!

Source: NBC

Britney Spears: FAO Family Outing

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Enjoying a much more relaxing day than the previous, Britney Spears took her two little boys, Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, to FAO Schwarz for a little toy shopping on Wednesday (December 3).

Browsing around the Big Apple store surrounded by her security team, the “Womanizer” songstress also brought parents Jamie and Lynne Spears along to join in on the fun.

As previously reported by Gossip Girls, Miss Spears celebrated the release of her new album “Circus” and her 27th birthday yesterday - finishing her night off with a big bash at club Tenjune.

See more pics here!

Source: Celebrity Gossip

Britney’s Manager: ‘She’s In Full Control, Nobody Is Telling Her What To Do’

Britney Spears may have a permanent conservatorship in place, but her manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access Hollywoods' Billy Bush for “The Billy Bush Show” that she is the ringleader of the Brit circus.

Following a stunning performance on “Good Morning America” Tuesday and a star-studded lavish birthday bash later that night, not to mention a record release, there is no doubt that Britney is back – she even has “the eye of the tiger back,” according to her manager.

But is the Brit media frenzy too much too soon for a pop star who was hospitalized just 11 months ago? Not according to Larry.

“This has been a gradual process. It just didn’t happen over night,” Larry told Billy. “She’s in a great place. She is very happy with what she is doing. She’s being incredibly productive. She’s looking good and she’s feeling good.”

Despite her permanent conservatorship that placed dad Jamie Spears in control of Britney’s legal and financial decisions, Larry squashed any notion that people other than Britney are making her decisions.

“Nothing is happening that’s not at her request or her comfort level. She’s doing what she loves to do, and it’s making her very happy,” Larry continued. “She’s in full control, nobody is telling her what to do. If at any moment she said, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ That’s what would happen.”

But don’t expect the current Brit frenzy to fizzle anytime soon. Larry told Billy that Britney is planning to rehearse every day for two months straight in order to prepare for her tour, “The Circus starring Britney Spears” 2009, that kicks off in New Orleans on March 3, 2009.

“We are going to bring the circus to town,” Larry added. “It is [going to be] just amazing… this is going to be the best Britney show ever, by far. It’s going to be a don’t miss show.”

Source: NBC

ET Moves Up World Premiere of Britney Spears' 'Circus' Video!

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Entertainment Tonight, in partnership with Jive Records, Britney Spears and her management have decided to move up the world premiere of the title video from her new album Circus from Friday, December 5, by a day to Thursday, December 4.

Fan frenzy has erupted around the globe as Britney's sixth studio album was released earlier this week on her 27th birthday. The move to shift the premiere date for the lavish "Circus" video came after a Korean Web site leaked an unauthorized version of the video on the web. Wanting her fans to experience the anxiously awaited follow-up to her hit single "Womanizer" in the bold high definition that Entertainment Tonight can provide, Ms. Spears decided to respond to the overwhelming international fan demand and move the premiere to Thursday's Entertainment Tonight.

Barry Weiss, CEO and President of Jive Records, announced that "Circus" is expected to debut in the No. 1 spot when the Billboard charts are released next week.

An extended preview clip of Britney's "Circus" will stream at beginning at 7AM EST on Thursday, December 4. The site is currently streaming video packages from ET's exclusive coverage inside Britney's birthday party including her birthday wish, her celebrity guests and a special welcome just for her fans on ETonline.

Source: ET Online

Leaked 'Circus' Video Not The Final Video

Hmph. So I heard the "Circus" music video is floating around out there, is it? Well, I hate to burst your bubblicious, but I've seen the vid, and that is NOT the version you'll be seein' on Friday, mmm kay? Catch the hotter-than-hot real thing when it airs Friday at 7:30pm ET on Entertainment Tonight. The shiny, sleek, HIGH-QUALITY vid will also be right here on immediately after the show. Check your local listings for more info. xx♥


Christmas Comes Early for Britney's Boys

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Britney Spears may have torn up Manhattan on Tuesday night celebrating her 27th birthday, but on Wednesday, it was all about spending time with her boys.

On Wednesday afternoon, Brit took Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, on a major shopping spree at NYC's famous FAO Schwarz toy store, where an eyewitness tells OK! she spent hundreds on toys for her two adorable tots.

"Each of the boys had one of those soldier guys (employees) to walk around with, and they each had a huge metal trolley cart to fill up," says a witness who was in the store. "They picked out hundreds of dollars worth of MacK Trucks, cement mixers and RC cars."

Brit brought her parents Jamie and Lynn Spears along for the trip and for good reason! Someone had to hold all the stuff! Spies tell OK! the boys were treated to anything they could get their tiny hands on!

"Sean really fell in love with a car transporter, which he had taken out of the box so he could hold it everywhere he went. Jayden was most excited about a little blue plane, and cried when someone tried to take it away."

A fellow shopper tells OK! that the boys tore through the store, much to the chagrin of Brit, Jamie and Lynn, who seemed happy to tag along behind, enjoying their excitement.

"Jamie picked out a stuffed Incredible Hulk toy for Sean and was saying to him, 'Who's this, Sean? Who's this?'".

It seems like nothing was too good for Brit's boys, who trotted happily around the store with their grandparents, stopping to listen to Christmas songs being tapped out on the giant foot piano made famous in the movie Big.

"Jayden was sitting on Lynn's knee, grinning," a witness tells OK!.

Source: OK Magazine

Britney Opens Up Tree Lighting Ceremony On NBC

Ellen Confirms Britney "Appearance"


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