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'Piece Of Me' Video Gets Over 12 Million Views On You Tube!

The amazing video for 'Piece Of Me' has gotten over 12 million views on You Tube!

Wife of Britney Spears’ Paparazzo Beau Files For Divorce

The following italicized article is taken from www.usmagazine.com:

In the papers filed January 18, she Azlynn Elizabeth Berry cites irreconcilable differences for their split.

She lists their wedding date as Dec. 18, 2003.

They have no children, but Berry is asking for spousal support.

Meanwhile, Adnan Ghalib spoke out to Entertainment Tonight about meeting Spears for the first time.

“I believe it was December 20, and there was an aggressive chase and at a stop light in Hollywood, she got out of her car and got into mine, and I think that’s what made the difference,” he said.

While Ghalib claims to ET that he is not being paid directly for conducting an interview about Spears, a source tells Usmagazine.com that his agency, FinalPixx, is brokering the deal and that Ghalib will receive a cut.

Source: US Weekly

New Britney Pictures!

New pictures of Britney and Adnan having dinner at Taverna Tonys restaurant. See them all here!

Source: Wenn/Breathe Heavy

New Britney Pictures!

New pictures of Britney shopping at an AT&T store. See them all here!

Source: Britney Experts

Brit & Adnan Back Together!

The following italicized article is taken from www.ok-magazine.com:

Even though Britney Spears appeared to be rid of her photographer beau Adnan Ghalib, OK! can exclusively confirm that the troubled singer has rekindled her romance with the former paparazzo.

Around 6:00pm PT, the pair were spotted leaving Taverna Tony's restaurant in the Cross Creek section of Malibu. Hand-in-hand, they jumped into Britney's white Mercedes and off down the coast back toward L.A., smooching all the while. Around 6:40pm PT, Brit and Adnan, whose wife recently reportedly filed for a separation, popped into a Pinkberry yogurt store in Beverly Hills.

Stay tuned as this story develops!

Source: OK Magazine

Britney Agrees to a Psychiatric Evaluation

The following italicized article is taken from: www.ok-magazine.com:

Britney Spears has called an emergency hearing for Wednesday morning at L.A. Superior Court. Court insiders say the embattled pop star has agreed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation (she has refused several times in the past) but only on the grounds that she be allowed to visit with her boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James during the evaluation. Brit is reportedly asking that the visitation be court supervised and that it take place in a "theraputic environment."

Meanwhile, as of 7:30 p.m. PT, Brit and Adnan have been holed up on the 8th floor of the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. Perhaps the pair were watching Adnan on TV.
This afternoon, Brit's boyfriend taped an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where he admitted that at the time of the taping, Britney was not aware he was doing the interview.

Even though Britney Spears appeared to be rid of her photographer beau Adnan Ghalib, OK! can exclusively confirm that the troubled singer has rekindled her romance with the former paparazzo.Around 6:00pm PT, the pair were spotted leaving Taverna Tony's restaurant in the Cross Creek section of Malibu. Hand-in-hand, they jumped into Britney's white Mercedes and off down the coast back toward L.A., smooching all the while. Around 6:40pm PT, Brit and Adnan, whose wife recently reportedly filed for a separation, popped into a Pinkberry yogurt store in Beverly Hills.

Source: OK Magazine

Britney and New Assitant Drive Around LA

The following italicized article is taken from: www.hollywood.tv:

It's a grey, rainy day in Hollywood today ... but that's not stopping Britney Spears from driving around. We happened to be in the same neighborhoods as she was today, and noticed that she seems to have a new assistant in the passenger seat.

What's her name, Brit?

Source: Hollywood.tv

Adnin Hits A Motorcycle! Brit Okay!

The following italicized article is from: www.x17online.com:

Britney's boy Adnan Ghalib, paparazzo/speed racer, hit a motorcycle today with Brit in the car, according to X17 photographers.

Adnan was driving Britney's white Mercedes SL, heading east on Sunset about 30 minutes ago in the mild LA rain when the accident occurred.

Apparently Adnan was passing the motorcycle on the right when he sideswiped the bike AND the man on it.

Adnan stopped the car, screamed at the guy, not even asking if the poor guy was okay, and then sped away!

more details coming ...

Source: X17

Britney and Adnan Together Again?!

The following italicized article is take from: www.x17online.com:
We hoped and prayed that the disaster called Britnan was finally over but it seems Britney and Adnan have reunited!

Adnan picked up Britney this afternoon around 5:30 pm at Taverna Tony's in Malibu and now they're on the road!
We'll keep you updated ...

Will Britney ever END this?!!!

Source: X17

Pardon Our Britney Interruption

The following italicized article is from www.tmz.com:

TMZ has learned Britney Spears will show up for tomorrow's custody hearing to fight for visitation with her two boys.

We're told the Sheriff's department has been alerted to her presence.

We'll be live streaming beginning at 7:30 AM PT.

Source: TMZ

Adnan's Wife Files for Separation!

The following italicized article is from www.tmz.com:

TMZ has learned Adnan Ghalib's wife has filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences.
AzLynn Berry filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court today, asking for legal separation effective January 18. The couple married in December 2003. Adnan tells TMZ it's not a big deal and calls it "purely procedural." "She's had the papers for a while," he tells us. "This is old." Coincidence that Brit came into his life recently? We think not.
Source: TMZ

Britney Headed Back To Court; Kaplan Says She's 'Not The Enemy'

The following italicized article is from www.accesshollywood.com:

It appears Britney Spears will be in court tomorrow – at least according to her pal Sam Lutfi.

Sam has told Access Hollywood Brit will indeed head to court on Wednesday.

She will reportedly go before the judge to ask for her visitation rights to be restored with her two boys – Sean Preston and Jayden James.

No word yet on whether Kevin Federline will be present at the Wednesday hearing.

On Monday, Britney showed up for her scheduled deposition with Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Accompanied by her lawyer, Tara Scott and Lutfi, Britney spent approximately two hours behind closed doors with Kaplan.

Following the deposition, Kaplan spoke with Access Hollywood about his session with the pop star.

“It's not a very enjoyable thing and nobody says, ‘God, I have nothing to do, let's go be deposed.’ But it was progress. It took a lot of time. It was slow going but hopefully there will be further sessions in order to complete what we have to discover,” Kaplan told Access.

And while Britney was at Kaplan’s offices for about two hours on Monday, the attorney told Access not all of that time was spent answering questions.

“I think there was probably about 45 minutes of actual cross-examination, which is better than fourteen minutes,” Kaplan noted, citing his last deposition with Britney, which she left after only 14 minutes.

Despite all her recent troubles and public exploits, Kevin’s camp is hopefully Britney will once again be part of her children’s lives.

“Well, that’s the hope and the expectation,” Kaplan revealed. “There are certain things that have to be done by her in order to make everyone comfortableĆ¢€¦ and to answer any unresolved questions so that we don't have to worry about anything that occurred a few weeks ago being something other than a [disgusting] eventĆ¢€¦ She is not the enemy. She is not being viewed as the enemy and what is being done, even though it may be unpopular with her, is to make sure that she can be a full participant going forward in the future.”

Last week, LA Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon extended the suspension of Britney's visitation rights when she failed to appear in court.

She eventually showed up, however, turned around and left before ever entering the building.

Source: Access Hollywood

The Adnan Ghalib Interview

The following italicized article is from www.etonline.com:

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: For the very first time, BRITNEY SPEARS' paparazzo boyfriend ADNAN GHALIB breaks his silence about his relationship with the singer to ET's THEA ANDREWS. The bombshell interview and Adnan's story begin on tonight's ET!

Source: ET Online

'Piece Of Me' #9 On TRL!

'Piece Of Me' has reached #9 on TRL! It's a start but she has to get to #1!

Vote here!

Source: Break The Ice

How To Win (& Lose) A Celeb Girlfriend

The following italicized article is from www.splashnewsonline.com:

Adnan Ghalib may be hiding from the paps and Britney (out of respect for a recent lost loved one), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a grilling for trying to trick Miss Spears! The poor girl is already in a spin, she doesn’t need an extra push!

Enjoy our comic strip, brought to you on behalf of our comic mistress Natasha

Source: Splash News Online

X17 Mash-Up: Brit's Best Weekend Moments Caught on Tape!

The following italicized article is from www.x17online.com:

Despite the difficult time she's been going through lately, Britney finally seems to be having fun in front of the cameras again!

We've put together some of her sillier moments over the weekend - from her Brit speak, to her impromptu yodeling and even her reaction to some zealous fans!

"You're better off homeless than being me, sir" - obviously she was cracking wise, but how hysterical was that?

Source: X17

Brit Going Back To Court

The following italicized article is from www.x17online.com:

X17 has confirmed that Britney and K-Fed (or at least their lawyers) will be back in court tomorrow, where the commissioner in her custody case will hear Brit's plea for monitored visitation.

According to TMZ, Brit's lawyers plan to ask for "visitation in a therapeutic setting", which, they surmise, is a "creative way" for her family to force her to seek help.

Additionally, they say Brit's been ordered to have a mental health evaluation (called a 730), which she has so far refused to participate in. It's unlikely if she continues to refuse the 730 that the court would allow her to regain visitation, even in a therapeutic setting.

X17 will bring you more details on this breaking story as soon as we have them!

Brit seems to have gotten serious about the process, let's hope she wins her bid for visitation!

Source: X17

George's Britney Surprise

The following italicized article is from www.pagesix.com:

January 3 was just an average day for George Clooney — until he came home and discovered that there was nothing ordinary about what was going on at his neighbors’ mansion.

"I just found out I live within, like, 300 or 400 yards from Britney Spears because I came home at 10 o'clock at night and there were all these helicopters over my house with these lights," George told Access Hollywood, referring to the infamous night when Britney engaged in an hours-long standoff that preceded her involuntary hospitalization.

Naturally, as anyone in their right mind would do, the newly Oscar-nominated star jumped to wild conclusions, deciding that all the hubbub was due to an escaped convict running through his Hollywood neighborhood. "I think, 'Someone's broken out of prison...' I get my baseball bat and I called up my assistant, who I thought was in my guesthouse." And, hilariously, George quickly came up with a code word to determine if his assistant was being held hostage by the escaped lunatic.

"I said, 'Are you OK? If there's someone in the place, say the word Stonehenge,' and she's like, 'What the f*** are you talking about?'" The truth eventually became clear to George, as did his only remaining option: "So now I have to move," he said.

Yeah, that might be for the best.

Source: Page Six

Midweek UK Chart Position!

In the miweek charts 'Piece Of Me' is currently at #6 in the UK!

Source: Break The Ice

Britney Spears Lover to Reveal All in Interview

The following italicized article is from www.transworldnews.com:

Britney Spears paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib is reportedly set to tell all in an upcoming TV interview. The photographer is set to reveal intimate details about the time he spent with the troubled pop star.

According to gossip blogger Perez Hilton, Ghalib is being paid a large amount of money to sit for the interview. “He’s getting paid a lot. And his interview will be stretched out over several days,” a source tells Hilton.

Ghalib and Spears allegedly ended their brief relationship recently. The 26-year-old is said to have taken out a retraining order on Ghalib.

Meanwhile, Spears sat for her deposition in her custody battle with Kevin Federline yesterday. The singer arrived at Federline’s lawyer’s office wearing jeans and a thin blue shirt but no bra. The deposition lasted more than 2 hours. Spears was expected to answer questions about anything that might affect her ability to care for her two sons.

Source: Transworld News

K-Fed Lawyer: Spears Deposition 'Gut-Wrenching'

The following italicized article is from www.people.com:

Britney Spears's deposition at the hands of Kevin Federline lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan has been an emotionally difficult experience that has only just begun, Kaplan tells PEOPLE.

"We are going over things that are very, very gut-wrenching," Kaplan said Monday night, speaking outside of Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood. He declined to discuss specifics of the questioning, but said, "Just to revisit them even in your own mind would not be pleasurable."

"It's not something anyone would enjoy," he says.

Spear has a spotty record with past deposition dates in the custody case, missing numerous appointments and sitting for only 14 minutes on Jan. 3. Kaplan is expected to be grilling Spears, 26, about past drug and alcohol use, her failure to comply with court orders and any other subject relating to her fitness as a parent.

After a meltdown and brief forced hospitalization, Spears lost visitation rights with sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1. Ex-husband Federline, 29, has sole legal and physical custody.

Even Monday's session was in doubt.

"She was about 50 minutes late," he says. "After an hour I would have been over it. I was prepared to terminate had she not showed at that time."

Spears was spotted biting her fingernails when arriving to Kaplan's Century City Plaza office. After spending more than two hours there, Spears appeared tense and lit up a cigarette behind the wheel of her Mercedes before driving through Beverly Hills listening to Madonna on the stereo.

The deposition on a national holiday Monday was booked after the shortened deposition on Jan. 3. The holiday booking was done to accommodate busy lawyer schedules, says Kaplan, and it "did dovetail into allowing this to be a low-profile appearance."

Kaplan says there will further depositions in the unspecified future, claiming that he has only worked through "2 percent" of his questions.

"There is a lot of work to be done," he says. But he adds he was heartened by the idea of even having the meeting in the first place. "She came for her deposition, that's great," says Kaplan. "Showing up is form over substance."

Source: People Magazine

Brit Wants What Judge Has Already Ordered

The following italicized article is from www.tmz.com:

TMZ has learned Commissioner Scott Gordon has repeatedly ordered Britney Spears to undergo a psychological evaluation but she has refused to comply.

We're told the Commish has issued multiple orders -- known as a 730 evaluation. Now, as we just reported, Brit's family and professionals have devised a plan to get her mental health help in a "creative way." But given his previous orders, the Commish may not be receptive, and almost certainly K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will object.

Evaluating bipolar disorder is a long process. If it's done pursuant to a 730 evaluation, the results are submitted to the court. If the Commish were to accept the alternative form of treatment, a doctor-patient privilege could prevent certain information from making its way to the court (unless the privilege is waived).

Here's the likely scenario based on what we're hearing: K-Fed (and probably the court) will not want Brit to bypass the 730 evaluation process. That could make it unlikely for Brit's lawyers to win a bid to regain visitation in a therapeutic setting.

We'll be live streaming video at the courthouse tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

Source: TMZ

Brit Wants Therapeutic Visitation

The following italicized article is from www.tmz.com:

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' lawyers will go to court tomorrow and ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to allow Brit "monitored visitation in a therapeutic setting.

"TMZ has learned Brit's family and professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to get Britney mental help. As TMZ first reported, Britney has some sort of bipolar disorder. We know the plan is not involuntary commitment -- under the law she's simply not a candidate. It's not voluntarily commitment either -- Brit has refused to do that. The family and professionals have devised a different way of getting her evaluated and hopefully treated.

But there's a rub, which we'll explain in the next post.

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Don't know if Brit and K-Fed will show, but it's certainly not out of the question.

Source: TMZ

Britney Spears' Snapper Beau Names His Price

The following italicized article is from www.entertainmentwise.com:

Britney Spears snapper boyfriend is cashing in on his fifteen minutes of fame, claim reports.

According to several news outlets, 35-year-old Ghalib – who was dumped by the Toxic singer following fears he was profiting from their relationship - is selling intimate photos and footage of their brief time together via Los Angeles-based agency Finalpixx

The report further claims that the 26-year-old will be “embarssed” over the latest footage that Adnan is attempting to sell for "hundreds of thousands" of dollars.

The news comes just hours after a tussled and tattered Spears gave a two-hour deposition in her ongoing custody battle with ex Kevin Federline.

Accompanied by gal-pal, Sam Lufti, the pop-star arrived at the Century City offices of Mark Vincent Kaplan at about 10:40 a.m.

The singer – who has dodged a string of appointments for the court-ordered cross examination with K-Fed’s attorney – was later spotted leaving at 1:30 p.m. with, according to a E! News source, “a blank look on her face.”

Source: Entertainment Wise

All The Britney's A Stage

The following italicized article is from www.pagesix.com:

BRITNEY Spears is in cahoots with the paparazzi to make sure her every move is chronicled on camera, a top snapper says. Lensman Alison Silva tells celebrity private eye Paul Barresi: "Britney is in on it. [She] calls the paparazzi before she goes out. We know 15 minutes before she leaves the house. It's all staged."

Silva adds that when four photographers were arrested last week for chasing the increasingly demented pop tart, "one of [them who] works for my company told me that Britney sent him a text message and said she was sorry. She tried to talk the cops into not arresting them . . . Money, fame, the excitement. It's part of her life." Barresi told Page Six that after reviewing footage of Spears with Adnan Ghalib, "[he] appeared to purposely position Britney in full view of fellow paparazzi to help them get the shot . . . It appeared that Britney is in on the sham." Barresi says if anti-paparazzi laws are ever enacted, celebs in cahoots with them should be just as liable. Spears' rep could not be reached.

Source: Page Six

With 28.66% Of The Sales Counted 'Blackout' Sells....

With 28.66% of the sales counted 'Blackout' sells 3,044 copies so far, this week, in the US alone comming in at #34!

Source: Break The Ice

'Piece Of Me' Continues To Rise On iTunes!

'Piece Of Me' continues to rise on iTunes and currently holds the #6 position!

Make her #1 by buying it here!

Source: Break The Ice


The following italicized article is from www.celebtv.com:

Paris Hilton opened up at the Sundance Film Festival about Nicole Richie's new baby girl, Harlow Winter Kate Madden, who was born last week.

"I'm so excited!" Hilton told Us magazine. "I've sent her all these presents. I'm going to spoil her!"

The socialite was at Sundance to promote her new movie, The Hottie and the Nottie. Hilton, 27, has not yet met Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's newborn girl, but she loves the name."

It's the coolest name ever," she told Us. "I'm like, 'That is the coolest name, oh my God!' I wouldn't even think she would have thought of that. It's a beautiful name.

"Hilton also spoke about Britney Spears and the way the media has portrayed the pop star.

"She's such a sweet girl," Hilton said. "When I'm alone with her, she's a completely different person than they make her out to be. And I love her, I think she's very sweet and has a big heart."

"She's amazing," Hilton told the magazine. "I just want her to be happy. I think everything's going to be OK."

Source: Celeb TV

Paris Defends Britney

The following italicized article is from www.ok-magazine.com:

Paris Hilton may be enjoying her time at Sundance, but she's still keeping tabs on all the drama happening back home. Topping today's list, of course, is Britney Spears' latest deposition.

Of her friendship with Brit, Paris says she still keeps in touch with her old party pal. "I talked to her a couple of days ago and she's doing well," the heiress reveals to The Insider.

"I wish people would just leave her alone. It's hard growing up with the media and everyone following her around. She's such a sweet girl. If people really knew her, they would know that. I love her so much."

The Insider caught up with Paris last night at the Sundance Film Festival, where the infamous blond is currently promoting her new film, The Hottie and the Nottie.

For the full story, tune into The Insider tonight. Check your local times.

Source: OK Magazine

Britney Betrayed!!!

The following italicized article is from www.perezhilton.com:

Things between Britney and her paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, went from sweet to sour very quickly. And Spears' "manager" - Osama Lutfi - is to blame, sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com.

"Sam viewed Adnan as a threat," an insider tells us.

Plus, Adnan was fucking up Sam's '$pecial relation$hip' with one photo agency?????

Now that things between Ghalib and Spears are OVER, the paparazzo is going back to doing what he does best: making money off of Britney.

Adnan's photo agency is selling pictures of text messages that Spears left Ghalib, PerezHilton.com has learned.

We've seen the contact sheet ourself that the Finalpixx is shopping around!

It's nothing too salacious. Brit Brit talks about missing Adnan and wanting to be a teacher.

But selling his private texts from Spears is not the only thing Ghalib has up his sleeves!

Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Adnan has just inked a deal with one of the entertainment TV shows in the U.S. to sell his story.
"He's getting paid a lot," an insider tells us. "And his interview will be stretched out over several days."

Milking it!

This is expected. We just can't wait until the day Britney and Osama have their eventual falling out.

He'll be the one to write the book!

Source: Perez Hilton

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