Monday, April 14, 2008

“Break The Ice” Single Released Today In The UK

The “Break The Ice” CD single was released today in the UK so don’t forget to buy it or download the single off iTunes or another legal download site.

Considering the #23 position in the singles chart based on downloads, I’m guessing Britney will just about make the top 10 this week.

Source: Britney Spy

Britney Spears Dines With Mom

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Britney Spears relaxed after her minor car accident with an intimate dinner with mom Lynne on Saturday night.

The two hit Dominick's Restaurant and sat in the second booth near the entrance.

"She was in a great mood, talking and laughing a lot!" an on-looker tells

Spears — who "comes in all the time," says the source — wore a flower dress and "was listening to her mother" talk.

"She was very passive," notes the on-looker. "You could tell that her mom really had control over the situation.

"It was a mom and daughter affair."

As first reported, the singer was involved in a minor accident at around 8:20 p.m. Saturday when her 2008 Mercedes struck a 2006 Nissan in front of her that had stopped on the eastbound Ventura Freeway. No one was injured.

A California Highway Patrol Officer took a report, but no one was cited.

Source: US Weekly

Mediabase Chart Update!

'Break The Ice' is currently at #29 on Mediabase with 2027 spins and 15.939 million listeners!

Click here to vote for it on your local radio station!

Source: Break The Ice

Britney Had Cosmetic Damage Before Crash

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Minutes before Britney Spears caused a three car crash on a Saturday night, she was driving the same way most women in L.A. do -- putting on her makeup behind the wheel!

TMZ spoke with the guy she hit, who says before the accident, he was admiring the white Mercedes and the woman putting on makeup while driving it. It wasn't until after she hit him at an estimated 10-15 MPH that he realized the woman was Britney. The man also says he wasn't sure if she was still putting on makeup at the time of the crash.

After the smash up, Britney's bodyguard apologized for the incident, but Britney never got around to doing the same. Brit and the 21-year-old crashee only exchanged a few words, but she did mention she was on the way to dinner with her mom.

As far as the field sobriety test is concerned, the crashee says officers performed the ol' "follow my finger test" on Brit. At first she was giggly, but she got real serious real quick. BTW -- she was the only person involved who was tested.

While no injuries were reported on the scene, the man claims that he woke up with a sore back this morning and is looking into booking an appointment with a chiropractor.

Source: TMZ

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