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More Details On Britney's GMA Performance Coming Soon

I will be giving you ALL the details you need for Britney's Good Morning America performance very soon. Like in a couple of days. Until then, STOP ASKING ME! (But I still love you.)


New Video Added On Widget Hints At Tour

American Music Awards 2008: Kevin Federline Fears for Britney Spears?

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Will her performance at the American Music Awards go well for Britney Spears or will the pressure get to her? A report from in Touch Magazine this week notes that Britney Spears may have her life back on track at the moment, but her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, worries that with her American Music Awards show appearances and the upcoming album release and spring tour, the pop star will be unable to handle the pressure.

Kevin knows how fragile she is and feels that she shouldn't be pursuing her career at the expense of her mental health and therefore at the expense of the kids," an insider reveals to In Touch. "He's asked her not to go so fast and has been sharing his concerns."

But according to the report Britney really wants their sons, Sean, 3, and Jayden, 2, to join her on her promotional tour in Europe in December. And so far, Kevin, 30, isn't causing trouble. "The boys may be able to go to Europe and she will comply with whatever the conditions are to make it happen," another insider says.

When Jayden was recently rushed to the hospital because of a reaction to something he are, Britney, 26, feared Kevin would be angry, but an insider says he doesn't blame her. "He wants her to be with her kids and is enjoying time alone for once," the insider says. "Everyone around her rally hopes the tour will work out."

Source: National Ledger

Mediabase Chart Update

Britney's new single 'Womanizer' is currently at #6 on Mediabase with 7180 spins and 59.8 est. million listeners!

Click here to vote for 'Womanizer' on your local radio station!

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Madonna Tries To Tempt Britney To Kabbalah

With her divorce settled, pop diva Madonna is focusing into converting more A-list stars to kabbalah, and her latest target is troubled singer Britney Spears.

The 50-year-old has already converted actress Gwyneth Paltrow to the controversial Jewish-based faith that she follows. Now she is attempting, for a second time, to persuade Britney to follow suit, reports said.

Madonna's friendship with Spears ended when the troubled singer announced after the birth of her second son, Jayden James: "I no longer study kabbalah. My baby is my religion."

But once again Madonna has rekindled her friendship with Spears.

"Madonna is determined she can get Spears back into kabbalah. She has offered her a suite of rooms at her apartment in New York and has told her that she is her surrogate mother. Spears used to wear the red kabbalah bracelet and read the books Madonna gave her and she is thinking about giving it another chance."

However, Spears' spokesman neither confirmed or denied the news.

"Spears wouldn't really comment on that, it's just a case of wait and see what happens," said the spokesperson.

Madonna also apparently plans to take her new friend, baseball star Alex Rodriguez, and Spears to Malawi next year in the hope they will make donations to the kabbalah centre she has set up there.

Source: NDTV Music

Britney's Circus Is A Ring Masterpiece

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PLAYLIST has had a world exclusive listen to Britney Spears’ new album Circus.

I am the first journalist to hear the record, out on December 1, in full and I am thrilled to report the pop princess is on startling good form.

The 26-year-old explained the title, saying: “It’s me as an entertainer, and what I do, and what I bring to a show is basically like a circus.

“I bring costumes and fun theatrical things that make people just look in awe and everything tells a story on stage and makes people want to watch it more.”

Here is my track-by-track rundown. Watch out for Brit’s performance on The X Factor on November 29.


Ace synth-tastic slice of electro-pop. The lead single follows on nicely from Britney’s Blackout album.


Britney’s next single observes that: “There are two types of people in this world, those that entertain and those that observe.” With a wall-of-sound chorus being as glam as a Kylie corset it’s easy to see which box she ticks. A true funfair.


The more up-tempo of two ballads, but still stock-pile the tissues as its Brit’s answer to Daniel Bedingfield’s If You’re Not The One. A pain-driven ditty about an unsalvageable relationship.


An introduction announces Britters as the “Queen Of Pop”. This is a follow-on from previous single Piece Of Me, where she gets revenge on paps. Brit teases: “Make sure you catch me on my good side – pick one.” This attitude-infused floor-twirler has serious single potential.


Another cheating fella, another track that sees more questions being asked than Mastermind. Brit does her best bunny-boiler impressions declaring: “My face is going to haunt you all the time.” Featuring an *NSYNC Pop undercurrent, the vocals break up towards the end thanks to a knob-twiddling wizard.


This is a Brit naughty. Prepare for a cold shower as this is her raunchiest tune yet. Featuring big “la la” hooks as an intro, it’s reminiscent of Pink’s So What. A carnival-esque chorus features cheeky giggles and naughty wordplay.


A mid-tempo disco track about angels.


A saucy tale of trying to remember a night of passion.


A retro feel and Gwen Stefani-like rap segments equals yet another killer tune. Brit squeals her love for a sugar daddy while slowing the rhythm down to bizarrely declare: “I’m mammi/And that makes you Papi/And that makes us luvvi.”


Every male fantasy is fulfiled when Britney transforms into a real-life Barbie to demand you wash and dress her. Drops down to an instrumental section midway.


This is vintage Madonna and name-checking red lips and cotton candy kisses ensures it’s hotter than Brit’s Oops I Did It Again catsuit.


The ode to sons Jayden and Sean is an eye-watering morsel. Sweet vocals trill over ivory-tinkling and acoustic guitar as Britney sings about: “Precious love”. Sob.


Electro number featured on Blackout and, like chocolate pud, is a delicious second helping.

Source: Daily Star

Thanx BritLover.

Britney Set For 10 Gigs In The UK

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Britney Spears is to make her UK comeback next summer with a spectacular tour.

She will unveil her concert plans just before performing her new single Womanizer on next Saturday's X Factor.

The song - already a chart-topper in the US - is set to storm our charts when it is released tomorrow.

And her new album Circus comes out a week later - the day before her 27th birthday.

Cry A source said: "She is so excited about performing on X Factor because it will prove she's back on form.

"It makes perfect sense to reveal her tour plans at the same time."

The UK leg on her multimillion-pound world tour includes TEN dates at the 02 Arena in London as well as concerts in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow. Brit - who won two MTV Europe music awards earlier this month - will also play Dublin and a string of major cities on the Continent.

It's all a far cry from 18 months ago when Brit ran amok after losing custody of her sons Sean, three, and Jayden, two, to ex-hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE, 30.

The singer shaved off her blonde hair, was hospitalised twice and made headlines round the world by attacking a photographer's car with an umbrella.

But now she's set to reclaim her "princess of pop" crown.

Our source said: "There is no doubt about it - Britney is back.

"And she is hoping the new tour will erase the bad memories of her last one when she lip-synched the whole thing."

Source: The People

Britney and Miley join in the fun!

At last, it's here! Start counting the days, Britney Spears will be live in The X Factor studios one week from today.

Britney jets into Britain to perform on the UK's biggest and best entertainment show... and she'll perform here for you, the X Factor fans, before she does anything else!

We welcome Britney to The X Factor family and easing her into our quaint British ways will be X Factor's own creative director, Brian Friedman. He's been Britney's choreographer for years, so you can be sure she'll be throwing some signature moves.

What's more, we've more hot news - teen queen Miley Cyrus is on the show too, rocking out on stage just for you.

You may know Miley best as Disney's Hannah Montana but she's here performing the single 7 Things from her Breakout album... so next week is shaping up to be amazing good!

Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears will appear on The X Factor as we celebrate all things all-American. There may be just five contestants left, but with two tunes to sing each ( one Britney song and one American classic).

And as we up the ante approaching the most important stage in the show, the judges will no longer choose between the bottom two to oust their least favourite contestant. From now on, it's 100% up to you.

All in all, there will be lots of reasons to look out your stars and stripes and head down to the ho-down, right here on the X Factor stage!

Source: X-Factor

Britney's Busy Day

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After Britney Spears left Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday, she headed home with her entourage, and of course, her father Jamie. We know Brit's not a fan of the paps anymore, but you'd think she would be a little bit happier than this! I mean, she's got an album coming out, a comeback tour, numerous TV appearances, and she's looking fantastic, so what's there to be miffed about?

Brit stayed at home for about an hour, and then she headed to the International Dance Academy in Hollywood. The pop princess has really been busting her butt lately, so we're definitely eager to check out her new dance moves!

See more pics here!

Source: X17

'For The Record' Promotional Photo


New "Circus" Promotional Poster

Britney Confirmed For X-Factor


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