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Jamie Lynn Spears Planning a Wedding, Britney Spears Ready for Louisiana Trip

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Britney Spears is said to be ready to travel to Louisiana again as soon as her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears is ready for her big wedding day where she will marry her baby daddy Casey Aldridge. Britney Spears made the flight when Jamie Lynn was giving birth to her first baby but big sis Britney was in and out of her hometown quickly. When will she return for the wedding?

It should be this fall but there is a bit of trouble according to a report this week from In Touch. The magazine reports that while Jamie Lynn is still busy planning her dream wedding near her hometown in Louisiana, her fiancé Casey Aldridge is less enthusiastic.

Lots of photos here from the Gossip Girls of Jamie as she makes her way around town showing off her post baby body. But is Casey interested? He might be interested in Jamie Lynn's body but the report claims he is not as happy about the upcoming marriage.

"He's shown very little interest and when he does get involved, it usually ends up in a fight," an insider reveals. Although Jamie Lynn is hurt, and angry about Casey's indifference, "She is planning to marry him, even if she has to drag him down the aisle," the insider says. "She wants to give her daughter a proper name."

The magazine claims that Jamie Lynn had hoped to get married before Maddie's birth. "She didn't want to have a baby out of wedlock, but Casey persuaded her to wait," and insider says. Another source says that Casey wants his freedom. "The reality of settling down at such a young age doesn't thrill Casey," his friend says. "But he doesn't feel he has much of a choice."

Source: National Ledger

Britney Bounces Back with Her Boys

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Britney Spears appeared in Bel Air yesterday -- and the popwreck was all smiles during her visitation with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

With Grandpa Jamie there too, it seems hospital observations and barefoot bathroom runs are now a thing of the past.

Source: TMZ

Britney Parties With The Boys

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Britney Spears may have granted custody of her two young sons to Kevin - but that just makes her treasure the moments she gets with her boys all the more!

We caught a quick glimpse of Britney and her father Jamie (as well as her agent Jason Trawick) carrying Jayden and Sean Preston out to the car on their way home from a garden party yesterday afternoon. Check out the big, beautiful smile Britney was sporting as she held Jayden in her arms - isn't it wonderful to see Brit looking so happy? We sure hope the court notices - after all, as her attorney said, there's no such thing as a permanent custody agreement!

When Brit's happy, we're happy!

See more pics here!

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Britney Spears Shows Off Her Hawt Bod

Yesterday we got our first look at the first promo image for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards that features our dear Britney Spears along with VMAs host Russell Brand and a 900 lb. elephant (in the room) which immediately got everyone (me included) all jazzed at the prospect that Britney might be making a return to the VMAs stage to redeem herself. Speculation seems pretty convinced that she will be making a triumphant return to the VMAs stage next month, I personally am just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best (she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it). Here are a few new pics of Brit Brit rockin’ a hot bikini yesterday here in SoCal:
She really does look amazing again … she has been lookin’ this good for months now. I will continue to proclaim just how pleased I am at how well Britney has been doing these past few amazing months. She’s on task, ready for action and ready to reclaim her throne atop the pop music scene … I can feel it :) She is such a far cry from where she was around this time last year … and she’s gonna just keep gettin’ better — you’ll see.

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Danja And Jim Beanz Working With Britney Right Now

Danja is currently in L.A. right now penning / producing songs for Britney with producer Jim Beanz.

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Timbaland Not Producing For Upcoming Album

A lot can happen in 5 days. Since Taio Cruz made his statement about who was working with Britney Spears on her new album, Kanye West has denied the collaboration and we can now also confirm that Timbaland not be working with Spears either.

So who got it wrong Cruz or the media? But at this point who cares.

Source: The Thomas Crown Chronicles

New VMA Promo Outtake

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Britney Spears: Time With Her Kids, Dad

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Still on the constant rise in her personal and professional life, Britney Spears was spotted spending some quality time with her boys and father on Friday afternoon (August 8).

The “Gimme More” songstress along with Sean Preston, Jayden James and Papa Jamie Spears were all out and about in Bel Air visiting some friends and enjoying the beautiful weather.

For the upcoming 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Miss Spears has joined forces with this year’s host Russell Brand, Rapper LL Cool J, and Pete Wentz to film a hilarious promotional video.

In the spot, Britney and Brand banter back and forth, with Russell telling the “Piece of Me” singer that he feels some sexual tension between them, and Spears claiming she doesn’t know who he is. At one point she even calls him ‘Russell Brown.’

Source: Celebrity Gossip

Britney Spears Lands Her Own TV Show

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Britney Spears is to return to TV screens in a new fly-on-the-wall documentary.

The singer is said to have ordered her team to film her every move for the show.

‘Britney’s bodyguards and staff have been told not to miss a thing,’ a source tells the News Of The World.

‘Whether Britney is high or low, feeling happy or sad, the cameras are there catching it all.’

Britney, 26, recently wowed US audiences on sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Source: Now Magazine

Britney Wants Sons To Meet Maddie

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Our photogs got pictures of Britney Spears, along with her two sons and parents, visiting a powerful Beverly Hills laywer in Bel Air, CA this afternoon. Sources tell us that the family is in the works to get the two boys permission to leave town with Britney to see sister Jamie Lynn and have the boys meet their cousin Maddie Briann. Brit and ex-husband Kevin Federline just settled their custody issues two weeks ago, with Britney getting more visitation time with her kids, but Kevin maintaining sole custody. Let’s hope Brit gets the chance to take her boys to see their new cousin.

See more pics here!

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Britney In A Bikini

Check out Britney in a bikni after her meeting with her lawyer this afternoon.

Source: Piece Of Britney

Britney At Meeting With Attorney In Bel Air

Photogs caught Britney, along with sons Sean Preston & Jayden James, security, tv agent Jason Trawick, and father Jamie, meeting with a high powered attorney this afternoon in Bel Air, California. Sources say that the family is in the works to get the two boys permission to leave town with Britney to see sister Jamie Lynn and have the boys meet their cousin Maddie Brianne.

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Vote "Video Of The Year" At VMAs

Two nominations so far, let's get Britney her third VMA nom! Britney's video for "Piece of Me" is up for the "Video of the Year" award

!You've got until Wednesday (August 13) to make your selection for Video Of The Year and then on Friday (August 15) MTV will announce which videos made the final cut. OH and you must be a registered user of to vote.


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