Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Britney Shows ET Her Favorite Candie's Underwear

Source: ET Online

First Look at Candie's Ad

Check out the Candie's promotional poster for Britney's spring Candie's campaign released today!

Britney is featured in Candie's apparel, footwear, swimwear, intimates and accessories available exclusively at Kohl's. Britney showed ET her favorite Candie's underwear, and says: "I had so much fun shooting the Candies for Kohl's campaign. My favorite set-up was against the gigantic wall of pink cotton candy."

A full size, limited edition, pull-out poster will appear exclusively in the April 15th issue of Us Weekly Magazine.

Source: BritneySpears.com

Dad Jamie Spears' Away And Oops, Britney Spears Does It Again

The following italicized article is from www.nydailynews.com:

When her daddy’s away, Britney Spears plays ... and how.

The pop star found an on-tour playmate in a hunky 21-year-old backup dancer while father Jamie was tending to business in L.A. late this month. According to a well-placed tour source, Britney’s relationship with the hoofer was not that innocent.

“Britney was a bad girl,” says our insider. “Literally as soon as her dad left, she started getting cozy with a dancer named Gio. It wasn’t serious. They had a few romantic interludes, and she bought him a few things — a pair of shoes and some clothes — even though she’s on an allowance.”

But now that Jamie’s back with the “Circus” tour and casting a watchful eye over his daughter again, Brit’s romance has cooled. “Britney was definitely getting jiggy there for a hot minute, but they’ve slowed down since Jamie got back in the picture,” says the insider. “It’s basically over now.”

Source: NY Daily News


Britney's Dressing Room Art

This is the piece by Mr. Brainwash that hangs in Britney's dressing room at every venue! Mr. Brainwash, a Los Angeles-based French artist and one of California's most prolific street artists, has created a number of Britney and Madonna-inspired pieces. Take a look through the gallery to see Mr Brainwash's screen prints.

See more pics here!

Source: BritneySpears.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

Britney Spears Fans Get Their First Taste Of Candie’s Ads

The following italicized article is from www.mtv.com:

Remember when Jenny McCarthy posed on the toilet for Candie’s? Or the time that Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath made out with a lady in the bathroom in his ads for the brand? Now, Britney Spears is following in the time-honored, sugary footsteps of other Candie’s spokesmodels — who also include Fergie, Hayden Panettiere and Hilary Duff — and fans will get their first taste of her spring 2009 campaign for the brand on April 15 in a full-size poster available exclusively in Us Weekly.

According to a press release, the ads for the teen-centric clothing line will feature a collage of celebrity photographer Mark Liddell’s color and black-and-white snapshots of Britney, who is no stranger to posing in skimpy outfits. Earlier this month on BritneySpears.com, Britney gave fans a sneak peek of the shoot, in which she mugged for the camera in a sports bra and panties, a leopard-print crop-top and a plaid dress.

“My favorite set-up was against the gigantic wall of pink cotton candy,” Britney said in a statement about the campaign. Unlike many of the other past campaigns which have taken place in a bathroom setting, no word if there will be any toilets involved in Brit’s ads.

Source: MTV

Britney Spears' Fans Say: Don't Call It A Comeback!

The following italicized article is from www.mtv.com:

Britney Spears has had more than her share of ups and downs over the past few years. But with a successful new album, Circus, and a nationwide tour packing in crowds all across the country, she's definitely back on top.

However, some of her die-hard supporters beg to differ -- because they insist she never went away in the first place! Before and after Britney's Pittsburgh concert on Friday, most fans agreed, comeback or not, Spears was on top of her game.

"I don't think she ever went away," said 21-year-old Hugh Stumpp. "She's on top of the world right now and she's continued to grow and it's great."

"Her huge tour comeback just shows how great of an artist she really is and shows how she can bounce back from anything," added 20-year-old Steve Delong.

As fans left the show donning their handmade "It's Britney, B---h" T-shirts and replicas of her famous music-video looks, it was quite obvious that these supporters had never left Britney's side.

"Everyone just goes through a rough patch," said Danielle DeRuschi, 20. "If you like her you stand up for her and you just follow her through the end."

Über fan Natalie Nilon, 27, was ecstatic that Spears was back on top, but she did notice that one aspect of the old Britney was missing.

"When she first came out a long time ago, she talked a lot more and she interacted more with the crowd," Nilon said. "I just wanted to hear more from her because, you know, it was her chance to talk. But it was still good to hear her say, 'What's up, Pittsburgh!' "

Lori Barker, 29, who donned a replica of Spears' sexy stewardess ensemble from the "Toxic" video, also had one minor request for the singer on her next tour.

"Take me backstage!" Barker cried.

She's probably not the only one wishing for that.

Source: MTV

Britney's Pants Day Off In LA

The following italicized article is from www.thesun.co.uk:

BRITNEY SPEARS is clearly reaping the physical benefits of her gruelling dance routines.

And the pop babe was happy to show the world, as she headed out in LA yesterday wearing a pair of tight denim hotpants to emphasise her toned legs.

On a rare day off from her Circus world tour, Britney – clutching a frappuccino in one hand and a water in the other – also turned heads in a backless top.

It proves that her best days aren't behind her...

Source: The Sun

New Candies Ad

Worldwide 'If U Seek Amy' iTunes Positions

United Sates - #12
Australia - #12
New Zeeland - #13
Canada - #17
Ireland - #21
France - #34
Denmark - #51
Austria - #53
United Kingdom - #64
The Netherlands - #77
Norway - #83
Germany - #85

Source: Break The Ice

New Message From Britney

#2 on Twitter people!!! You guys continue to make me SOOO happy! I truly have the best fans on the planet! CAN'T WAIT for TEXAS tomorrow... -Brit.

Source: BritneySpears.com

If you still aren't following Britney on Twitter then do so now by clicking here, it's free y'all!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update: 'If U Seek Amy' Enters UK iTunes

Britney's new single 'If U Seek Amy' entered the UK iTunes at #96 late Friday evening.

Since then it has continued to rise and is currently at #64, which is a new peak position for 'Amy'.

Click here to purchase 'If U Seek Amy' on the UK iTunes!

Source: Britney Addiction/Break The Ice

For The Record: Pre-Show

Thanx Ana!

Britney Spears' Circus Tour Wows Pittsburgh

The following italicized article is from www.mtv.com:

A stampede of young women has stormed the Mellon Arena.

Dressed in their Friday-night best, excited young fans, largely ranging from ages 13 to 30, are buzzing throughout the halls of the venue. Groups of friends are huddled together, laughing; mothers and daughters are walking hand in hand. Then, a single drumbeat brings the crowd to attention — and immediately sends them into a frenzy. Girls in high heels sprint in all directions; the long line of women waiting to use the restroom dissipates in about 10 seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen, Britney Spears is about to take the stage.

Of course, Britney needed no introduction here. From the minute the tape of her ringmaster — celebrity blogger Perez Hilton — appeared on the jumbo screen, fans were on their feet, filling the arena with deafening screams. All of their hard work — making homemade Britney T-shirts and necklaces, memorizing lyrics, mastering dance moves — was validated when the pop
princess descended onto the stage from a suspended metal balcony and began to sing "Circus." And what a circus it was!

After the opening number — which included an elaborate team of dancers, clowns, and acrobats — Spears ditched her red ringmaster's coat and morphed into a sexy cage dancer for "Piece of Me."

All eyes were on the pop star as she changed into sparkly and sexy outfits throughout the show, which featured a similar format and costumes from earlier shows in the tour. Britney was a veiled princess for a Bollywood-inspired version of "Me Against the Music," a temptress in an S&M style bodysuit adorned with black tassels, and a sexy sergeant in a tight corset worn over a blue police shirt for the "Womanizer" finale. And judging from the screams after each costume change, her Pittsburgh fans didn't mind a little skin.

Despite the success of Spears' latest album, Circus, the songs that got the most love were classics like "Toxic" and a revamped version of "...Baby One More Time." Even the phrase "It's Britney, b—-h," which was included during a musical segue, got an overwhelming reaction. And of course, fans raved when Spears spoke to them before singing "Everytime" while perched on an umbrella above the stage.

A video montage covering a decade of iconic Britney music-video images that played before the finale also got a big reaction from the crowd — leaving no doubt that this crowd truly believes that Britney is back (if she ever went away!).

Source: MTV

New Britney Magazine!

Heads up, Britney fans! There's a brand new fan magazine called "Blackout"!

This is definitely a treat for us Britney fans - with news, reviews and loads of pictures! Its new, its edgy, its epic. The first issue contains 18 Pages packed with loads of goodies!


Sources: Blackout / Joel the Legendary / Break The Ice

Mediabase Chart Update

Britney's new single 'If U Seek Amy' is currently at #18 on Mediabase with 3717 spins and 29.3 est. million listeners!

Click here to vote for 'If U Seek Amy' on your local radio station!

Source: Break The Ice

"Circus" Tops Charts In Asia!

Source: Break The Ice

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Britney Spears Parties in Pittsburgh

The following italicized article is from www.justjared.com:

Britney Spears tosses her hair as she rocks out at a performance in Pittsburgh, Penn. on Friday night (March 27).

Also pictured below is Brit-Brit performing her heart out for fans at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.

See more pics here!

Source: Just Jared

Britney Spears: No Red Bull, No Alcohol at Mad Mex (But Lots of Guac!)

The following italicized article is from www.celebbuzz.com:

While her contracted road crew can be overly rowdy, the rest of Britney Spears' tour team are quite the sober, well-behaved bunch.

Spears and her entourage of 20 hit Mad Mex in the Pittsburgh suburb of North Hills on Thursday night for a completely pleasant two and a half hour meal.

The only caveat laid out in advance by Britney's team: no Red Bull and no alcohol were to be offered to the table. That, and no flash photography.

The meal came the evening after two road crew members had been arrested by Pittsburgh police, which followed a statement from Britney's camp saying the roadies had been dismissed and that Spears' camp would "not tolerate this type of behavior."

"This meal was a really low-key encounter," says manager Matthew Salopek.

Britney rolled up in an SUV limo all dinner-casual—in jeans along with a green and white striped shirt.

Moments later the rest of the tour players showed up for the low-key meal. With a table for Britney's crew, one for her dancers and a separate table for security, the group dined on nachos, burritos and guacamole. Lots of the guac. "They kept commenting that it was a lot like West Coast guac and asking for more," says Salopek. "We brought tons." For beverages the group had only soda and water per previous orders.

Britney Spears had the nachos grande plate "which is a meal onto itself. She was in a good mood—smiling and talking."

As word leaked out about the superstar's presence, more and more locals started to find their way into the restaurant. However, the Brit-group was left to itself, no doubt due to the three security guards working the room. "They were unassuming but a presence," says Salopek.

"One of the guys was really big."

"No one went up to them. People in the restaurant seemed to take the whole thing in stride."

And the major celebrity was pretty great as well. "I've worked with far-lesser stars who were a much greater pain," says Salopek. "They were really low-key and it was just nice to have them."

"And they tipped well."

Indeed, after their meal was done, Britney made a quick exit with a smile and a simple good-bye.

"Other than the security guard, and one huge international star," says Salopek, "it was really was a run-of-the-mill evening."

Source: Celeb Buzz

Britney Delivers As Ringmaster Of Circus Tour Spectacle

The following italicized article is from www.post-gazette.com:

All those crazy things Britney Spears has done in the past three years ... they've only made her fans love her more, judging by the deafening chants of "Brit-ney! Brit-ney!" before and after she took center ring last night at the Mellon Arena.

Since she was a teen, we've watched Britney rise and fall, and repeat, and now her star is burning bright again, with a No. 1 single and what might be the biggest spectacle any pop artist has put on a touring stage.

The money saved on silly little things like live musicians has been put to grand use in a Cirque-style production with dozens of dazzling acrobats, dancers, ninjas, clowns and strong men, and circus train full of props to lock up and unleash the star.

There were no malfunctions, wardrobe or otherwise, in the Pittsburgh show. And Britney, with a head full of hair, or a fantastic wig, looked radiant and in charge as ringmaster and seductress. Each song was choreographed like a video, ranging from the S&M scene of "Circus" to the lush Bollywood of "Me Against the Music" to the Phantom of the Opera look of "Freakshow."

Britney wore a headset mike, but there was little need to. It was all clearly piped in. The only time when the vocals seemed even remotely live was on the one ballad, "Everytime." Unlike old pal Christina Aguilera, who had her own circus, Ms. Spears sings these songs once in the studio -- with much help from auto-tune -- and the rest is smoke and mirrors.

Still, the demands on her were impressive in this circus: Along with the dancing and running in heels, she spun from ropes, disappeared in trap doors and executed lightning-quick costume changes, starting with the ringmaster suit and peaking with a sheer, tattooed body suit on "Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand."

When she played here earlier in the decade, people would complain if it got too suggestive. Now the only boundaries are legal ones, as the girls who were screaming back then for "... Baby One More Time" are grown up and back with their boyfriends and girlfriends rather than their moms.

Last night, they got more of an interpretation of the songs than a performance of them. But they still got their money's worth. If there were an awards ceremony for tours, the "Circus" tour would be a leading contender for choreography, costumes, stunts, props and visual effects.

The Pussycat Dolls opened with a no-frills, 45-minute set pumped with piped-in music, aerobic dancing and the stunning presence of lead Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Source: Post Gazette

Billboard Reviews 'If U Seek Amy'

The following italicized article is from www.billboard.com:

Britney Spears reunites with the man behind her first hits (". . . Baby One More Time," "Oops! . . . I Did It Again") for another slice of indisputable pop mojo. While the title and chorus have stirred up a bit of controversy, warranting the label to service radio with a tamer "If U See Amy," Spears has certainly proved that she can rise above any negative press. Besides a sensationalistic lyric that does seem to be built around an excuse tospell out the similar-sounding letters in the title, everything else is Max Martin and Spears at their best: astomping dancefloor beat with building synthsprodding the song along andthe singer sounding like she's having a blast being the bad girl. While previous singles were instant top five successes based on first-week digital sales before the release of "Circus," "Amy" is moving up the old-fashioned way, with rising airplay and sales, showing the makings of a true hit.

Source: Billboard

Videos From Last Night's Show

Friday, March 27, 2009

Team Spears Takes on Fan Site

The following italicized article is from www.celebbuzz.com:

It's the battle of superstar's camp versus the superfan. And right now everyone is breathing heavy.

Lawyers for Jamie Spears, who serves as conservator for daughter Britney Spears, are threatening Spears' unofficial fan site BreatheHeavy.com with a legal injunction for allegedly infringing on copyrights related to the Circus singer and unfairly profiting off of her, according to the site's owner, Jordan Miller.

As a result, Miller claims on his website that "Jamie Spears' lawyers (are) pressuring me to close Breatheheavy.com by 3 p.m. PST today."

Miller has followed up with a breathless appeal for help to his fans under the heading "Breatheheavy.com forced to close."

"This conservatorship Britney is placed under, which controls every aspect of her life, is now clenching the future of her biggest Fansite," Miller writes.
"I’m prepared to fight."

Rather than money, Miller claims the real issue is that he has continued to criticize Jamie Spears. In the post he says that Jamie "is desperarely trying to hide the truth about Britney's imprisonment, and shut anyone up who disagrees."

Miller claims that Jamie Spears told him in a phone conversation "I will destroy your ass."

While a rep for Spears did not immediately return calls for comment, a source in Britney's camp tells Celebuzz that this action against Miller is "not about a personal thing. It's about copyright infringement. He's not respectful of copyright."

The source adds that Breatheheavy.com has also featured "mean and deragatory" statements against Jamie Spears.

Miller claims he doesn't profit — in fact he loses money — on the website. He additionally wants his readers to help pay for the website "since I am no longer allowed to run ads." He lists the price tag at $350 a month and features a paypal section to make payments.

As Miller says in his sign-off on the website: "This is not the end."

Source: Celeb Buzz

Britney Spears To Join Michael Jackson On Stage?

The following italicized article is from www.entertainmentwise.com:

Britney Spears and Michael Jackson look set to make sweet music together at the king of pop's sold out London shows, it's claimed.

The Beat It star – who begins a year long string of shows dubbed This Is It in July – has reportedly invited Britney to join him on stage for a handful of performances in 2009 and in 2010 when his “final curtain call” comes to an end.

A source tells The London Paper, "Michael knows that stretching out all those shows and keeping it fresh is going to be hard, and one way to do this is to collaborate with some other big stars that he admires.

"The idea would be for them to do five dates each with him. As well as Britney and Justin, he's in talks with producer Timbaland about doing some of the dates too."

Meanwhile, Jacko who was forced to sell the Neverland mansion in 2005 to cover his legal costs, is certain to pocket huge revenues from his shows, which could also lead to single releases and a film.

Randy Phillips of concert promoters AEG says that Michael could rake in millions: "If we complete the full three-and-a-half year plan, he could gross over $400 million in that time. London could be north of $50 million."

Source: Entertainment Wise

Britney Delivers

The following italicized article is from www.nyulocal.com:

So, my spring break was rather uneventful. I spent most of it eating cookies in my bed at home and watching Project Runway Canada on YouTube (Go Biffi!). But it didn’t matter to me that I wasn’t sunning in Miami or frolicking with Euro cuties in Berlin, because on Monday March 16th I experienced the musical equivalent of multiple orgasms. I had the pleasure of watching my idol, Britney Spears, shimmy, shake, lip synch, and be an all-around goddess for just under two hours at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. That’s right, I attended The Circus starring Britney Spears.

My $50 seats put me in, literally, the last row next to a six year old and her mother (I hope she covered her daughters’ eyes during” Touch Of My Hand,” Brit’s ode to loving onself) and several drunk BFFs who kept whipping out their camera phones as if they had any chance of capturing a pic of Brit from what seemed like miles and miles away. None of this mattered. My focus was 100% on the shining queen of pop culture-dom strutting far below me. And she fucking delivered.

Blonde extensions blowing in the artificial wind, hips grinding as if possessed by Elvis himself, Britney completely owned the circus ring styled stage. Her dancing was on point –nothing like the lethargic disaster of VMAs 07 or even her sub-par Circus promotional appearances. She “sang” songs ranging from her classics to the just-released If You Seek Amy during which she playfully bopped nearly naked male dancers on the head with an enormous pink hammer ala Whak-A-Mole (not quite a Circus attraction, but it worked nonetheless). Many of Brit’s critics question her choice to lip-synch through the entire show. To them I say: do you really want to hear our girl huffing and puffing through “Toxic”? I don’t think so. Britney’s strength was never in her girly pipes, but in her pull as an all-around entertainer.

Highlights included show opener “Circus” during which Brit descended from the ceiling in a golden hoop, wearing a sexy ringleader costume and a massive lion headdress, as well as classics “Toxic” and “Baby One More Time.” The hands-down showstopper, though, was definitely my personal favorite Britney cut, “I’m A Slave 4 U,” where we got to see our girl break loose on the dance floor with an extended dance break that included much of the original smoking hot choreography from the soft-core porn music video.

The set ended with an encore of “Womanizer,” with Brit decked out in full police woman gear (a bit incongruous with the Circus theme…at least the Circuses I’ve been to). She exited amidst a flurry of sparkly confetti, waving goodnight and retreating out of the stadium skipping like a little girl. Looking around at the truly colossal sold out crowd screaming in hysterics for the singer, I could suddenly understand why Spears became so unhinged. It would take a mind much stronger than mine to resist being somehow altered by the sheer enormity of the fandom. Experiencing it live night after night all around the world undoubtedly addled more than a few of Brit’s brain cells. I guess that’s why she has to go through life like a karate kid.

Source: NYU Local

Britney Releases Statement Regarding Arrested Crew

Last night two employees of a company contracted to provide equipment for The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour were arrested in Pittsburgh, PA. However, neither of the men involved are employees of the tour or Ms. Spears. The two individuals have since been dismissed by their employer. The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour does not support or tolerate this type of behavior.

Source: BritneySpears.com

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congressman Attends Britney Spears Concert Instead Of Obama Press Conference!

The following italicized article is from www.accesshollywood.com:

One congressman voted for Britney Spears on Tuesday night.

Washington, D.C. gossip blog Wonkette reported on Wednesday that House Republican Whip Eric Cantor spent the evening at the pop princess’ concert at the Verizon Center, rather than watching President Barack Obama’s press conference.

In a statement to Wonkette, the congressman’s office called it “a bipartisan night” and noted that Democrats had joined him at the show.

“I had a political event there, and it was simply because it was there to help the team, that’s why I was there,” Cantor told CNN on Thursday, noting that he’d been there for a fundraiser.

But working for his party wasn’t the only reason the congressman took a night out.

“I hand it to the performer, she was something,” he told CNN.

Source: Access Hollywood

Britney Spears Reschedules March 26th Mohegan Sun Date

Britney Spears announced that she has rescheduled her March 26th Mohegan Sun Arena show for Sunday, May 3rd. The reschedule is due to the grand size of the show’s production, including a 360˚ stage, acrobatic apparatus and intense visual effects. The current tour routing for the Mohegan Sun date does not allow enough time for travel and the needed production set-up time. Her highly-anticipated The Circus Starring Britney Spears 2009 Tour will be playing Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd. Saturday’s show begins at 8:00pm and Sunday’s show begins at 7:30pm.

Ticket holders are advised to retain their tickets for the Thursday, March 26th show as they will be honored on the rescheduled date of Sunday, May 3rd. Refunds are available at the point of purchase.

Source: Newsroom

Britney Spears Crew Members Arrested After South Side Scuffle

The following italicized article is from www.wpxi.com:

Two men were arrested Wednesday night after scuffling with police officers along East Carson Street in Pittsburgh's South Side.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer said he saw Rockey Dickey, of California, punching another man in the face. The officer said he tried to stop the fight, which is when Dickey turned and took a swing at him, knocking off his hat.

Another officer jumped in to subdue Dickey, but Alex Montes, also from California, stepped in and placed that officer in a headlock, the criminal complaint said.

Montes' mother confirmed to Channel 11 that both her son and Dickey are members of pop star Britney Spears' road crew.

Spears is set to play Mellon Arena Friday night.

Police said Dickey would not cooperate when officers tried to handcuff him. A Taser was used to subdue him as he was kicking his legs and flailing his arms, police said.

Police said Montes fled the scene but was arrested a short time later.

The victim that was being beaten, Matthew Boyle, was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital for injuries to his nose and forehead.

Dickey and Montes are charged with criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Dickey is also charged with simple assault and resisting arrest.

Montes' mother told Channel 11 that this is his first tour with Spears and said he does not usually get into trouble.

Source: WPXI

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Britney's Body Is Mad Crazy

The following italicized article is from www.tmz.com:

The longer her Resurrection of Britney Tour rolls on, the hotter Ms. Spears appears to get.

Brit left her Jessica Simpson mom jeans at home and showed off her slammin' physique at her show in DC last night.

It only takes $2.7 million in lawyer fees to look this good.

Source: TMZ

"Britney: For The Record" DVD Scans

One of my friends at Jive had an official copy of Britney: For The Record lying on her desk, and she was cool enough to send in some scans of the DVD! Check out the full front and back cover, after the jump. BTW, be sure to preorder your copy now from amazon.com. Or you can just pop on over to your nearest Target or Wal-Mart when it hits shelves on April 7. Start planning your FTR watch parties now though, because we're gonna have a CONTEST (with prizes) based on the best watch party pics! Check back next week for details. xx♥

Source: Britney.com

What Do YOU Think The Next Circus Single Should Be?

Britney.com has dismissed the rumors that 'Radar' will be the 4th single and created a poll in which they ask you to chose a next single...the last time they did this 'If U Seek Amy' won and we all know how that turned out..So...

Ps: If ya don't vote for 'Mannequin' I'll hurt ya so bad that a night alone with Jigsaw will sound amazing.

Brit Wishes You A Merry Xmas...In March

It's better then pussygate though...

Britney's Back

The following italicized article is from www.washingtontimes.com:

Judging from the size of the Verizon Center crowd, thousands of Washington-area concert-goers support a Britney Spears comeback -- at least that's the way it looked Tuesday night when the pop princess brought her Circus tour to the downtown arena.

Fans were certainly in the mood to show Miss Spears some love. They staged sing-alongs outside the venue and also dressed like the star, based on their favorite phase of her career. Some swarmed the merchandise tables, others screamed like horror movie-watchers — and they all shelled out the roughly $40 to $130 for a ticket.

Perhaps a few in the crowd may have been hoping to see a train wreck. It is, after all, it just two years removed from the star's bizarre antics -- like inexplicably shaving her head, attacking a sports utility vehicle with an umbrella and earning the title as the worst performer in the history of the MTV Video Music Awards. But these doubters would have been better off finding an Amy Winehouse gig to attend, because the Britney of old was back -- and in tremendous shape, by the way.

For 90 minutes, Miss Spears strutted, writhed and bounced around the stage with the best of her pop music contemporaries. We won't talk about her singing, though, since it's hard to say if she actually did any of it. But she certainly attacked the complex choreography she'd been given and commanded the three-ring circus taking place on stage.

There were dancers, gymnasts, hula hoopers, martial artists, clowns, aerial performers, pyrotechnics and props galore. And when a giant cylindrical screen surrounding the stage wasn't showing video footage to distract the audience during costume changes, Miss Spears was soaring on a bejeweled umbrella, getting sawed in half by a magician and rocking her way through a good, old-fashioned dance break. Her worst mishap in the whole concert? A toppled top hat.

The performer relied heavily on her newest material, including last year's successful "Circus" (which spawned the No. 1 hit "Womanizer") and 2007's critically acclaimed "Blackout." A few oldies but goodies such as her breakout track "Baby One More Time" made the set list, but several of her best-loved tunes, including "Oops!...I Did It Again" and "Overprotected," were missing. The sold-out crowd didn't seem bothered by the omissions.

If anyone in the audience was disappointed, it was likely the parents with children in tow, as they quickly realized Miss Spears' spectacle was a tad bit raunchy for young eyes. (Seriously speaking, who would take their youngsters to this show without having at least an inkling of what they were getting into?) Raunchiness aside, it was a triumphant evening for Miss Spears. Given her troubled past, we don't know what lies ahead, but for now, at least, she's in the zone.

Source: Washington Times

Britney Spears Is Back

My ears were ringing before the show even started.

So many teens, pre-teens, post-teens -- all wailing like banshees for Britney Spears at Washington's Verizon Center last night.

Though piercingly painful, the crowd's gleeful shrieks for Brit-Brit only added to the excitement. And what a show it was.

Yes, Britney lip-synced the whole thing. But let's be honest -- nobody was there to hear her sing.
I'll bet nobody cared. All that crowd wanted was to be dazzled, and Britney didn't let them down. The sheer spectacle of the whole thing was stunning.

Instead of a stage, there were three circular performance areas -- modeled after a three-ring circus. The tour is in support of Britney's new album, Circus, and the show is kind of like a wicked, hedonistic night under the Big Top ...

Before Britney hit the stage, we were treated to a video in which celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton gushed about Britney's comeback. He was dressed like a screwy Victorian monarch, and gleefully gnawed on a scepter topped with a baby doll's head after giving his introduction. Weird.
For the first song -- the title track from Circus -- Britney descended from the ceiling in black boots and a red ringmaster's jacket. Brit seemed stiff and wooden for most of the track, but warmed up after a few minutes.

Over the course of the night, Britney seemed to make an entrance from every angle. She popped up from the floor, dropped down from overhead and, once, even hopped on a suspended human platform made from two interlocked contortionists and rode it up to the rafters.

All the while, a posse of dancers, contortionists and circus performers darted around the bubbly popstress. Fog rolled across the circular stage, sparks shot down from the ceiling and camera flashes flickered from the audience like strobe lights. At times, it was almost too much.

By the way, if you're planning on seeing this tour and haven't bought your tickets yet, try and get seats near the center of the venue. Britney tended to play to the audience nearest the middle ring.

No, there weren't any wardrobe malfunctions. But Britney did have a new getup for each song. She donned Middle Eastern garb for "Me Against the Music," a song she recorded with Madonna, and came out dressed as a police officer for the final song, "Womanizer."

Britney drew heavily from her Circus and Blackout albums for the set, and occasionally played a hit from years past. A bumping rendition of "... Baby One More Time" was a show-stopper, and would have made a better encore than "Womanizer." But now I'm being nit-picky.

This is Britney's first tour in about five years, and she's is eager to reestablish herself as one of the world's biggest female entertainers. If last night's show was any indication, Britney is well on her way.

Welcome back, Brit.

Source: Baltimore Sun

Britney Spears Brings The Circus To The Capitol

The following italicized article is from www.justjared.com:

Britney Spears performs a 90-minute set on her comeback Circus tour and reveals some new outfits on Tuesday (March 23) at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

Sources close to the 27-year-old singer has been receiving messages over phone and mail, threatening her life and to kidnap her sons during her Circus tour.

It was also recently reported that Britney’s estate that holds most of her assets paid at least $2.7 million in lawyers’ fees and costs during the initial 11 months of the court-ordered conservatorship.

Britney will likely be traveling to to Australia later this year, in her first tour of the country.

See more pics here!

Source: Just Jared

Joke Of The Day

Source: Breathe Heavy

Next week's NE exclusive? Michael Jackson: 'I'm an ape'.

Britney Rules 'Circus' Ring With the Greatest of Tease

The following italicized article is from www.washingtonpost.com:

A demure Britney Spears shuffled quietly onto the Verizon Center stage last night, illuminated by a single overhead spotlight, and began to sing a plaintive, a cappella song about . . . oh, who the heck are we kidding?

Britney Spears creates a scene just by stepping out of the house. And so for her comeback tour, she's settled for nothing less than an outrageous pop extravaganza. Not for nothing did she name her 2008 chart-topping album "Circus," y'all.

Brit-Brit's entrance here was preceded by a snarky video announcement by gossip maven Perez Hilton, after which Spears descended from the rafters in black vinyl dominatrix boots, a red ringmaster's jacket and not a whole lot else, a bejeweled whip in her hands. Lights flashed, smoke wafted across the stage -- actually, three circular stages set up in the center of the arena -- as dancers in bondage outfits and clown makeup twirled.

The title track of "Circus," which summarizes the pop star's big-top existence, boomed over the PA, and a dancing, strutting, preening Spears halfheartedly pretended to sing. (If she sang live last night, it wasn't particularly obvious. And if the musicians hidden on the floor surrounding the stage played live, well, who would've known?)

Not that anybody seemed to mind. Too busy fending off sensory overload, which was exactly as Spears seemed to want it.

The show wasn't a concert. It was an over-the-top spectacle in which Spears -- considered a major popwreck just a couple of years ago -- made a compelling case for herself as the current queen of pop performance art.

The 90-minute set was heavy on songs from her most recent albums, "Circus" and "Blackout," though Spears did return to her debut for an explosive version of her breakthrough hit, " . . . Baby One More Time."

The set was more notable for its staging than its songs, as big-wheel bikes raced around the stage, contortionists contorted, videos flashed (and Spears threatened to) -- and somebody got an onstage lap dance.

So much pop stimulation.

Spears, at 27, is busy rehabilitating her career after it -- and she -- went off the rails. (You remember: The shaved head. The umbrella attack. The soporific VMAs performance. The K-Fed.)

The Circus show -- a part of the first full tour for Spears in five years, which is an eternity for a pop star -- filled Verizon, even with many tickets priced north of $100.

On the concourse, Britney Inc. was doing brisk business, too. The performer's fans (mostly young, overwhelmingly female) lined up eight deep to buy "Britney Spears"-brand tattoos ($3), feather boas ($10) and black velour tracksuits ($150). Brit-Brit thongs -- $20 per barely there pair -- seemed to be especially popular. Keep it classy, kids!

Multiple fans dressed in tarted-up Catholic-schoolgirl uniforms, complete with knee-high white nylon stockings -- Britney's signature look a decade ago, when she crash-landed on the pop-culture radar by declaring: "I'm not. That. Innocent."

As it turns out, she wasn't kidding. The encore number was proof enough of that.

As the stomping beat and sirenlike synths of "Womanizer" rang out, Spears appeared onstage dressed like the chief of the stripper police (mirrored sunglasses, hot pants, boots, blue cop's shirt unbuttoned just so). The requisite dance routine followed, after which sparks rained from the rafters and confetti showered the screaming crowd.

Spears bowed, waved and then walked off the stage and into the bowels of the arena, her exit not nearly as outrageous as her entrance.

Source: Washington Post

Videos From Last Night's Show

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Britney at Tribe Afterparty

See more pics here!

Source: BritneySpears.com

Britney Presented With Platinum Plaque

Jive Records presented Britney with a plaque yesterday to certify 1 million units sold! Circus was certified Platinum by the RIAA! Congratulations Brit!

Britney and manager, Larry Rudolph, met with Barry Weiss, Chairman of BMG Label Group, Tom Carrabba, Peter Thea and Teresa LaBabera- Whites, to celebrate the great news.

See more pics here!

Source: BritneySpears.com

Britney's Legal Costs to Divorce Kevin: $417,000.

The following italicized article is from www.people.com:

Comebacks don't come cheap.

Britney Spears's dramatic turnaround from her troubled personal life and stalled career has come with a cost of $2.7 million in legal fees, the Los Angeles Times reports.

A sizeable chunk of the total was the $417,000 price of ending her 2 ½-year marriage to Kevin Federline and subsequent custody battle, according to fees charged in the first 11 months of her conservatorship.

Attorneys for the singer's father Jamie Spears filed a document Monday showing how much his court-ordered control of her business and personal affairs has cost. Fees have been split among 17 lawyers and firms, including $1 million for Spears's own attorneys. The figure, they state, represents the "complex and challenging" issues the singer has faced in getting her life back on track.

"Since the initiation of the conservatorship, as a result of the concerted efforts of Mr. Spears as well as the professionals involved, all aspects of Ms. Spears's life have been stabilized and continue to improve," lawyer Geraldine Wyle wrote. She added that the singer's mental health continued "to mend," that she had regained "substantial visitation" with her children and that her career "has been revitalized."

Source: People

Britney Chubby? You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Britney Spears is reportedly not too happy about people calling her "Bulky Spears" and "Jelly Belly" during her new Circus tour, according to Heat.

Wait a minute, who's saying that about my B Spears!? It's one thing to go around and say that Jessica Simpson looked big in those mom jeans, but Britney has worked her weave off at getting back to "Toxic" status and I will not have anyone saying she is a Jelly Belly! Mmmm, jelly beans.

The source told Heat that "she's put a heck of a lot of effort into the tour. It's devastating for her to hear the criticisms. We just hope she doesn't take it too much to heart."

Um, she is a female of the human race, so of course she is going to get angry when people call her fat. Heat also reports that Spears has allegedly started drinking shakes that include the African tree bark hoodia, thought to help weight loss.

Great, as if deforestation wasn't already a big enough problem someone had to go and tell Hollywood that tree bark will help them lose weight. Next thing you know -- poof! -- no more trees!

Source: NY Post

The only reason I'm posting this is because I like how it's written lol.

Britney Doing The Nasty With Backup Dancer?

The following italicized article is from www.x17online.com:

Holy K-Fed!

After a show in Montreal, Brit headed to an after-party with her crew, where, one fan tells X17online, she was spotted making out with a backup dancer!!! Hey, I guess you stick with what you know, right?

Says the fan:

I went to brits show the other night and totally amazed at how well put it was. So I went to this afterparty at this club called Tribe. Paid 200 bucks to get in and hang in VIP. Brit was in the house. Her and her crew of about ten were in a corner booth. It was really crowded. Brit got up and danced when the DJ played 'Slave 4 U'. When she got ready to sit back down there were no seats so she sat on this cute dancers lap. After a while of whispering back and forth they kissed a little. About 20 min after that they went to the bathroom..TOGETHER...2 big guys stood by the door and wouldnt let abybody in. They all of a sudden 7 or 9 minutes later brit and the guy came out. CRAZY!!!

7 (or 9) minutes in heaven with Brit? Sounds like she just made this guy's year!

Source: X17

The Three-Ring Circus | Dsquared on Britney

Job security is an issue for all of us — even Britney Spears got the memo. Love her, hate her, say what you want about her (to crib a line from her latest single, “If You Seek Amy”), as her “Circus” tour criss-crosses the country, few can argue that the artist-formerly-known-for-all-the-wrong-reasons has got back down to business. Among the most revealing aspects of her latest reinvention are her barely-there stage get-ups — and I’m not talking about her lack of pants. It is certainly Spears’s most ambitious relationship with the runway to date, due in no small measure to her close collaboration with Dean and Dan Caten of the label Dsquared, the identical twins who have dressed the likes of a touring Madonna and are known for a strict allegiance to all things pop. Here, brother Dan opens up on dressing Britney’s big top. She performs tonight at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y.

I have to ask: What’s your favorite song off of “Circus,” if you had to choose?

The title track, “Circus.” It’s the song I sing all the time!

So how did this collaboration come about?

It was a long time in the making. We wanted to do something with Britney for a long time. This just felt like the right time. Everything fell together this time — we were right, she was right. We were going to do some other things with her in the past, but this one just kind of seemed — well, everybody pointed this way.

The theme is obviously a take on an old-timey circus. Is this a process that you work out with Britney and her camp, or is this something that you and Dean decide privately and then pitch to her and her team?

More or less, we worked with the circus character arc of the show. We figured out how to expand on a circus theme — that was our first input. Then we tried to play with the circus theme in other ways and make it a little bit more twisted. We tried to put a little bit of a sexual, sadomasochist twist on it. The hooded guys, her backup dancers, were kind of like her sex slaves. If you listen to the songs she chose for this tour, they’re a little bit more erotic. So it was kind of like playing on that kind of feel — “Piece of Me” and stuff. The outfits start from the traditional circus ring at first but move to a little bit more of a hard-core sexual vibe. I mean, there’s a leather wrestling match!

Was the sky the limit here, or does Britney run a tight ship?

You have to remember, we’re doing costumes for the stage — there’s a lot of limitations of exactly what the performers can do. Sadly, ideas do get chopped because they are too difficult. You have to keep in mind that they have to move and they have to do stuff. Especially with the more extreme stuff, you have to consider a safety element and a functional element — everyone has to see properly, for example. They could fall and they could hurt themselves, and no one wants that. You have to think a bit about everybody’s needs.

The clothes have got to be durable, I imagine.

Yeah, so that blows a few ideas. (Laughs). But, it’s always fun, though. It’s really great to see when it all comes together. And on stage, it all looks so much better anyway than when we’re preparing everything. But, yes, some things had to be tamed down for the show. And it also has to be put on the road. They have to wash the clothes and all that, so we also have to make sure we don’t make anything too delicate.

How would you characterize Britney’s relationship to style? Particularly when it comes to performances, I know certain pop stars are known to be total control freaks — they want to make sure every sequin matches their vision. Other artists are easier: “Dress me. I’m just the singer, do what you want with me.”

But you know what I like about Britney? She’s easy. It’s not that she didn’t have an opinion, but sometimes it’s difficult when an artist has a strong opinion, because maybe you disagree with their opinion. It’s nice when artists have the attitude “Yes, I’m the singer, but you should be the one that knows about styling.” When they ask you something, it’s nice when they respect and understand where you’re coming from. So, she was really easy on that level. She asked us, “Well, what do you think?” or, “You like it like this?” And then we would explain, “Yeah, this looks great like this” or, “The pants should fit a little higher.” The look is a little bit more ’50s, a little bit more retro than what Britney usually wears. We explained to her how certain fits can elongate your body. She is great listener and very open to direction. What’s really important on stage is that you’re making a silhouette and that there should be shape. Even if the audience can’t see Britney from close up, they must be able to see her from far back. It was important that you could read her from, like, 200 feet back.

Tell me a fantasy look for Britney you have dreamed up somewhere in the back of your head.

I like when she’s kind of soft and kitten-y, and kind of blond and that kind of thing. I wouldn’t say pinup girl, but kind of like vixen-y. She’s very sexy and very kind of — the blond, blue-eyed and then the rest. It’s nice to have a little bad.

A favorite concert that you’ve been to in the past?

Well, I guess I’ve got to say, I love the Madonna one that we did — the Drowned world tour. Actually, you know what? The first Blonde Ambition tour I loved. The “Vogue” thing — that was a memorable moment in my lifetime. (Laughs.) And I think we saw that tour 10 times. We were big Madonna fans. Following that, working with Madonna on her Drowned world tour was pretty cool. Seeing your stuff up there on her was kind of cool. That’s a kind of emotion that you can’t live down.Anyone else you would like to dress for the stage?

(Laughs). I’m trying to think. Anyone out there that should give us a call? We would love to dress other pop singers. I prefer it when somebody like us a little bit and comes to us. (Laughs). We don’t want to knock on anybody’s doors because you can’t force anyone to like you. But, I think we’ve been pretty lucky with the music industry. We’ve worked with a lot of people already. So, I think we’ve kind of lucked out.

Source: The Moment

Britney Spears -- The High Cost of Sanity

The following italicized article is from www.tmz.com:

Britney Spears' comeback -- priceless. Hiring lawyers to help make it happen -- $2.7 million.

Britney's conservators have hired a total of 17 lawyers and law firms to handle her affairs over the last 14 months. According to legal papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court yesterday, the fees just keep on piling up.

The attorneys representing Jamie Spears have racked up more than $1 mil in fees.

Britney has made the legal profession recession-proof -- clearly.

Source: TMZ

I know this may sound like much but it isn't, not for Britney at least. Think about it....2,7 million over the past 14 months (January 2008)...Britney has a reported income of 750k a month...and that was pre-Circus succes and pre-hugely succesful tour.

Spears Is Dazzling

Britney Spears brought the "Circus" tour back to Nassau Coliseum last night. And, yes, she was alone. (Really alone, actually, since the Pussycat Dolls had to cancel when Nicole Scherzinger fell ill.)

Toss all the rumors of a definite appearance by Madonna last night on the trash heap along with the reports that "American Idol" is fixed (Alexis Grace, one of the supposed Final Four, was eliminated last week) and that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony would announce their divorce last month at his Madison Square Garden concert. (Um, they didn't. Instead, the couple introduced fans to their twins Max and Emme onstage. Yeah, that's almost the same thing. Stand strong, Lopez-Anthonys.)

Nevertheless, Spears doesn't need her Material Mom pal to rev up her audience. In fact, the second crowd was far more excited to see Spears than the first crowd. Their cheering lasted all the way into the encore, unlike the first time.

Maybe they were reacting to Spears, who seemed even livelier this time around, as she ran through her array of personas -- Sexy Ringmaster, Sexy Magician's Assistant, Sexy Cop, um, you get the picture.

She even talked more, thanking the crowd three times throughout the 90-minute show, instead of just two. She also obviously sang the ballad "Everytime," daintily and effectively. Spears sang a handful of lines in a few other songs, which is far more than she did the first time. (Hint to fans: You can tell she's singing when you hear her breathing. When she's doing elaborate dance moves and there's no sound of her catching her breath between lines, she's not really singing. When she's being sawed into three pieces, she's not really singing.)

And, speaking of breathtaking, her set-closing one-two punch of "Toxic" and "Baby One More Time" really does show how dazzling Spears really can be.

Source: News Day

Videos From Last Night's Show

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pussycat Dolls Not Performing Tonight in New York

Due to the illness of lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, The Pussycat Dolls are canceling tonight's performance at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. Britney Spears' performance will proceed as planned. Britney and her camp wish Nicole a speedy recovery!

Source: BritneySpears.com

Mediabase Chart Update

Britney's new single 'If U Seek Amy' is currently at #19 on Mediabase with 3123 spins and 25.8 est. million listeners!

Click here to vote for 'If U Seek Amy' on your local radio station!

Source: Break The Ice

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mediabase Chart Update

Britney's new single 'If U Seek Amy' is currently at #21 on Mediabase with 2929 spins and 26.2 est. million listeners!

Click here to vote for 'If U Seek Amy' on your local radio station!

Source: Break The Ice

Britney Spears Planning To Tour Australia

The following italicized article is from www.news.com.au:

PLANS are under way for pop superstar Britney Spears to make her first Australian tour.

Leading concert promoters are in talks with the US singer, and tour dates are expected to be scheduled for later this year.

"All the promoters are vying for it, but the bottom line is she really wants to come here and she really wants to come here this year," Sony Australia boss Denis Handlin said.

Handlin spoke to Barry Weiss, the head of Spears' American record label, last week about the tour.

"I think the promoters are battling it out at the moment," he said.

Frontier Touring's Michael Gudinski confirmed he was in discussions with Spears' management.
Gudinski said several promoters had been chasing Spears.

"I don't expect anything will be worked out or finalised for a month, but we're in there," he said.
Spears began her new Circus tour in New Orleans earlier this month.

The stadium spectacular features a rotating stage, acrobats, special effects and a greatest-hits set.

"It will be one of the biggest concert productions to come here," Gudinski said.

The Circus tour opened in the US to rave reviews.

The two-hour show has four acts: Circus; House Of Fun; Freakshow/Peepshow; and Electro-Circ.

Although some critics have panned the troubled mother of two for lip-synching in the show, reviews have been mostly positive.

Spears performs one song on a stripper pole.

The set list includes her controversial new hit, If You Seek Amy.

Source: News.au

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Britney Spears Goes Clubbin’ In Montreal

Britney Spears, who is currently making her way across North America on her The Circus starring Britney Spears Tour, played a show in Montreal, Canada last night and afterward gathered up her posse and made a grand appearance at Tribe Hyperclub to dance the night away. Brit’s closest friends and associates on this tour — assistants Felicia Culotta and Brett Miller along with her very loyal manager Larry Rudolph — enjoyed the Montreal nightlife with our dear Britney last night … here are a few photos:As you can see, the nightclub literally rolled out the red carpet for Britney’s arrival. I understand her troop of backup dancers also came out for the festivities. Last night, Britney sent out a tweet on her official Twitter profile that read:

Went to Tribe in Montreal with the dancers after the show last night. We had a really great time. 2 days off in a row! -Brit

It really sounds like Britney is having a great and safe time on this tour. With so many people who genuinely care about her watching over her, I think she is learning that she can have a good time and not put herself in danger. I still have a few weeks to go before I can see her live in concert on this tour … the anticipation is killing me. I’m glad to hear that things are going so well, tho. I can’t wait to see her on the concert stage again.

Source: Pink Is The New Blog

New Candie's Ad

Hot...but then again...Britney could wear a trash bag and still look hot.

Brit's Up for Time's 100 Most Influential People

TIME magazine wants y'all to vote for who you think are the World's Most Influential People of 2009. Their words, not mine: "Cast your vote for the leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers who deserve a spot on this year's TIME 100." Well guess what, B fans?! Our very own Britney Spears is one of 202 candidates you can vote for — alongside folks like Oprah, Tina Fey and the Jonas Brothers. All ya gotta do is click here and rate B at #100, based on a scale from 1 to 100. You can vote more than once! Out of curiosity, what has Brit influenced you to do in your lifetime? Personally, she influences me to go to the gym... because when I think of skipping it to eat Girl Scout cookies instead, I just picture her amazing body. Then I put down the cookie and go. xx♥

Click on the pic to vote!

Source: Britney.com

New Message From Britney

Source: BritneySpears.com

Britney At The Tribe Superclub In Montreal

Source: Untouchable Britney

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