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Katy Perry No Britney

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Katy Perry has vowed not to follow in Britney Spears' footsteps.

The 'I Kissed a Girl' singer - who is dating Gym Class Heroes star Travis McCoy - insists she has no intention of letting fame go to her head.

When asked how she would stop herself copying Britney, who had a public breakdown earlier this year, Katy replied: "You have to be really strong-headed to survive in this industry.

"If you are going to get into it, lose your vices because they are not something you should have - especially if you are in the public eye. Eat your vegetables, take your vitamins and be discerning about the people that are around you.

"Know who is a creep and who is not, who is there for the right reasons and who is not there for the right reasons."

Katy, famous for her unique outfit choices, also explained where she gets her fashion inspiration from.

She added: "I have a fascination with all things 40s and the way women had a poise and a unique look. They were more put together and cared how they presented themselves.

"Everybody had their own kind of deal, it wasn't like walking robots wearing one label or having to wear one thing because it was the coolest, trendiest thing. I think that's why I make so many daring choices with my style, because it goes to show that you don't have to be like everybody else."

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Britney Spent The Weekend In Santa Barbara


X-Factor Performance On November 29th

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THE mother of all chart battles kicks off a week today.

Pop divas BRITNEY SPEARS, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, LEONA LEWIS and BEYONCE are releasing singles on the same day.

I’m dubbing November 3 D-Day in honour of the four babes as they go head to head.

The impending scrap, pitting our biggest female stars against each other in the ultimate chart catfight, is too close to call.

Recent pop history hasn’t seen a tussle like it, and I’m eagerly awaiting the outcome.
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Until her problems, Britney was considered the undisputed queen of the crop. But last year’s public meltdown badly damaged her standing.

Her new offering, Womanizer, is another precision-tooled pop rocket. The video has her writhing naked in a sauna and, surprise surprise, is getting loads of airplay.

I can also exclusively reveal her eagerly awaited X Factor slot will be on November 29. Britney’s one time arch-rival Christina is issuing the title track from Keeps Gettin’ Better, her Greatest Hits collection, and it’s a stomping glam-pop banger.

Finally, Beyonce’s track If I Were A Boy, which is released digitally, is probably the most surprising of the lot.

She’s already ahead on points thanks to the stunning promo shot shown above, and has produced a belting but serious ballad about the (alleged) faults of the male species.

HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: “We haven’t had a heavyweight chart battle like this for a while. It’s wide open but you have to fancy Britney, perhaps just ahead of Leona.”

In terms of album sales Britney is way ahead of the pack with an extraordinary 76million under her belt.

Beyonce has sold 63million, though half were with former group DESTINY’S CHILD.

Christina is next with 42million while Leona has notched up three million sales, for her debut Spirit — but she is the biggest-selling artist of the year so far Stateside.

Rest assured, I’ll bring you the latest from the epic battle as it happens.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the home-grown talent though.

I’d love to see Leona trounce her US rivals . . .

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Britney Earns A 'TRL' #1... One More Time

TRL’s always been known for famous — and favorite — firsts — the first time you saw an artist completely crush Times Square — Backstreet Boys did it, and so did Eminem. The first of Diddy’s 36 (!!!?!?!) appearances, or Jennifer Lopez’s 17 appearances (remember when she was super obviously pregnant?), or Christina Aguilera’s 13. Or the first time you saw Mariah Carey’s midriff, or Mariah pushing an ice cream cart, or both! Michael Phelps’ abs’ first appearance. Tokio Hotel’s first time on TRL.

But, TRL’s most important firsts have always been the videos. And today’s countdown was all about the top 10 biggest videos that made their debut on TRL: Avril’s conflicted “Complicated” video made it to #9 today, while TRL veteran Eminem’s “My Name Is” made it to #4. Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” scored an enviable #3, while Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In a Bottle” resurfaced to earn the now-married mom a respectable #2.

But no one, not no one, has earned more TRL love than show pioneer Britney Spears, whose “Baby One More Time” reached another #1 when it became TRL’s #1 favorite first video (the song also turned 10 today!)

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Britney Re-records "Baby One More Time" With Max Martin

It's only appropriate that Britney rehearses in front of a mirror - reflecting back upon her her 10 successful years in the industry. Last Thursday marked the ten year anniversary of "Baby One More Time," Britney's first single released on October 23, 1998. Enjoy the classic, because this time around Britney is trading in her signature pigtails for something a little more... adult.

According to an insider at the International Dance Studio, the dance complex Britney has spent several weeks in rehearsing for her upcoming performances and world tour, Britney is practicing a dance routine for a new version of "Baby One More Time."

The insider reveals exclusively to that Britney has once again teamed up with pop-music writing mastermind Max Martin ("Baby One More Time," "Oops!.. I Did It Again) for the new track, and has re-recorded her vocals with an urban twist, but still "keeping the same feel to it." The newly amped up "Baby One More Time" song, renamed to "One More Time," is a 10th anniversary mix.

"[The song] is for an upcoming concert performance to promote her new album," says the source. "It is likely that this could be a bonus track on her upcoming CD."

"The track sounds hot," the IDA insider continued. "A lot more mature than the original, and very modern."

"Womanizer," Britney's new single off Circus, marks her second #1 off the Billboard Hot 100, an astounding ten years after "Baby One More Time" was certified in the top spot.

It's "Baby One More Time" one more time, baby.

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