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Snap Judgment On Britney Spears' 'Womanizer'

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And so we awaken to a new Britney Spears single to distract us from the collapse of yet another major financial institution. (Shout out to all my peeps in the "Washington Mutual" state!) "Womanizer" is just the shot of Jolt Cola pop fans need right now: It's mechanical as heck, sure, and predictable too, but somehow it still draws you in. More like grabs your collar, forces you down onto a cane-back chair and yanks you in. Oh, wait, that's the choreography for the upcoming video.

The good: Retro-futurism takes a roller coaster ride via the snappy staccato beats crafted by the young Atlanta-based production team the Outsydas. It's clean and contemporary but also invokes the quick-witted style of vocal groups like the Andrews Sisters -- a style Brit's rival, Christina Aguilera, has mined to great success before. The highly manipulated vocal complements Brit's Mississippi Valley Girl diction; though she's been turned into a robot (again), she actually sounds engaged. And the lyric, about the kind of girl power that's focused on besting one obnoxious man, is also vintage and contemporary at the same time -- more feminism as individualism, which we all know is hot at the moment.

The bad: This song most emphatically does not swing. The very things that pull in a listener -- the song's jerky repetitiveness, the catchy staccato elements, Britney's voice pushed against your ear -- are going to get really irritating after three days of this song being everywhere.

The conclusion: Britney's back. She actually seems to be awake this time. This is only the beginning.

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'Womanizer' Review

The Britney Spears comeback story now has a soundtrack.

Her new single “Womanizer,” which made its debut this morning on Z100 (either three days early or four days late depending on whose timetable you believe), is the first musical sign that she may actually be putting her troubled past behind her.

“Womanizer,” from the Atlanta production team The Outsyders, is an upbeat dance number that crosses her hit “Toxic” with some of the Euro-influenced dance sound from last year’s “Blackout” and adds some pointed lyrics. “You say I’m crazy? I got your ‘crazy,’” sings Spears. “You’re nothing but a womanizer.”

It’s catchy, but more noteworthy is that it involves some tongue-twisting lyrics and doesn’t heavily process Spears’ vocals, meaning that she had to be engaged in the recording process – something that was not evident for “Blackout.”

At this point, can’t we all just admit “Blackout” wasn’t very good? (I know many of you disagreed at the time, but do you still feel that way?) Despite some really catchy songs, it just sounded sad, like Spears vocals were assembled by robots because she couldn’t string two sentences together. “Blackout” hasn’t even broken the 900,000 sales mark yet, despite its massive, car-crash-gawking opening sales week of nearly 300,000 last November.

“Womanizer” is a sign that Spears’ sixth album “Circus,” due out Dec. 2, will fare far better.

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Britney Nominated 2 Times For EMA's

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MTV today revealed finalists in seven of the eleven categories, including album of the year and act of 2008.

Coldplay, Duffy and Britney Spears go head to head in the former category, while Coldplay, Britney, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Rihanna will compete for the latter.

Britney Spears is also nominated for another award.

The remaining performing artists at the awards, which will be broadcast live from the Liverpool Echo Arena in Liverpool on Thursday November 6, will be announced in the next few weeks.

Between September 29 and November 2, MTV viewers will be able to vote at to decide who will win in each category.

“The range of this year’s finalists really does demonstrate the breadth of taste of the MTV audience,” says MTV Europe Music Awards executive producer Richard Godfrey.

“Alongside such superstars as BeyoncĂ©, Pink and Britney, MTV viewers have recognised the massive talent of bands such as The Cure, Greenday and the Foo Fighters as well as new artists Katy Perry, Duffy and Jonas Brothers.”

Source: Music Week

Spears To Perform On The X Factor

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US pop star Britney Spears will perform on The X Factor, a spokeswoman for the ITV show has confirmed.

"She will be appearing on the show as a special guest, but we're not confirming the date yet," she said.

The 26-year-old singer is planning another comeback as she prepares to release her new album in December.

Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud, former pop star Sinitta and Westlife's Shane Filan will appear as X Factor judge mentors.

Source: BBC

New Britney Spears Single Hits Radio

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"Womanizer," the first single from Britney Spears' upcoming album "Circus," hit U.S. radio outlets this morning. The track, produced by up-and-coming Atlanta team the Outsyders, has a thick, synthy sound that should lend itself to remixes and club play.

Lyrically, "Womanizer" finds Spears rebuffing the advances of man with the "swagger of champions." "Must mistake me as a sucker / To think that I would be a victim not another / Say it, play it how you wanna / But no way I'm ever gonna fall for you," she sings.

Among the other contributors on "Circus" are Dr. Luke, who wrote and produced the title cut, Danja, Guy Sigsworth, Max Martin and Bloodshy & Avant. The album's release on Dec. 2 coincides with Spears' 27th birthday.
Although its video isn't quite ready yet, "Womanizer" will play during Monday's (Sept. 29) episode of the MTV show "The Hills."

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First Listen: Britney Spears, ‘Womanizer’

It’s out! Britney Spears’s first single off her upcoming new album Circus has finally been released. Radio stations across the globe began playing Womanizer early this morning and now, courtesy of Z100 here in NYC, so can you. Click below to hear Womanizer in full:
The track is hot, yo. It sounds infinitely better than the crappy leaked snippet that we got to hear last weekend. I know some folks were worried that the song might not be great after reading the lyrics but, trust me, they work in the actual song. It’s a great up-tempo song … it’s bound to be a megahit. I’ve already listened to it about 5 times, you have to hear it for yourselves. I absolutely love it, so worth the extra few days wait … I gotta know, do you love it?

Source: Pink Is The New Blog

Download 'Womanizer'!

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Listen To 'Womanizer'!


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