Friday, July 30, 2010

Britney NOT Appearing on Glee

Claim: Britney Pressuring Jason Trawick About Marriage

The following italicized article is from

“Britney Spears is letting her emotions run away with her!” begins a Showbiz Spy post.

Uh, huh…

The site goes on to explain, “Sources say the troubled singer — who has been married twice before — is pestering boyfriend Jason Trawick to walk her down the aisle!”

A so-called Showbiz Spy “source” claims, “She keeps bugging him about marriage and he’s finding it annoying.”

Equally annoying are stories that aren’t fact-checked.

A source close to the singer confirms to Gossip Cop that the story is absolutely “untrue” and everything remains the status quo.

Guess Showbiz Spy just let its “emotions run away.”

Source: Gossip Cop

New Adam Leber Tweet

NO TCAs for Brit this year party people.BUT @VictoriaJustice and @DJPaulyD are both nominated for awards which is very cool.News coming soon - Adam Leber

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