Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mediabase Chart Update

''Till The World Ends'' is currently at #3 on Mediabase with 11124 spins and 71.351 million listeners.

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Source: Break The Ice

Nicki Minaj Talks about Britney

"I feel like [Britney] has experienced life as an underdog, and I feel like my whole career I've been the underdog. I think that it just goes to show that when you are a strong woman, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. You bounce back from whatever. And I think she’s probably gone through 10 times whatever I’ve gone through. But the fact that she came back out with just so much fire inspires me, and it inspires young women and people all over the world. It just inspires you. A lot of my fans feel like they are the underdog and feel like they are the people who aren’t ever accepted for themselves, or who are laughed at or poked fun at forever. It just goes to show that once you keep at whatever it is you’re doing, people may not like you, people may not love you, but they will have to respect you at the end of the day. And that respect is all that matters."

Source: Out Magazine

Update - 3rd Single Drama

According to BreatheHeavy the 3rd single is slated to be ''I Wanna Go''...

...however according to MartianLeaks, who leaked ''Till The World Ends'', he has information that ''The Big Fat Bass'' will be the 3rd single.

All I can say is: #CriminalFTW

Update: MartianLeaks is now saying he heard wrong and ''I Wanna Go'' will in fact be released early next month.

Now all we need is a confirmation from Britney's team which will most likely come somewhere in October 2013 right before ''Radar'' featuring Celine Dion is announced as the 4th and final single from ''Femme Fatale''.

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