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Jamie Lynn Spears Efforts to Keep Baby Away From Britney Spears, Hollywood

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Britney Spears little sister Jamie Lynn Spears is a brand new mom at the very young age of seventeen and as this isn't "Juno" she is keeping her baby and has been bonding at home in Liberty, Mississippi with daughter Maddie Briann, who was born June 19. It has been reported that Jamie Lynn spears really wants to keep her little one away from Hollywood and that of course means away from Britney.

Jamie Lynn is happy to be home. "She sings to her, holds and rocks her and takes at least 100 pictures a day," a family insider tells weekly entertainment magazine Life & Style. "Jamie Lynn is so protective of Maddie," the insider says. "She's taken to being a mother so naturally."

There was so much drama surrounding the birth it is good to hear at least one report that claims that Jamie Lynn is making an effort to keep her child out of the Britney like spotlight. Her sister Britney was at the birth but that was even high drama according to an earlier report from the Enquirer.

The magazine reported at the time that after acting like a spoiled brat when her little sister gave birth, Britney Spears flew back to Los Angeles after only one day, leaving even before her sister got out of the hospital. "Britney seemed very anxious and couldn't sit still. She was moody and complained about everything. Plus, she had to fly commercial, and that really pit her in a foul mood," said an insider.

Source: National Ledger

Britney Spears Won't Be Performing on Madonna Tour

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Tuesday! And it's actually been quite a good news day today -- so we've all been extremely busy!

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Madonna Producers Deny Britney Spears' Live Stage Performance On Tour

Madonna's tour producers have shot down reports Britney Spears will join her in a live stage performance. It had previously been reported the Material Girl singer asked Spears to join her on her Sticky + Sweet tour earlier this month in a bid to help the troubled star resurrect her own singing career. But while Spears will appear with Madonna in a short video that will be broadcast on big screens during the show, she will not be taking to the stage with the pop superstar.
Source: Showbiz Spy

Britney Spears to film footage for Madonna tour

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NEW YORK (AP) — Madonna has recruited Britney Spears for a virtual appearance on her upcoming tour.

"There is footage being shot of Britney some time this week in conjunction with Madonna's upcoming (Sticky & Sweet) tour," Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said in an e-mail Tuesday to The Associated Press. "That is all the information I have available. The rest is `a secret.'"

Rosenberg denied reports that Spears, 26, is shooting a music video.

Madonna guest starred in a music video for Spears' single "Me Against the Music" in 2003. The singers stirred up controversy that year with an open-mouth kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Madonna, 49, will kick off her tour Aug. 23 in Cardiff, Wales, and wind through European destinations including London and Paris before jumping to the U.S. in October.

She'll wrap it up Nov. 30 in Mexico City.

Source: Associated Press

Britney Spears To Film Video For Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour

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Madonna personally requested Spears' participation, one source says.

Five years after they famously locked lips at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna and Britney Spears are set to work together again. This time, however, their hook-up will be long-distance.

According to People magazine, Spears is slated to film a video piece soon that will be included as part of the stage show for Madonna's upcoming Sticky & Sweet Tour. "Britney is going to film something for Madonna's show in the next week or so," said Madonna's longtime spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg, according to the magazine. Details on what the clip will include, however, were scarce, as Rosenberg declined to comment on what role Spears will play in the production or where she will be filming. "I don't know. It's a secret," she said

She did, however, deny published reports that Spears is in New York to film the video and that she's already shot the bit. This would be the second high-profile cameo for Spears in the past month. She shot some footage for the Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up" video last month, but her part was left on the cutting-room floor at the last minute.

An unnamed source told USMagazine.com that "Madonna specifically asked to work with Britney again." The singers have not shared a stage since the infamous VMA kiss, but Madonna did speak out in Spears' defense earlier this year when the singer was going through some hard personal times.

At the time, Madonna also said she was digging Spears' Blackout album, which she listened to while working out.

Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, confirmed to "Access Hollywood" that the video tribute would be taking place but quashed rumors that Spears would actually be touring with or performing live with Madonna. The Sticky & Sweet Tour kicks off in the U.S. on October 4 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Source: MTV

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