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X17 XCLUSIVE - Sam Sets The Record Straight

The following italicized article is taken from www.x17online.com:

X17 just got off the phone with Sam's spokesperson, Michael Sands, who felt the need to address the many rumors floating around about Sam's intentions towards Britney, calling them "pure rhetoric".

He went on to say that Sam has not escaped to Dubai, has no intentions of suing Lynne Spears for defamation, and perhaps most importantly, "never demanded cash" from Brit's business manager (at least for now), Howard Grossman.

"Sam was inserted into Britney's life in October," by whom, Sands would not say, "after Britney had already shaved her head and been in two drug rehabs. Sam became her manager, and then her close friend. A manager does get paid." Sands went on to insist that Sam never asked, much less insisted, on being paid more than he deserved as someone in Brit's employ.

In fact, Sam has already turned down several multi-million dollar offers from the media, refusing to do any interviews. "He is not Shannon Funk or Tony Barretto," says Sands, in reference to the former assistant and bodyguard who have profited from being in Brit's employ, "he wouldn't take advantage of someone who has a disorder. He's not selling her out. There will be no big score." Furthermore, Sam repeatedly refused to accept her money when Britney tried to offer to fix his car, after it was severely damaged by Kevin's process server, Aaron Cohen.

As for Lynne's allegations against Sam in the restraining order filed against him by Jamie Spears, Sands calls them completely false. "If the allegations were accurate, why didn't they get Sam on a 'terrorist threat'? Why didn't they arrest him?" Furthermore, Sam's spokesperson insists that the media try to dig for the facts before passing judgment. "If anyone has questions about Sam's criminal record, I invite them to contact the local, state and federal government to check."

As for Jamie Spears' "complete control" over his daughter, Sands likened Spears to "Davy Crockett making his last stand at the Alamo," as the last one to realize that what Britney really needs is medication to treat her illness.

Sands added that is was his "ultimate goal" to bring peace to the entire situation, so the blame can be placed squarely where it belongs: on Brit's disease.

Source: X17


Brit's Lawyers Itchin' to Get Out

The following italicized article is taken from www.tmz.com:

TMZ has learned there's another hearing tomorrow in the Britney Spears custody saga.

We're told Brit's law firm, Trope and Trope, has filed an ex parte motion to get out of the case even faster than scheduled. Right now, Trope's motion to withdraw as counsel is set to be heard on March 10, but apparently Trope can't wait to get out. We're told that tomorrow, the firm will ask the Commissioner to hear its request earlier.

Trope and Trope filed the withdrawal motion one day after TMZ reported that disso queen Laura Wasser secretly visited Brit in the hospital last week, and that Jamie Spears wanted to replace Trope with Laura. That's gotta hurt! But the fact is, we're hearing the firm has been divided for a while over whether it was a good idea to keep representing Britney.

Wasser would not return calls, but we're told she doesn't want back in because the case is nothing but grief.

The hearing is set for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sources say there are two major reasons why Trope wants out, stat. First, they're pissed off that Brit likes Laura more, but even more fundamentally, it's impossible to rep anyone when you can't communicate with them, and we're told the court-appointed lawyer for Britney will not let the Trope lawyers have any contact with Britney.

Source: TMZ

Are Dairy and Meat Making Brit Split?

The following italicized article is taken from www.tmz.com:

All of poor Brit Brit's Starbucks runs and ice cream socials may be worsening her "condition," y'all.

According to a letter just sent to Britney's parents by PETA, studies show that people with hidden dairy sensitivities (a very common condition) can worsen cases of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. PETA also cites evidence linking parasites found in undercooked meats to the development of schizophrenia. Crazy from burgers?

Luckily for Britney, says PETA, instead of meat, the consumption of beans can help improve such conditions, with the exclusion of uncontrollable farting. You are what you eat ... don't be a mad cow.

And the girl does love her some Taco Bell.

Source: TMZ

Kaplan's New Mouthpiece

The following italicized article is taken from www.tmz.com:

TMZ has learned K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has hired ├╝ber-publicist Elliot Mintz to be his new media consultant -- and we caught them out on the town to seal the deal.

The duo was at Mr. Chow last night when one photog asked if the pair were "teaming up for anything," to which Kaplan responded, "I think so."

Mintz, who famously repped John Lennon and Paris Hilton, takes over for Michael Sands -- who is now working for Sam Lutfi.

Source: TMZ

Dance Lesson Part Deux

Rumor has it that Britney has scheduled a second dance lesson for 25 kids (ages 7-11) tonight over at Millennium.

Stay tuned!

Source: Breathe Heavy

K-Fed Gets KO'd!

The following italicized article is taken from www.pagesix.com:

...On TV, at least.

Tonight's your last chance to see Kevin Federline playing a musician with more confidence than talent (a real stretch). Check out a clip from tonight's One Tree Hill, where K-Fed, as "Jason," gets fresh with one of the regulars and finds himself on the floor. Hey, Britney!

Source: Page Six

Project Fix Britney Sees Major Improvements

The following italicized article is taken from www.eonline.com:

Wow! For the first time in about a year, Britney did something good. And not good in a "she exited a car without flashing her privates" way, but good in a "helping the community" sort of way.

Robert Baker, co-owner of the Millennium Dance Complex, hooked Britney up with a dance class of about half a dozen four- to seven-year-old girls to teach while she was there rehearsing.

From his multiple accounts (to Us and People), everything went swimmingly. “She worked out this great little routine for them, they were dancing all over the place, she had them dancing in a circle like a choo-choo train,” he said. “The kids loved it—they are having a ball right now. And Britney—she’s just drinking it up."

That all sounds great!

Well, it did until we heard one little girl told her mother, "We had so much fun. Britney was wearing little red shorts and she looked so pretty.” Based on Baker's description, she was wearing the very outfit pictured above. Definitely something children should not be subjected to...let alone aspire to.

So, keep up the good work, Brit...but next time maybe wear more clothes.

Source: E! Online

Britney Spears attacks Amy Winehouse’s Grammy performance

The following italicized article is taken from www.showbispy.com:

Bitter Britney Spears reportedly attacked Amy Winehouse’s amazing Grammy Awards performance - even shrieking: “She is so obviously stoned!”

Spears’ last public performance, at the MTV Video Music Awards, was so universally mocked and criticized - many wondered if it would kill off her career. But that did not stop the star trashing most of the people on-stage at the Grammys, even having harsh words for former Beatle Ringo Starr, according to a friend who was with her when she watched the show.

“Too bad the least talented Beatle was the one who showed up,” Britney reportedly sniped. “They should have got Paul [McCartney].”

But the harshest words were for five-award winner Amy - and also the most ironic, given Britney’s own last big performance.

The friend insists Britney could not get over how “stoned” Amy looked - even though most people thought the British singer was in good form and the biggest attack against Britney for her VMA’s performance was SHE looked stoned. “Look at her! Look how stoned she is!,” Britney screamed at her friends, according to a U.S. report. “She is so obviously stoned!”

Britney told her friends that the show was “a mess”, according to the U.S report, especially the parts celebrating the 50-year history of the Grammys. “They didn’t explain to kids why the old stuff was important,” she reportedly complained.

One performance she did love, however, was Tina Turner - but not her partner on-stage, Beyonce. “She sure knows how to toss her hair,” Britney said sarcastically. “Too bad she can’t dance as good as Tina — who’s old enough to be her grandmother!”

Along with raving about “how great” she thought Turner’s performance was, Spears was moved to tears by Kanye West’s emotionally charged tribute to his late mother, Donda West, as he performed “Hey Mama”.

And she also loved another part of the show - the hat worn by John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono, saying she would “kill for it”.

The star was also full of criticism for Recording Academy president Neil Portnow who was an almost constant presence throughout the show. “Nobody knows who he is … and they care less,” said Spears, according to the friend.

Source: Showbiz Spy

EXCLUSIVE: Miley Cyrus: Jamie Lynn Spears Is "Really Excited" for Baby

The following italicized article is taken from www.usmagazine.com:

Miley Cyrus is proud of how Jamie Lynn Spears is handling her controversial teen pregnancy.

"We've actually been talking," the Hannah Montana star, 15, told Usmagazine.com at the Official Grammy Talent Gift Lounge in L.A. over the weekend.

"She's now really excited, so I'm proud of her," Cyrus told Us of Spears.

"I think she's done the best she can," Cyrus added.

Spears, the star of Zoey 101, made a rare appearance in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana on Friday with beau Casey Aldridge, the father of her baby.

Source: US Weekly

Britney On Tour! Are You Nuts?

The following italicized article is taken from www.splashnewsonline.com:

Troubled Britney Spears is planning a world tour, it was claimed today. Sources say the pop star’s family want the Toxic singer to get out of Los Angeles so she can get better, and by doing so they also hope to get the star away from so-called friends, such as photographer Adnan Ghalib and self-styled manager Sam Lutfi.

So, as if getting better wasn’t hard enough already, Brit’s family are planning to arrange a tour, which they hope will launch Spears’ comeback. A source told a US newspaper:

“Britney will be leaving the country in the next few weeks. She’ll train in privacy for a month, then go on a global tour.”

Spears, who is a mother of two at just 26, has been seen at a Hollywood dance studio in recent days, and sources say this is because she is in training for the tour (mmmh I’m not convinced). Britney was recently released from a psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Centre last week after just seven days, but it was hoped she would have stayed for fourteen.

Spears first toured the world in 2000 on the ‘Oops!… I Did It Again tour’ and her last tour was in the summer of 2007, when she performed several shows at the House of Blues venues across the States. Which as a result saw Britney facing criticism from fans and critics for lip-synching at some gigs.

Source: Splash News Online

Britney's Living 'Dolls'

The following italicized article is taken from www.pagesix.com:

Though she is no longer committed to a psych ward, Britney Spears' mental health has continued to get worse, according to those closest to her.

Mom Lynne Spears has told former son-in-law Kevin Federline that Britney acts like a small child, cannot comprehend any of what's going on and talks about sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, like they are toys.

"She is like a little girl with dolls," says a family insider, "and does not understand why she can't have them back."

According to the insider, Kevin is adamant that Britney not see their kids right now, and the law is on his side. "He will not allow the boys to be hurt by her anymore," the source continues. "Kevin does not want her to see them until she agrees to get more help."

There have been other signs that she has been regressing to childhood, like the final Sunday she was held at the psych unit of the UCLA Medical Center and called her "Daddy", Jamie, begging him to "come get" her, and asking him to "bring me some ice cream."

Last night, Britney was at the Millennium dance studio in Hollywood (above), where she is secretly training for a month before embarking on a new world concert tour, as reported by Page Six.

Britney helped teach a group of young girls how to dance, introducing herself to each one and then leading them in steps like "the choo-choo."

But even as she tries to get her professional life back on track, the pop tart continues to show just how fragile she is. After Kevin apparently thought things had been getting better with his ex-wife, she stopped communicating with him entirely and had boy toy Adnan Ghalib start calling Kevin.

"Kevin felt things were going fine," says the family source. "He has no clue why she is having Adnan call now."

Source: Page Six

Britney Gearing Up for a World Tour?

The following italicized article is taken from www.hollywood.tv:

Apparently Page Six has been told that “Britney will be leaving the country in the next few weeks. She’ll train in privacy for a month, then go on a global tour.”

Britney's sure been hitting the dance studio of late. When we hear anything solid we'll let you know.

Source: Hollywood.tv

Britney Spears is planning a world tour

The following italicized article is taken from www.showbizspy.com:

Troubled Britney Spears is planning a world tour, it was claimed today.

Sources say the chart star’s family want the Toxic singer to get out of Los Angeles so she can get better

.And they hope to get the star away from so-called friends, such as photographer Adnan Ghalib and self-styled manager Sam Lutfi. So they are planning to arrange a tour which they hope will launch Spears’ comeback.

A source told a US newspaper: “Britney will be leaving the country in the next few weeks.

“She’ll train in privacy for a month, then go on a global tour.”

Mother-of-two Spears, 26, has been seen at a Hollywood dance studio in recent days. Sources say she is in training for the tour.

She was released from a psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Centre last week after seven days.

Pal Lutfi was slapped with a restraining order after Spears’s mother Lynne claimed he drugged and verbally abused her daughter.

Spears first toured the world in 2000 on the Oops!… I Did It Again tour.

Her last tour was in summer 2007 - when she performed several shows at House of Blues venues across the States. She faced criticism from fans and critics for lip-syncing at some gigs.

Spears’ father Jamie has been granted temporary control over his daughter’s affairs, until February 14, following a battle in court over who’s best suited to look after the troubled pop star.

Source: Showbiz Spy

Spears planning 'Blackout' world tour?

The following italicized article is taken from www.digitalspy.co.uk:

Britney Spears has started planning a world tour to promote her Blackout album, say reports.
The troubled popstar has been practising dance routines at LA's Millennium Dance Complex, claims the New York Post.

"Britney will be leaving the country in the next few weeks, after training in privacy for a month. She is planning a global tour," said a source.

Spears was critically panned for her live comeback in 2007, when she lip-synched Blackout's lead single 'Gimme More' at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Source: Digital Spy


The following italicized article is taken from www.nypost.com:

IT looks like Britney Spears family will do anything to get her away from her "friends" Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib - including putting the pill-popping poptard on tour. The buzz at the Grammys was that Spears' newfound focus on her dancing is preparation for a world tour. Britney "will be leaving the country in the next few weeks," a source confided to Page Six. "She'll train in privacy for a month, then go on a global tour."

Source: NY Post

Mediabase Chart Update!

'Break The Ice' is currently at #57 on Mediabase with 293 spins and 7.046 million listeners!

Click here to vote for it on your local radio station!

Source: Break The Ice

Jamie Lynn and Casey Still a Couple

The following italicized article is taken from www.pagesix.com:

We've got to admit it, we had our doubts. We never thought they'd last — and yet, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are still together. Yes, really. (And yes, if you're wondering, Jamie's bump is showing and, better yet, we've got it on an exclusive video.)

We didn't believe it, until we saw it with our own eyes. Thanks to this couple, we're cynics no more. Our belief in love, in romance — and maybe even in Valentine's Day — has been restored, all thanks to Jamie Lynn and Casey.

On Saturday, the lovely couple went shopping at a mall in McComb, Miss. Jamie Lynn, 16, was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, and Casey walked by her side, holding a shopping bag from a nearby sporting goods store, Hibbett. Casey ignored a reporter's questions (about the baby, about Britney) but did answer the query, "Everything OK?" with "Pretty good." He was busy whispering to Jamie Lynn, walking by her side, then opening her car door for her first, among many other displays of gool ol' gentlemanly chivalry.

The next day, Jamie Lynn finally left the sweatshirt at home and wore a white T-shirt that revealed her small baby bump as she walked, hand in hand, with her man coming out of an Auto Zone store in Kentwood, La. He clutched her hand, looking at her lovingly.

Hey, we didn't believe it either. Watch the video to see for yourself how the doting-teenage father holds Jamie Lynn's hand, whispers in her ear, and generally behaves like any young teenage couple crazy in love (well, with the whole teen pregnancy celebrity thing thrown in).

See the video here!

Source: Page Six

Britney Spears Steps into Dance Class – As Teacher

The following italicized article is taken from www.people.com:

Britney Spears has class – dance class, that is.

The 26-year-old singer – who's in the midst of a custody battle over her own kids, Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1 – logged some quality kiddie time Monday, teaching dance an hour-long dance lesson to a group of six children.

"The class was amazing," Robert Baker, director of the Millennium Dance Complex, tells PEOPLE.

In addition to choreographed routines to vintage Madonna songs "True Blue" and "Material Girl" and "Holiday," Spears – wearing ripped fishnets, red boy-shorts and a blue top – also allowed her pupils to free-style dance.

"She even played age-appropriate games in a circle, pretending to be a choo-choo train," Baker said. "Britney was just amazing with the kids and everyone ended up having a blast. At the end of the hour class, all the kids hugged Britney and she seemed very happy."

Kids 'Thrilled'

The kids, aged 4 to 7, were selected from the studio's junior program. "The parents gave their permission," Baker said. "They were thrilled. One parent summed it up: 'It's a once in a lifetime event.'

" Well, maybe not. Spears had so much fun, "She asked to please teach a class tomorrow," said Baker, a longtime Spears friend. "We plan to put together a group of about 20 kids for her."

After the class wrapped up at 7 p.m., Spears – who has rehearsed at Millennium three times since Friday – spent another hour and a half working on a dance routine for her single "Hot as Ice."

"She seems very focused about getting back into her old life," said Baker. "[She's] focusing her energy on creating and dancing."

Source: People

Britney Teaching Other People's Tots?

The following italicized article is taken from www.tmz.com:

Without kids of her own to dance with, Britney Spears spent yesterday afternoon shakin' it with a bunch of youngsters not too much older than Sean Preston.

The Britwreck, reports Usmagazine.com, got the five-year-olds grooving to the sounds of Madonna -- "Material Girl," in particular -- while clad in fishnet stockings, a short skirt, and her fave brown boots. Apparently, says Millennium Dance Complex owner Robert Baker, she had to introduce herself to the kids.

Britney hasn't seen her own children since January 3.

Source: TMZ

Britney at Millenium dance studio

See them all here!

Source: Britney Experts

Britney's Dad Didn't Trust Her Manager

The following italicized article is taken from www.people.com:

Jamie Spears got permission to fire daughter Britney Spears's business manager after complaining the manager didn't follow directions and failed to turn over documents, court papers show.

The allegations are contained in a motion filed Feb. 7 by probate court attorneys for Jamie and Britney Spears. The motion was granted, allowing Jamie to fire manager Howard Grossman.

"The temporary co-conservators believe that they cannot trust Mr. Grossman to follow instruction," says the motion, made public Monday.

The motion alleges that when Spears was released from a psychiatric hospital, Grossman arranged for her to meet with visitors and attorneys in violation of court orders.

Grossman could not be reached Monday for comment. He previously told PEOPLE that he didn't understand why the conservators would want to fire him.

Source: People

Court Docs: Howard Grossman Toxic

The following italicized article is taken from www.pagesix.com:

Court documents released today in the ongoing Britney Spears saga revealed that the singer's shady business manager Howard Grossman violated the conservatorship order granted to Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallett.

Dad Jamie, miffed that Brit's money man arranged for transport of her vehicle to the Beverly Hills Hotel the day of her release from the UCLA Medical Center, now has the authority to fire Howard without objection from his daughter, so says Commissioner Reva Goetz.

Along with Wallett, Jamie will retain control over Britney's estate and welfare until February 14, when a hearing is scheduled to review the family Spears' current hold on their wayward daughter.

Also released in documents today was sworn testimony by Howard Grossman indicating that Osama Lutfi, former troop leader of Camp Britney, demanded money from him on the pop stars' behalf.

Source: Page Six

New Britney Spears Court Documents

The following italicized article is taken from www.etonline.com:

ET has obtained new court documents related to last week's hearing in which JAMIE SPEARS and ANDREW WALLET, who are court appointed co-conservators for BRITNEY SPEARS, asked for and were granted permission to fire the embattled pop star's business manager, HOWARD GROSSMAN.

In the documents, attorney JERYLL S. COHEN alleges that Mr. Grossman arranged for a car belonging to Britney to be delivered to her at the Beverly Hills Hotel on February 6, despite the fact that by court order, she did not have the authority to control her assets.

Source: ET Online

Britney Spears Teaches Children At Dance Class

The following italicized article is taken from www.usmagazine.com:

Britney Spears taught dance to children not much older than her own boys on Monday at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood.

The pop star kicked off the class by introducing herself to each five year old and shaking their hand, a source said. “She comes in, she winds them up, and then tells them, ‘I guess I have to introduce myself to you guys!’” said Robert Baker, Millennium co-owner.

Britney looked happy and upbeat, he said. Madonna’s “Material Girl” and “True Blue” were part of her play list. Britney led the class in “her favorite brown cowboy boots, fishnet stockings, a red short skirt, and a bluish greenish top that hangs down past her skirt.”

“She worked out this great little routine for them, they were dancing all over the place, she had them dancing in a circle like a choo-choo train,” he said. “The kids loved it- they are having a ball right now. And Britney- she’s just drinking it up. She’s totally enjoying herself. It’s an amazing class- she and the kids are certainly enjoying the process.”

Parents for the seven kids waited outside while she taught. A little girl, who took the class, gushed, "We had so much fun. Britney was wearing little red shorts and she looked so pretty” as she and her mother headed to their car.

She last saw her sons, Sean and Jayden, on January 3 when she was rushed to Cedars-Sinai for a psychological evaluation. Her visitation rights were suspended soon after. Less than a month later, Britney was involuntarily committed for 10 days to UCLA Medical Center for treatment of bipolar disorder. She has been a staple at the studio since she was released Wednesday, Feb. 6.

“Britney’s telling me that she likes this so much that she’s thinking about making it a regular thing, possibly every other week. She loves to interact with the kids, and she feels that it’s important to give back to the dance community,” Baker said.

Source: US Weekly

Britney Teaches Kids to Kick Up Their Heels

The following italicized article is taken from www.ok-magazine.com:

For a group of L.A.-area kids with dreams of being a dancer, a lesson from a famous hoofer is a memorable experience — and when that dancer happens to be Britney Spears, it's sure to be a day they'll never forget!

And that's exactly what's happening Monday night at the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood, where the recently troubled star is continuing to try to get her life back in order by doing what she does best — entertaining. Except tonight, it's not just a couple of friends or family members looking on as Brit rehearses for her upcoming video shoot — it's a group of pre-adolescent dance students.

Brit arrived at Millennium, a favorite refuge of hers, around 6pm PT on Monday, hidden from the paparazzi. She was greeted by a group of eight children ages 4-9 — and certainly more than a few star-struck parents. An eyewitness tells OK! that Britney went up to each child and asked them their name and whether they liked Madonna, because that was the song they would be dancing to this evening.

Maya Meek, whose 8 year old son is in the class, tells OK!, "He didn't really know who Britney was, though he dances to all of her music. So when I told him 'this is the lady who makes all the songs you like,' he got very excited," says Meek. "He learned about Britney through Jamie Lynn, because he's a big fan of Zoey 101.

"Even though Britney could easily charge an enormous amount of cash for tonight's lesson, she's working on a volunteer basis, and it isn't the first time. Britney has shared her years of dance experience with pre-teen hopefuls before. In the not-so-distant past, she would often pop in for surprise tutorials at Millennium.

Just before 6:30 p.m. PT, one of Britney's assitants came down to talk to the waiting mothers outside the studio, and told them that the kids were all doing "amazingly well" and that they were following every step. The assistant said Britney had a second assistant dancing behind the kids so that when they turned during their routine, they'd have someone behind them to follow.

Class ended at 6:50 p.m. An eyewitness tells OK! that the kids learned a variety of fun dances, including "the fish," "the swim" and "the choo choo train" in which the kids grabbed onto each other and hopped around like a train making choo choo noises. Brit then had the kids show off some of their own moves. The group formed a circle and each one got to dance alone in the center of the circle.

All in all, it sounds like everyone had a good time tonight, including Britney. Let's only hope that these lessons, like her regular rehearsals, become part of Brit's new career-focused routine!

Source: OK Magazine

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