Friday, February 20, 2009

Rumored "Circus" Tour Intro Clip?

Just Like Old Times!

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No you're not having flashbacks...that's really Brit and her recently rehired assistant, Felicia Culotta driving around LA yesterday afternoon.

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United World Chart Update

Slipping six spots from the previous week Circus comes in at #18 on the United World Chart selling 67.000 copies this week worldwide.

It has now sold a total of 2.694.000 million copies worldwide.

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Teaching Britney To Dance... Bollywood-style!

When Rujuta Vaidya choreographed a Bollywood-style dance sequence for Disney's telly film Cheetah Girls: One World, she wondered what could be a bigger achievement. That was over a year ago.

"And then I get a call from Britney Spears' company looking for someone, who could teach her Bollywood steps for an act she is going to incorporate in her international Circus tour," the New York-based choreographer says.

"I thought I was going to be crazy. When I got that assignment, I wondered if I could top it. Britney had to choose the various choreographers herself and she hired me to bring a Bollywood touch to the show. And now, here I am in Hollywood, training 25 dancers, who will dance as the two Oscar nominated songs from Slumdog Millionaire are played out [at the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22]."

She is working with Fatima Robinson, who was the main choreographer for Cheetah Girls, shot extensively in India.

"Like I said the other day, Bollywood is on the cusp of becoming part of the mainstream because Bollywood fuses all forms of dance like hip-hop and classical Indian music. This can appeal to a very wide audience, especially those who have accepted Latin American music and dance in the last few decades. I am very glad that I am a part of this emerging phenomenon," she said in a phone interview in between her rehearsals in Hollywood.

The grapevine has it that she will soon be working with another big name in the fashion and entertainment world, Donna Karan.

Source: Rediff

Britney Rehearsing 'Do Somethin' At Sony Studios

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New Britney Interview In Full


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