Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Stunning Britney Spears Makes Some Kids Very Happy Today

Earlier today we saw some very pretty pictures from Britney Spears’s NYC activities from yesterday but get yourselves ready for a whole lotta hotness from our dear Britney. Here are a few pics of an absolutely stunning Britney Spears as she surprised a group of children at John Philip Sousa Junior High School #142 in the Bronx, NY earlier today. Sure these young’s prolly had no idea who she was (after all, she has been out of the kiddie market for some time now) but I’m sure they were very happy that she decided to pay them a visit nonetheless:
Wow. There is no other word to describe how amazing Brit Brit looks in these pics. She just looks … really, really good. After the jump, check out A SLEW of photos of Britney posing for pics and signing autographs for the kids at his junior high school today …
Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what the reason for Britney’s visit to this school was but by the looks on the kids’ faces, she was a very welcome visitor. Britney brought along her manager Larry Rudolph and her older brother Bryan Spears to accompany her on this visit. I just can’t get over how great she looks. That’s my girl, y’all. Don’t you think she looks amazing?

Source: Pink Is The New Blog

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