Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jennifer's Butt Boy On Britney

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One person John won’t likely be singing with in the future? Britney Spears.

“I was just talking the other day about how strange the Britney Spears songwriting approach is,” John said. “Because it’s all about, ‘I’m going out tonight, but nobody look at me.’”

“I’ve never met her and I’m not coming down on her, but all of the songs are sort of like, ‘I’m-getting-all-my-girls-together-we’re-gonna-go-out’ and ‘I’ve-got-holes-cut-out-for-(bleep)-I-got-flashlights-on-me,’” John sang. “And then it’s like, ‘Why’s-everybody-looking-at-me? Everybody’s-looking-at-me’” because oh, did you hear verse two, Britney?”

Source: Access Hollywood

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