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Nicole Morier Working on 7th Album

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Unless you’re a hardcore Britney Spears stan or a fan of underground electro-rock, then you may not be familiar with singer-songwriter Nicole Morier. Besides her own solo music, Nicole is best known for co-writing three Britney songs — “Heaven on Earth” from Blackout, “Rock Me In” and the wacky “Mmm Papi” from Circus – and now in a new interview, Nicole has revealed that she’s currently penning tracks for Britney’s seventh album, and that she’s already heard one of the tracks that Britney has recorded for the upcoming LP.

“I’m writing songs at this moment and I heard one that she recorded that someone else wrote that sounded amazing. I’m excited to see what she will come up with this time. She always impresses me by how innovative and current she sounds.”

It gets better. Nicole also goes on to say that she’d love to get Britney in the studio with epic electro band MSTRKRFT (listen to one of their best songs here).

“I worked with MSTRKRFT last month. They don’t do too much pop songwriting, but I’m convinced it’d be so great to get their sound to someone like Britney, it’s so heavy.”

Please excuse me for one moment as I shake and cry.

*shaking & crying*

There was also some random Britney praise scattered throughout the rest of the interview.

“I love how Britney can twist a dark lyric like “Womanizer” into an upbeat club anthem.”

“I heard Toxic and was just blown away by its pop perfection. To me it’s one of the best dance pop records of all time.”

On “Heaven on Earth: “I wrote it from a rather dark place and it was the first time I really wrote something so unmasked and honest. Britney sounds so amazing and Freescha did such a cool production as well.”

Nicole Morier is clearly a very intelligent, honest and well adjusted young woman.

Just so you know, I consider “Mmm Papi” to be one of the craziest, most exciting and underrated non-singles of Britney’s career. Plus, “Heaven on Earth” is such a twisted love song, and happens to be Britney’s personal favorite track from Blackout, so I’d love to see them work together again.

Source: The Prophet Blog

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