Friday, September 3, 2010

Site takes “Glee” in being wrong about Britney Spears

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“EXCLUSIVE! Britney Spears Didn’t Hang Out With The ‘Glee’ Cast At ALL While Shooting Her Episode!” squeals HollywoodLife in yet another exclusively wrong story.

“Even though the Glee cast have been gushing about meeting Britney Spears while she shot an episode of their show,” writes the site, “an on-set source tells us that the pop princess barely had any interaction with the Gleeks at all!”

Let’s get this straight: So the cast has been “gushing,” but HollywoodLife’s source knows that they’re all lying?

Uh, huh…

Adds the ill-informed “insider”: “Britney wouldn’t talk to any of the actors and demanded a special trailer with a fence around it… because her people didn’t trust her to say something stupid and have it leaked.”

Speaking of “stupid,” if HollywoodLife knew anything about the Life of a Hollywood star, they would know cast members all have trailers to hang out in during downtime between scenes.

But more importantly, when they were all on the set, Spears got along great with the “Glee” stars, which is precisely why they’ve been “gushing.”

Once again, HollywoodLife is falsely creating drama, where there is none.

HollywoodLife should take a cue from “Glee,” and start singing a different tune.

Source: Gossip Cop

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