Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rumoured Music Video Details

Earlier this week we learned of a few new deets about Britney Spears‘s new music video for her single Hold It Against Me … but today, I have some new information that, to my knowledge, has not been reported anywhere else. According to a trusted source with direct knowledge from the Hold It Against Me music video set, Britney will be doing something very cool in her video … something she’s never done before.
So, I’m told that in the video for Hold It Against Me, Britney will be shooting paint from her hands (fingers) onto video screens. The director, Jonas Åkerlund, wanted to paint Britney‘s face for the scene but she was adamantly against having paint put on her face (I’m told she suffered a minor meltdown on set as a result). A body double stand in was used for the paint scenes that Britney was not comfortable doing. Now, we won’t really know if any of this is true until the video comes out and we see (or don’t see) Britney shooting paint from her hands … but I think this bit of info is deffo worth sharing since it’s totally new information.

We still don’t know when the video will be released but now I’m dying to know if my source is right … I’d love to see how this potential paint scene turns out.

Source: Pink Is The new Blog

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