Friday, February 18, 2011

Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Video: The Key Scene

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On Thursday night, Britney Spears launched a new phase in her storied career as a music video superstar. She premiered the sleek, dark video for "Hold It Against Me." The Jonas Ă…klerlund-directed clip will certainly have fans talking for quite some time about its metaphorical images about the trials and tribulations of pop superstardom, funky fashions and an over-the-top fight scene against herself.

With lyrics about flirting with a cute guy in a club, the song's video could have been just a straightforward narrative, but instead Spears and Ă…kerlund gave an insider look at celebrity, abstractly hinting at a tale about a pop star who fell from space in a fiery red comment, to find fame here on Earth. Midway through the video, our pop star character becomes overwhelmed by the pressures of fame and, emitting neon paint from her hands, she breaks down. The scene of an exhausted Spears, lying face down, her huge white gown covered in paint, might be one of the most beautiful and artistic in this entire piece.

Perhaps hooking up with the "Telephone" director prompted Spears to delve into this newer territory. As her manager Larry Rudolph explained to MTV News on premiere night, the collaboration between the pair was years in the making. "Jonas is someone we've always wanted to work with," Rudolph explained. "She's always wanted to work with him. You know, Jonas did 'Ray of Light' for Madonna, and that's when she became a fan of his."

Source: MTV

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