Thursday, March 3, 2011

Penny for My Thoughts? - Part 2

Today’s subject of my, of course, highly anticipated follow up to the brilliantly written part one is why I usually refrain from posting my own thoughts and comments on Britney posts. God, I sound smug and self-praising of my own work. I’m like the less manly version of Lady GaGa. Oh wait, this was supposed to be a well-mannered and clean discussion. Oops…

Let me start by stating, again, why BTI was created in the first place. BTI was and still is an answer to Britney blogs that rarely post and are very late in reporting Britney news. Say what you want but it is still one of the fastest posting blogs when it comes to Britney. BTI was never intended to be a blog that expresses how I feel about Britney and everything surrounding her. It simply exists to get unbiased Britney news to you as fast as I can.

Seeing as how I am a human being and not a robot I do have an opinion on what Britney does. I just feel that it’s not my place to put words in people’s mouths. By strictly posting what is said I am urging you to form your own opinion and then discuss it in the comments box or the C-Box. It’s usually the C-Box though because people avoid the comments box like it’s riddled with diseases.

A big part for this is because I’ve witnessed other sites, which shall not be named no matter how hard I breathe ,voicing their opinions in big, explosive ways and it affects fans. Generally speaking, negativity isn’t conducive to discussion. It just adds to this big mess of disappointment and paranoia amongst fans. Also, because Britney is such a global icon she has many fans in foreign countries who’s English isn’t very good. If they read my or anyone else’s opinion they, due to honest confusion, might mistake it as fact and judge Britney by it. Also, on a bigger scale, the negativity that is created gets associated with Britney which is unfair to her.

Another big motivator is that we don’t know Britney personally so how are we able to fully judge her actions? It’s all speculation except that is forgotten by some people. There’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion as long as you realize that it’s an opinion. It’s the same with this 3-piece essay I’m writing now. It’s all based on my opinion and how I see Britney but by no means is it fact. It’s merely how I see things.

And to wrap it up, if you hadn’t figured it out by now through this mess of an essay that is probably severely misspelled and uses commas and exclamation points in ways that would infuriate linguistics, I’m not much of a writer. Like most males I suck at putting my words on paper. In real life I can seem (notice how I said seem) quite smart but when people talk with me on MSN they more often than not confuse me for a retarded monkey.

Anyways, if you have comments, suggestions or just need to confess a murder then leave a response in the comments box. Also, don’t forget that you can still contact me at about becoming an updater.

Stay tuned for another badly written post somewhere tomorrow.

And yes, I’m still a gif slut…

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