Friday, October 3, 2008

You Too Can Have A Body Like Britney Spears

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It seems the Britney Spears marketing machine might have a new initiative, breaking out into the world of keep-fit video/DVD. Apparently, the pop princess found some of her mother's old keep-fit videos and had a whale of a time watching them. Considering how fit and healthy she is looking at the moment (due to dancing as a keep-fit regime), it might not be a bad idea for Britney to teach us all how to dance to "Oops... I Did It Again" or "Stronger" (with or without the chair she used in the video).

As all her fans know, her next album is due out soon, and rumors are, Britney is hoping for a great success. An insider told the Chicago Sun-Times: "Britney is telling everyone she doesn't just want to debut at number one, but break all kinds of records for a new release". Splash News reckons Britney could be on to a monster hit with "Circus"!

Source: Splash News

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