Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Britney's Circus Takes Off in New Orleans

The following italicized article is from www.eonline.com:

Britney Spears is back and, the good news is, she's stronger than yesterday.

The Circus Starring Britney Spears kicked off tonight at New Orleans Arena, where her adoring hometown fans—and members of the media—lined up for hours beforehand to get their hands on tour memorabilia and otherwise prove their loyalty to the fiercely comebacking pop star.

And the 27-year-old songstress didn't seem to disappoint, as evidenced by the concertgoers who Twittered away every moment of the show.

In addition to all the bells and whistles promised by her manager, magician, stylist, makeup artist, random folks, etc., Spears' desire to do good and make up for lost time was palpable, and that alone would have made for a thrilling experience.

Opening act the Pussycat Dolls got things rolling, whetting the audience's appetite for the sexy spectacle that was to follow.

A little more than an hour later, Spears descended from the ceiling and dove into "Piece of Me," off of 2007's Blackout.

The night's 16-song set list included "Radar," "Boys," a "Gimme More" remix, "Everytime," "Me Against the Music" backed by Bollywood-inspired dancers, "Do Somethin'," the more than suggestive "Touch of My Hand" and the pleasantly controversial "If U Seek Amy," made all the more carnivalesque when Britney wielded a big pink hammer and gave her dancers the whack-a-mole treatment.

And, as promised, earlier in the evening Britney was cut in half. (Though the question remains: Is she whole again?)

The greatest hits came toward the end, when Brit and her dancers polished of "Slave 4 U," "Toxic" and "...Baby One More Time" to close the show. "Womanizer" was tonight's encore selection.

Amid a shower of sparks, Britney then thanked the audience and wished them a good night.

Source: E! Online

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