Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LIVE BLOGGING At "Circus" Tour: New Orleans

8:58pm: she's really excited!!! dancing away telling us goodbye! Have a good night! -britneylive

8:57pm: She just thanked the crowds... Taking her final bow. - Julie M

8:56pm: Curtain of sparks... gorgeous!!! - Julie M via twitterPic from britneylive

8:52pm: Dressed as a cop with a baton! ~Julie M

8:49pm: WOMANIZER!!! -Julie M

8:48pm: Waiting for the encore... everyone is chanting "Britney! Britney!" again!

8:44pm: Baby One more Time!!! Remix! -Julie M

8:43pm: Her energy is so high! -britneylive

8:40pm: Toxic... the arena went crazy!!! - Julie M

8:39pm: I don't want this to end :( I feel like it's getting close :( -britneylive

8:35pm: Dancers solos! -Julie M

8:33pm: slaveeeeee newww dance, way cool! Remix! -britneylive

8:34pm: FIRE!!!

8:30pm: You can really tell she is having fun! -Julie M

8:28: Do something!!!!! Power tools... sparks!! -britneylive

8:23pm: MAN SWING!!!

8:22pm: She is getting blindfolded..Touch of My Hand..she's on a couch.. getting on two guys and flying into the air. - Julie M

8:20 pm She looks fierce!!! Going up in frames!!!! Frames rotating around to - Britneylive

8:18pm: Britney's Hotline is on now

8:12pm: Gettttt nakeddddd. -britneylive

8:09pm: She is wearing the outfit with the tassels singing Freakshow. Julie M

8:06pm: Britneylive

8:05pm: We are moving into Freakshow/Peepshow. -Julie M

8:02pm: singing everytime while sitting on a giant umbrella suspended above stage. She sounds great!! ~Singlemomindebt via twitter Pic from Britneylive

7:56pm: Me Against the Music... Bollywood Style. Julie M

7:55pm: During if u seek amy, she went around with a giant pink wack-a-mole hammer & hit the dancers & they fell under the stage. -Singlemomindebt

7:49pm: If U Seek Amy!!! -Julie M

7:47: Britneylive

7:46pm: Boyssss... bikes and green jacket! SINGING LIVE!!! -Britneylive

7:42pm: Magic time... Ooh ooh baby! Hot dress!!! getting cut in half! -britneylive

7:39pm: Ninjas performing to a Gimme More remix -Julie M

7:37pm: The pole dance is radar!!! Her dancing is wayyy back!!! ~BritneyLive

7:35pm: Radar!

7:32pm: In the cage!!!! Piece of me!!!!!! Fierce dancing!!!!- BritneyLive

7:30pm: show started.... Decended from ceiling sitting in some sort of circle singing circus ...dancing up a storm. - Singlemomindebt

7:28pm: To all the critics she looks amazing and is very much singing live! She sounds amazing!!-Julie M

7:27pm: ahhh britney!

7:23pm: The curtain is going up! Here we go! - filmmaker311

7:22pm: Everyone chanting Britney...ready for her to start ! - Singlemomindebt

7:21pm: Circus performers taking their bows! -Julie M

7:12pm: We have ninjas now! - filmmaker311

7:11pm: theres clowns lol- ~ Alex

7:07pm: Show just started ... watching men twirl a metal fence/gate... Part of the circus act before Brit comes on.... - Singlemomindebt

7:07pm: OMG!!! they're doing circus tricks on the stages!!! Like a preshow!!! - BritneyLive

7:00pm: They just turned down the lights - Julie M

6:55pm: Curtain call - Will N

6:55pm - Julie M

6:55pm: Here we go! About to start! -Julie M

6:48pm: Dancers just entered the underneath of the stage. -Julie M via Twitter

6:47PM: They are setting up the stage for Britney -Julie M

6:39pm: The Pussycat dolls were amazing! So much sparkle!! - Will N

6.38pm: The Pussycat Dolls just left the stage!

6:37pm: The Pussycat Doll are singing "When I Grow Up"

6:16pm: is memorizing Pussycat Dolls dances as they perform. Ahh, this concert is amazing! - Brittny J

6:15pm: The Pussycat Dolls look and sound amazing! -Julie M

Source: BritneySpears.com

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