Friday, March 6, 2009

Britney's Fans Love Her Again

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The critics have weighed in on Britney Spears' comeback Circus tour – but what are her fans saying?

One OK! reader who went to see the Britster live and in person on March 5 at Atlanta's Phillips Arena couldn't be happier with the "Womanizer" singer's showmanship. Superfan Jenna Galliard let us know exactly how she feels when it comes to the concert experience.

The old energy has returned to the star: "She just seemed like she was genuinely having fun throughout the whole thing. You could just tell through her facial expressions that she was enjoying herself and loved the crowd's reaction. When she talked to the audience after the second song, she got such a great response from the crowd that it looked like she was blushing or embarrassed and didn't know how to react to everyone going crazy."

Brit's body is back, too: "She looked great, her body is amazing for having two kids. It's obviously not completely the 'old Britney' body but she has really come a long way and she looks great!"

Costume changes are a bit much: "Britney had a lot of costume changes, probably at least seven or eight. It got to a point where we noticed every few songs she was underneath the stage and there would be either a pre-recorded video playing of her or there were breakdancers dancing, or people doing karate to Britney Spears music. It was like two minute breaks every couple songs, that kind of got annoying."

Brit works hard, and it shows: "She definitely did a good job at working the room. There were three round stages and she worked them all making sure every side got enough time. There was always so much to look at and you never got bored. If there was a slow song, she was being swung in the air from a giant umbrella or she even got picked up from the ground by a dancer that was suspended from the air. She just made everything interesting."

She's a crowd-pleaser!: "They picked a guy out of the crowd and Britney sang "Breathe on Me" to him on stage which was kind of cool, the crowd liked that. Also, she did a really good mixture of songs – from her newest album all the way back to 'Baby One More Time.' There wasn't a song you wished she'd left out. "

Overall, she's a hit: "It was just a really amazing show! Very entertaining – if you've ever been a Britney fan it was very fun and definitely worth seeing!"

Source: OK Magazine

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Anonymous said...

"Britney's Fans Love Her AGAIN" ?!
What?! I mean... The whole thing is nice but this "AGAIN" part in the headline... is really STUPID to me... The real fans (WE) never stopped loving her. NEVER! And this girl... hmmm I would not use the word "fan" about her... Yeah she likes Brit I guess but she doesn't sound like a fan.
And there is something that is "annoying" but it's not that the "Costume changes are a bit much" C'mon what more do ppl want? :D the show is great and the costume changes are not too much. To me it sounds like, cause u know the whole tour is just AMAZING and they are trying to find something that is bad about it... I don't like this one. I'm sorry but that is my opinion...
Oh God... they'll never stop....


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