Thursday, August 12, 2010

GimmeBritney Announcement on 'Secret'

The story behind the tease on our site is simple. We had received word from a very reliable source a few weeks ago within Sony Music about a new Britney release coming in September, with an album release for November ( referred to this) and an announcement being made approximately around the 27th of August. This information was from the same source that provided us with the information on The Singles Collection and also the Circus single cover. The exclusive info, coupled with what Darkchild had said himself and MTV reporting the same, has made us believe that this information is true and that a tweet from Britney's manager was to throw everyone off the scent of the new music coming "not right now", but soon.

There is also strong indication from other places that something big from Britney is coming. The Glee episode, the release of her new perfume, two magazine features...not to mention pre-orders for a new Britney album have popped up everywhere.

We have decided to cease counting down as a mark of respect to all Britney fans, and to stop speculation on what is already out there from various sites. We do not want to mislead fans into thinking that we know more than what, or any other site had posted. We might have known it first, but at the moment we don’t know any more than they do – Britney’s camp is being extremely tight-lipped on anything music related at the moment. We have never intentionally posted false information to risk our reputation, which is more than what can be said about – one of their articles was posted as B.S on Britney’s official site just this week. No mention of B.S on gimmeBRITNEY.

gimmeBRITNEY's standing point on this right now is there is a STRONG indication that something is still coming next month, and we are thinking very positively. A new album release is still not on the Sony Music release schedule (as we reported earlier), however there are massive signs of promotion there which cannot be explained as to why Britney would do so much for nothing. But there is now doubt in what we've heard from - and although we don't believe it, we must acknowledge that it was posted from a "source", and write you guys - the fans - this note.

See it for yourself

Source: Gimme Britney

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