Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tab Claims Britney Spears Manipulated by Dad and Boyfriend Are False

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Britney Spears just can’t catch a break with the tabloids.

Most of the time, they carry on about how upset or troubled the pop star is. And when she’s demonstrably happy, the magazines insist that she’s been “manipulated.”

In Touch alleges that dad Jamie Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick have been “working behind her back to revamp her image,” part of a “secret plan” that included the careful orchestration of her August trip with Trawick to Hawaii.

According to one of the tabloid’s “insiders,” the pop star was incensed after supposedly learning that her dad and boyfriend “tipped off photographers” during the vacation.

“Those pictures showed the world exactly what Jamie wanted them to — that she was back on her feet and looking better than ever,” dishes the In Touch source.

It was “the final straw” for Spears when she discovered their plot, the story claims, and now “she’s barely speaking to her dad” and she and Trawick “are on the rocks.”


Uh, no…

Apparently, when In Touch can’t come up with anything to make Spears look bad, the mag is forced to float the notion that she’s been tricked into looking good.

A source close to Spears tells Gossip Cop that the conspiracy theory is “b.s.”

The only manipulators in this story work at In Touch.

Source: Gossip Cop

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