Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Penny for My Thoughts? - Part Un

Some fans have recently asked me several questions ranging from: ‘’Why do you no longer post all Britney related news’’ to ‘’Why do you rarely comment on articles’’ to ‘’Why are you so handsome’’. Ok, I’ve been asked two of those questions. Not going to say which two though…

Anyway, this 3-piece post is my attempt at answering your questions and creating, hopefully well-mannered, discussion amongst Britney fans. Let’s try and keep the posting of angry gifs and delightful terms such as ‘’DIAF’’ or ‘’GTFO’’ to a minimum. Amusing? Definitely. Constructive? No.

The main reason I no longer post every rumor regarding Britney is, quite frankly, because they’re usually nothing more than that. As much as people hate to admit it, Britney is no longer the promotional powerhouse that she once was in a galaxy far away from this one. Therefore, continuing to post rumors about her performing at the Grammy’s or VMA’s seems pointless because if she were doing that it would be in everyone’s best interest to announce it.

Think about it, what good would secrecy do for Britney(‘s team) or the platform where she’s performing? Announcements create more buzz, ratings and sales than if they kept it a secret. In my opinion, fans use this so-called secrecy because they desperately want to believe that she is promoting because many people seem to think that if Britney doesn’t promote there is something wrong with her. However, I feel that many people forget that Britney is no longer this care-free spirit whose life revolves around her career. She is an actual person who has, like she says herself, a life away from her life. People change and it’s plausible she has different priorities now. Until recently Britney had worked her entire life and never truly had time to figure out what she wants. What if she has figured that out now and came to the conclusion that simply being an entertainer is no longer it for her? That her not promoting as much actually is a sign that she is well and listening to her needs?

I’m not saying that’s the case but it is a possibility. I’m also not saying that she doesn’t love what she does because by all accounts it appears she does. I’m just saying it’s possible for her to love something and yet not let is control her entire life or her ability to aspire for other things or to spend time with her loved ones. Maybe she has found a balance and this is it.

Using this train of thoughts, it’s reasonable for me to assume that her GMA performance will be the biggest promotional push for ‘’Femme Fatale’’. It was announced during a huge even that is watched by 37 million people. When you have that audience you’ll astonish them with your biggest marketing strategy. Why would you keep something a secret when 37 million potential album buyers are watching? Therefore, until I hear something from either Adam or Britney I try and refrain from posting most promotional rumors because they just create more hysteria and, in the event they’re false, disappointment amongst Britney’s fans.

Another reason why my blog updates less frequently than others is because I focus mostly on Britney and her career. I have no desire to post separately about anyone else in her life that didn’t choose to be famous. I occasionally post pictures of her kids, friends, family when Britney is with them or when a story about them directly affects Britney. To be honest, posting about her personal life at all is not something I enjoy doing but I accept that there’s a public interest in her life and so does Britney but posting about K-Fed’s (Yes, I still call him that. Sue me. I don’t care) financial woes or about Britney’s cousin’s sister’s friend’s brother’s garden accident isn’t something I would post. Like I said, my main focus are Britney’s professional activities. If there’s huge movement on the career front you will see less posts about her personal life. Vice versa, if there’s less movement on the career front I’m a little more willing to post about her personal life.

The final reason is that I simply refuse to post outlandish claims fabricated by toilet paper…ummm, I mean, tabloids. Claims such as Britney beating her children are ridiculous merely for the fact that she loves her children but most importantly she’s under a conservatorship and Kevin retains full custody rights. Do you really think anyone would allow Britney to hurt her children?

Basically, I use common sense to decide whether or not to post something. Or better said, I use what I personally see as common sense. It might not be how you feel but it's how I see things.

Do you have anything else to add? Leave a comment and let me know because I’m always open for a healthy discussion.

Stay tuned for part 2 which will be out tomorrow and discuss why I usually refrain from posting comments.

Oh and just because I’m a gif slut…

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