Monday, February 23, 2009

Britney Spears Bans Victoria Prince From “Circus” Tour

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The Circus Starring Britney Spears could soon turn into a nightmare–with the pop tart threatening to pull the plug on her first world tour in more three years if her ex-husband brings his new girlfriend along for the ride.

Earlier this month, Britney, desperate to have her toddler sons Sean and Jayden on tour with her, agreed to front ex Kevin Federline $4,000 a week and his own tour bus to bring the boys along. But that could all go up in smoke over K-Fed’s plan to invite main squeeze Victoria Prince to accompany the family on the road.

“Britney doesn’t want Victoria on tour-period. She’s fooling the bill, and she wants to call the shots,” a source reveals in the March 2 edition of The National Enquirer. “Britney doesn’t want to see her boys reach out for Victoria.”

The 26-year-old professional volleyball player has become like a second mom to Britney and Kevin’s sons snce moving into the stay-at-home dad’s Tarzana, California home, tabloid tattles say.

“Victoria has been playing full-time mom to the boys since she quit her job at FOX Sports in January. She’s even skipped volleyball practices and games to be with Kevin and the boys.”

Source: Pop Crunch

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