Monday, February 23, 2009

Britney To Make $100 Million Of 'Circus' Tour

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BRITNEY Spears will spend a mind-blowing $7.2million on staff this year.

But the pop babe will make $100million with her biggest tour in seven years.

Figures for the star show she pays dad Jamie a $200,000 salary.

He has run her finances since her 2007 meltdown.

Britney also pays $180,000 to her mum Lynne. Her manager Larry Rudolph, fired when she hit the skids then re-hired last year, gets the biggest slice of her income – up to $1.5million a year.

And eight bodyguards who work in shifts round the clock each earn $150,000, adding up to a personal security bill of $1.2million.

Britney pays ex-husband Kevin Federline $480,000 a year, made up of $20,000 per month in “spousal support” and $15,000 a month on nannies for their sons Preston, three, and Jayden, two.

Federline, 30, will also get a $5,000-a-week “bonus” for letting the kids join Britney, 27, on legs of her Circus tour which kicks off in New Orleans on March 3. When the massive show hits the road, Britney’s staff wage bill will soar to $616,000 a month.

At the height of her problems her income fell to $737,000 per month.

She blew $60million in her 18 months of turmoil and it’s believed her crew on tour now includes a psychiatrist.

Another constant companion will be $100,000-a-year assistant Brett Miller.

But gone will be the hangers-on including “lifestyle guru” Sam Lutfi and paparazzo ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, both of whom are the subjects of court restraining orders.

A member of her entourage said of Brit’s past problems: “She was literally throwing money away…unscrupulous people used her as a cash cow.”

Source: Daily Star

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