Monday, February 23, 2009

Jamie: Britney Was Drugged!

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Taking the stand Monday afternoon, Britney Spears' dad Jamie testified in hopes of making the temporary restraining orders against Adnan Ghalib, Sam Lutfi, and a former lawyer John Eardley permanent. Ready for battle, the eldest Spears had some fighting words for the men who were once central figures in his daughter's life.

While Jamie was unable to point to any specific incidences of Lutfi threatening Britney, he pointed to menacing text messages he received from the alias "Citygalin310".

"I absolutely believe that Citygalin310 is Sam Lutfi. Sam is very deceitful and lies." Jamie said. In one of his more explosive statements, Jamie claimed "Sam put drugs in [Britney's] biscuits", often kept her out until 5 a.m., and restricted Britney's contact with her family.

Jamie has also been under scrutiny since stepping in as his daughter's conservator, but he says Britney has greatly improved under his watch.

"[Her career] was pretty well a disaster, nothing was going on, but she was in the tabloids," he says, describing the time period during which Lutfi oversaw Britney's activities. "[Today] weight-wise she's eating properly, she's very stable, making her meetings, and taking care of the babies."

As previously reported, Britney did not appear in court and neither did Ghalib or Lutfi.

Source: Radar Online

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